With the constant scheduling of our time, our world to some, is a place of semi predictable events that repeat themselves yearly in an opera, a parade of seasons and happenings that mark the internal workings of our planet. The rain, heat, or snow, mentioned only because they effect or define periods of the tourist trade, or similar businesses, and for the difficulties they cause us in our basic travel,the result of them on our conveniences, in wear and tear.

We and our parents and grandparents have a basically similar legacy of experience that makes us part of the cycle life. As we drive here and there or fly across the country, we have grown beyond seeing the marvel in our conveniences, and sometimes( maybe far too often) we do it in a haze of sorts, not a condition created by drugs, but in a form of self conditioning, that has become a kind of a tradition for the most of the species of man. An easy mode of living we settle into as we would a warm blanket on a cold day.

That haze I speak of isn’t a weakness of mind, or character, its an indifference to what lies around us.

We live handling our jobs and responsibilities, our pressures of health concerns and a social persona, of
the everyday workings and concerns we all struggle with. Our down time, is just that, blocking out, what we worried about yesterday, knowing the same problem will be there for some form of resolution, during the days to come, after our weekend, or vacation, the problem is neither bringing us closer to issues we should be aware of.

Now no derogatory inference is meant, in the next fact, but its true. We, to a degree, go through life with blinders on. We are too often the last to know about business dealings gone bad, a cheating spouse, or ignoring a health concern till too late.

It is simply that our world is too immense a place, with the matters of our life being only a miniscule part of the happenings around us. And that is the focus of my concern, what we miss, off on our own self important ventures. Don’t get me wrong life has to continue. We can’t jump off the boat midstream. But there are matters that need our attention now, matters in addition to the others issues we attempt to deal with daily .

My friend and I are conducting an ongoing study, of our photographic history.
We are looking through old photographs, both vintage and modern, in all walks of life, to see not the people featured in each, but what was missed, what was in the background .As difficult as it might be to believe, over and over we find images strange and out of place. We are finding metallic objects in the sky or behind tree lines, disks and spheres, and odd humanoid forms.

Now the reason we suddenly feel this need to search examples of this out is because of a series of experiences we have had here in Butler, barely on the outskirts of town. Now this is complicated , because of a number of facts: one, we feel not all the incidents were connected; two, there was time loss, and three, we were left with no direct memory of the events, only images taken during the events on my digital camera. We have pictures of soldier like figures, in the field, two different types of flying objects., One seen on East Dakota, the other on “ H” highway.

We have images of figures, both of odd and frightening description, in tree lines, and in fields just over ranchers fences. I want to make clear, we did not go into fields or cross fences. Our pictures were taken near or in our car,or of the area surrounding it. This done without leaving the roadway.

We were originally, going out into the country side in early evening as a way to relax, and take some photos of nature, bridges, streams, and trails etc. We then thought, why not go out at night on the same route we took during the day and see if at night, shooting blindly into openings in tree rows and gulleys, into fields and such, with a flash, if we could possibly catch an animal off guard, maybe getting a good picture.

I took over a hundred pictures, from beginning to end of the route, taking East Dakota, out of town across the bridge, continuing along its winding length till we saw the first right turn, going a short distance, crossing another bridge, and then taking the very next right, and proceeding till the final right that would bring us back into butler.

So we tried it and the first night scary trees, but no animals, except when the pictures were downloaded, there were 4 strange images among the rest, of a coffee can shaped object 15 or 20 feet above the road. This object moves down the side of the road, until it was next to us. The object was featured in these, and a figure standing in front of the passenger side front grill of the truck. This figure shown in our photos, looks like a guy from a sci fi movie.

We were more curious about the UFO than afraid, and went out the second night. Similar results were had that night also,except for the fact we were aware of an hour long discrepancy in lost time both evenings.

This and the fact we had no memory at all of any of the images on film. I assure you, had we seen the UFO that close, and remembered the experience, we would have been in the police dept in minutes. As it was, we felt, both evenings, nothing interesting had occurred till we checked the pictures at home a day later.

Now this is where the separation we believe of events took place).We took a tape recorder, hiding it in our vehicle, the third night, and it was frightening but not enough was clear to take it to the police.
What was discernible was two short conversations, one a suggestive sexual remark dealing with us. The other was a remark about loving “RECON’, and that we were almost ready,. There was the sound of things being gathered up like put in a box rattling around, for a few seconds and we woke a minute or two later, started the car, and drove on down the road, no comment made at all about what had just occurred.

And again we went home feeling as though nothing had had happened. The next day we woke with severe abdominal and rectal pain as well. The tape recording we destroyed because it was so disturbing, not clear enough to be any help. 90 percent of it was obscured by sounds of odd vehicles and moving equipment. Most disturbing, there was a part in the tape where the doors of the vehicle were yanked open and with a little sound Lori was quickly drug out. I, from the sounds, seemed to be struggling , in the passenger seat for about 8 to 10 seconds. During that time, there were two burst of a humming sound, low, but distinct, and the noise from my part of the cart stopped.

We plan to go into detail over these events mapping out the complete second route as well,
The news letter, The Midnight Observer, will talk about these and other encounters we’ve had,
4 in all, and slowly show you as many photos as possible about a darker side of Butler you need to know exists.

We approached the newspaper with all this, thinking its editor would be someone to know a little about everything in news worthy history in Butler recent and otherwise. He was good enough to sit down with us for 30 minutes to an hour. He seemed interested and concerned about our photos, and after asking what area we’d been in, told us “yea, a militant group used to be out there, shot at planes flying overhead, and when people accidentally got close to there property walked them down roads with automatic weapons.” As far as the incident in that area, we have a blank, there, we have the same amnesiac effect after-wards, which could tie the two incidents together.

It seems difficult to believe that two events could happen in so relatively small an area, the country between 52 highway, and “H” highway, 5 to 10 minutes from town going east. Because of this, and our firm belief that on at least one occasion we were assaulted, we feel parents should advise their children no matter their age,not to travel that route, nor park in those areas, especially at night. Take any other way possible. If we,fairly strong, adults over 50, were so easily handled, then anyone could be at risk.

The reason reports were never made was, at first we thought it was just a UFO sighting, and since it seemed we were unharmed, felt the risk small. After the taping there still wasn’t clear evidence to make our report sound like anything but a hoax or a joke. After these events we kept it to ourselves, fearing that people wouldn’t understand. We were wrong. We are asking that those of you who can, or are willing, will help us keep an eye on the possible progression of such acts, in and around our town.

Will in groups of no less than 3, take pictures when out in rural settings, especially at night. Aim blindly into fields, or tree lines, or deep ditches by the road. ( DO NOT leave your vehicle unless absolutely necessary, and keep doors locked ). Take your pictures through a window rolled down half way.

The UFO type images will be discussed when presented in The Midnight Observer newsletter. The men, in the fields, around houses, and wandering down roads, should be taken very seriously. Remember , it was explained to us that a militant group had no too long ago been out there. No one was sure of their present status. We can confirm that men in camo have been seen and photographed in the fields of the area, we spoke of . If they are forcefully interacting with people, possibly pulling them from their cars, and drugging them to erase their memory of the crime, with date rape drugs or worse, you are at risk.

We need to gather as many photos of these people as possible at a safe distance and then turn some real evidence over to the police and allow them to act on it. We have the right to travel these roads safely, and one group’s constitutional rights don’t void that of any individual or community allowing them to run rough shod over people.

This is not a call for vigilantism. Quite the contrary, its a call for better awareness of us all about a group, obviously not interested in the peaceful growth of our town, who doubtlessly have acted in a criminal way, towards my girlfriend and myself, and probably have repeated these acts against others.

Richard and Lori,