Alien in field 15 minutes outside of town

Alien caught on camera in front of car September 2009

Following is the article published two weeks ago in our Towns Paper. Everything in the article is true.


A man or woman can sometimes live their entire life somewhere, in a community of close knit people, and still never make themselves or their beliefs known. They can interact on a daily basis, in what seems like more a family than a town and still not trust those very people enough to speak freely.

We can explain our religious and political differences, talk about those who come and go over the years, lament over the yearly loss of the quaintness of a place, feeling the times losing its timelessness. But we are so involved, as the rest of the world is, in playing the role we have assigned ourselves, that we grow insecure in the fear of damaging that image.

In coming to know many of you over a 24 year span here, Butler has become in my heart , my home town. Though I graduated from Belton High school in 1978 I consider this home. When I came to town, I was very different man, and just looking at my manner of dress at the time and my behavior was enough to prove this point.

I didn’t like the worry and fear I saw in peoples eyes that I caused by my clothing and hairstyle, so I tried hard to understand my new world and be a part of it, a real part of it. Over the years I made so many friends among you, the ones I could call by name and those friendly faces who always recognized mine and waved or smiled, with never an introduction between us. Whatever our lives amount to, in titles and responsibilities, its still the value of these social interactions that means everything.

Possible ship coming at us down “H” highway

Ghostly light and Images on “N” highway November 2009

So before ever even considering the reality of what I’m about to talk about I weighed the loss heavily in my mind. The loss, of respect, of associations, of friendships,and credibility. We can fear embarrassment due to pride, but the loss, of credibility,at least to me, is the worse wound a man or woman could receive.

Credibility is what allows a physician to trust us and properly treat us. It is the necessary basis to effect a positive outcome, to police reports, doctors visits, and just about any business transaction,or at least it should be.

So as I relate this to you, remember one thing, in your conversations with me over the years, whether you like me or not, whether you liked the point I was trying to make, or my manner of speech, remember, I wasn’t lying to you.

My father told me in one of his moments of wisdom, that you could be a preacher, or a teacher, or even a bank robber, and as long as your word meant something there was a place for you. But he told me no one has any use for a liar. With this having been said, I leave it to your belief, your skepticism, or your personal knowledge of who I am,, as a man.

Lori and I have enjoyed this part of our lives, living in this town, our families all with families of their own. Our beliefs much the same, I give time to read the bible in the quietness of the morning and we each have our own crafts and interests, a much different schedule from any of mine the past. But I decided to take up photography because of its cheapness.,a digital camera, a one time purchase and a card or series of them.

We both like the quietness of the countryside and started taking pictures of interesting trees, bushes any fixture or fixtures of nature, set in a attractive scheme, old barns bridges, etc. Well I thought, why not take pictures at night, shoot into blind areas in the dark of brakes in a forest wall, into a hollow, across fields, and hills, hoping to catch a deer or other animal in its nightly comings and goings. But as I looked at the new pictures acquired nightly hoping to find a few good shots out of 80 or 90 pictures, I started finding abnormal settings. And activity of other things in them than animals. Odd lights and shapes.

Now there was more, and here’s where the rub occurs. There appeared in the center of a hundred picture shoot, over a 45 minute route, images we did not remember ever taking. You see we would come home feeling we’d had one more peaceful, uneventful evening, just to find strange images around the vehicle, things in the sky with lights and windows, a figure in front of the car in a space suit or something very close.

We had no idea what we were dealing with. My artists eye possibly seeing shapes in things that were natural, that appeared strange ? Bad reflections through the windshield due to me taking pictures with the flash from inside the car,? Reflections from the floor and dash area? Still nothing could explain the figure with the helmet and visor.

My friend in California who works in the film industry was sent the ones we couldn’t explain and came back with explanation it was probably my tennis shoes morphed in the image. We were fascinated but unworried, and with Halloween coming up, thought hey this was fun for us maybe other people might enjoy taking spooky pictures and we’d compare them in a contest. In fact we’d host it. At the time there was a rumor that the contest on the square might not occur, and having always enjoyed them, and won four of them, I figured, hey give something back to the community, and we’ll all have fun as well.

I thought it would have a bigger turn out, but all the same we continued occasionally taking pictures at night. Halloween night came and went and we found in our pictures another grouping we were unaware of. This time an orange light large and round in the middle of a saucer like thing, that sat down next to H highway, just 40 to 50 yards from us. I’m guessing on the distance. There was also something or someone in the road with a light on their helmet or hat?, stopping us in our lane. A encounter we can’t remember. Believe me, if I saw vehicle the shape of a huge, thick Frisbee, with a light in its nose, setting down near us,well I would remember. For the first time I now knew beyond my own walls of doubt what it was, and that apparently the other photos had been most probably real as well. And none of us taking pictures that night were aware of this.

A member of my family also went out taking shots in a similar area and not only had an encounter clearly in there film, but had sections of it take place at there home, outside the house. The very orange lights and shadows of figures present there as well. We went out a total, of 4 nights, trying to see if we could gain anything to clarify the situation for us, and were left each evening with more strange pictures and no memory of photographing them.

We, neither of us, take recreational drugs, drink, or anything that would encourage hallucinations. These photos are our final, statement of fact. We have no computer skills that would enable us to to fabricate them nor the desire to lead anyone astray. Our concern is that others of you may have experienced something similar and as we have been, were hesitant to go on the record with your story of them.

We are concerned that there are others who’ve experienced a loss of time on one or multiple occasions, taken photos of things they can’t explain, seen strange behavior among there livestock, or are having uncomfortable dreams, or fragments of memory of things they don’t feel comfortable speaking of.

I am sorry this has been so long winded, but I feel this is the best way, I can approach it. Study the photos. Some of their quality is horrible, others among them are still worse. The important facts to remember though are these. None of them has been altered besides lightening for a better view.

They were taken during a period WE CANT REMEMBER. And finally, the things visible in each represent solid material objects that were there. They are images of moving objects, and living beings, though difficult to see .

We took a tape player on the third night and wish we hadn’t, because of its embarrassing nature, it was destroyed. What was clear, that you could hear, was a voice saying “let me in”, another, saying “bang ,bang, bang,” conversation by voices other than ours. And a voice uttering a crude anatomical slur, then another saying” yea, I love recon”. Embarrassing but essential for you to understand the nature of the people involved. There was silence, and later a voice saying”they’re ready now” and 10- 15 (?) seconds later we started the jeep and pulled away chatting like we had before the encounter, with no mention of it, or memory of it.

It wasn’t until we listened to the tape we heard what I’ve related. This is the most important point to me aside from the memory loss. We were drug initially from the vehicle by force The sound of my mate drug out with a whimper, and then me struggling for what sounded like 5 seconds, still in my seat, there was a humming sound in two short bursts, and I was quiet a second then I started fighting again, and and after another short burst of a machines humming sound I was quiet for the duration.

Why haven’t we approached the police, with this story? We didn’t feel comfortable telling our families, and they, though they love us, were doubtful. No , it seemed the only way to handle it was to tell you, voice our concerns, and see if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

The pictures of the UFO type things? We saw them, and got some pictures, whether they’re terrestrial or extra terrestrial, we need to be more concerned that a group of men (? ) can patrol that area using the woods for cover and drag people from their vehicles for whatever purpose. Literally abducting them for a short time, administering drugs to cause a lack of memory. This is a concern to anyone living there or anyone driving in the vicinity. If we are the close knit group of people I’ve always remembered, if we really care for one another, surely with the chance of it, it seems we have to give this real concern.

For your children s safety and all the qualities that make rural life pleasant to us all. We could have said nothing and dodged a lot of barbs that surely will come our way, but what we couldn’t do was wait to hear it had happened to you.

We know , of course you will approach this with a skeptics mind, but we hope you will each accept it as a real possibility, and act accordingly, Carry your cameras, and seek over time to prove it out to yourselves, one way or another. We drove the country roads , branching off of East Dakota, into the countryside, between East 52 highway and H highway, We took many pictures of the night sky with the flash. Be Careful. I hope the friendships I spoke of earlier on will continue.

Richard Carter/Lori Carter