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I’m not sure, sometimes, just whats going on in our lives. I mean the access we have had almost seems directed. Now you say something like that and people start humorously oohing and ahhing. Even among those fascinated in the subject that sort of assertion has to ring a little melodramatically.

But the fact is we have been very aggressively testing our area, hitting spots repeatedly, almost weekly sometimes. This in an effort to see if an evening of activity was a fluke. Was it just being at the right place at the right time or there was a temporary base, or a group working that particular spot in the process of accomplishing something.

There have been evenings we felt the presence of a particular group and found proof of our suspicions on the film shot that night as well.

It sounds silly I know, but their coincidental presence at places as far apart as Butler, Missouri’s east side and Mound City Kansas, just the night we happened to be there, seemed suspicious And this was by no means the only time it happened.

When it occurred there was time loss no matter how marginal, and as has been the routine from the start, weird photos all long the way those evenings.

There were pictures of craft of one kind or another, alien looking beings, shadowy forms moving around our vehicle, and a complete and total lack of memory dealing with the images found amidst the other pictures.

I’m not going to stretch your indulgence by saying we’re bugged, or have an implant or tracking device, though I did recently have a Cat scan and MRI of my skull that shows a small ball bearing like sphere in my sinus cavity.

I won’t suggest we’re being tracked or monitored, I’ll just tell you what recently happened.

We were taking photos in the Adrian, Missouri farm country, back roads that wound and dipped in and out of heavily wooded areas.

With the presence of rare houses along this road, we felt safe getting out of the car, at a curve, again with no residences in sight. There was something in the gully choked with dead trees and rock that was drawing my attention. There were maybe 7 pictures taken there,when I heard Lori call my attention to a light almost bouncing in the distance, so close to the ground we felt it had to be a spot light. Possibly mounted on a car truck or jeep.

At the rate of its movements we figured it was about 200 yards away but approaching our location fast. So we loaded up and decided to head for the highway and try our luck further south.

And that’s what we did, and as we eased down onto 71 highway moving up to highway speed, we ,after a minute maybe, heard a loud WHOOMP on top the the car. We looked at one another for a few seconds and decided we had to know what was on top the car.

I rolled down the window slightly enough to reach out with my camera, turn my wrist so I could shoot up over the roof, and took the pictures .Initially there was nothing there.

These pictures were only a second or two apart, just long enough for the camera flash to recharge. After taking two, I looked, and showed the images to Lori as she drove . The first one showed 3 or 4 small lights in the distance,and the second completely stunned us.

There was the image below. You see the mechanical devices attached to one corner, a strip or hollow in the metal next to the device, and then across the belly of what was overhead, crackling light, like dancing energy green and yellow. Like neon, unattached.

This picture shows something approximately 5 feet or less over the car roof. I had attempted to make sure the luggage rack would be in them to give a scale but failed missing it by a little. To be honest I’m glad. If I’d captured the luggage rack, it would have been lower and cut a large chunk of the ship overhead out of the picture. As it is there is enough to show what we feel is a brushed metal surface with the details described earlier.

The third shot showed nothing , and we drove carefully but quickly to Butler, getting off the highway on the exit that runs by Conoco. We pulled in still very excited but shaken, entering the Taco Bell, Conoco parking lot .

Parking off to ourselves I got out to see if the roof was damaged. It was pressed in as though someone my size had jumped on it or dropped on it. It was popped inward from the front to the back, and I found I could press half of it back into place from inside the vehicle pushing up. We went on that night to Rich Hill to shoot more, before going home.

The strangest part about this trip was that neither of us were overly anxious afterward. Something had to be parked along our path, summoned to follow us? And to do what ? Over our car? On the highway?

There is nothing more remotely intelligent I can say about this. Those in this study understand our limitations. Its like an animal trying to understand how our minds work. We’re just that outclassed. This is true as every other entry here is. That’s all we can state with surety.


After the initial experience that began all this for us, I felt that the study of UFO’s was a search carried out in sighting reports, government leaks and watching the skies.

Yet after seeing photos of paintings with odd spacecraft like shapes in the skies of the medieval and Renaissance Europe, reading about Egyptian records made by a pharaoh of a extraterrestrial event that took place over a few day period thousands of years ago, and other Roman records of similar experiences made by leaders and officials, I thought if these things occurred all through our history, how much more did we miss?

If these objects were in our skies throughout the ages, then how many other situations and human past times were a stage unknowingly for their presence or their passing.? How many family photos or professional photography for numerous sources held almost hidden images of their craft and pilots?

So I grabbed a stack of magazines. Ones that I’d picked dealing with different decades of our history, from photography’s inception to the most clear imagery digital technology can now produce. 5 magazines to start….

One was dealing with historic photography and the life styles of the period,

Reminisce magazine. The others were dealing with sports and outdoor life, pictures of models from the 1950’s in nature setting, and old movie stills.

And it was incredible what I found. It should not have surprised us since we figured for all these sign , like Erich Von Daniken had found and amassed for chariots of the gods, surely other examples had to exist in other forms, in other places.

So the first magazine “Reminisce” proved to us the immediately startling possibilities. The image below is cropped to show only the area of interest to protect the rights of the individual in the image. The alien like figure represents a very small portion of the image. How and why this was missed is kind of shocking yet well within the abilities we can refer to as human.

How many times have many of us, in frustration, looked for our keys or some other article and later had to laugh at ourselves because that same set of keys was literally in the open right under our nose .

The photo was presented as a vacation photo. One taken in the southwest in front of a restaurant at early evening with the individual posing in a humorous way in a construct for that purpose. He was fully unaware of what was on a landing of old wood some yards behind him, it self obviously feeling cloaked in some way. Otherwise its blatant presence so close to the man would have made no sense.

If you look closely, understanding the photo was taken in the 70,s its grainy appearance isn’t enough to obscure the form of what looks truly alien. Something not normal at all, with a beaked face or helmet, its insect looking frame is definitely out of place.

We found in more and more magazines such possible presences. We don’t rule out the natural, twisted by angle or light to represent something else, . We know especially with our own pictures many are produced with doubtful detail. But the shape , in this instance demands speculation.

Richard Carter

In what seems like countless hours in front of the computer screen ,those spent since last October, I’ve had to train my eyes to make selections from the larger set of sometimes 200 photos ,taken a night.

It isn’t easy, when your as poor a photographer as I am, to sometimes discern whats grass and rock and water. I came up with a very basic method. Look for what doesn’t belong,i.e, flesh, color, machinery of exotic sorts, oddly costumed, non farmers etc,

You don’t expect nature to place a crimson scarf on a lush green hillside or in bushes, not naturally. I’m sure you get the point. So there were times my eyes were finding subjects in the later inspection of the scenes I’d filmed that I could not see with ability of my eyes. It seemed the Camera, was picking up invisible objects as the old ghost photography did. Of course we were aware that globes etc. were caught on film.

But I guess I need to quickly explain about it, how it started. Lori has written here about the experience with the blue globe. I was surprised to find it so vibrant on our film. But after this experience we made it a habit, sometimes tongue in cheek, to issue a welcome and greeting to any possible spirits.

It made a much more serious believer of me, paying off quickly with interactions like the blue globe and other more crystalline ones that would hang near me, peeking out from beneath a leaf covered tree limb. Well as we spread out taking more time during the run,we found more, much more.

Alien looking beings, and the few soldier types we caught on film, skulking in trees and were expected, especially after our incident.

But there were things showing up that made me seriously question my vision. I had friends and family, uninformed of my thoughts dealing with a certain image , give us their interpretations . Surprisingly they were almost always identical.

That left the realization that quite possibly we were getting pictures of (yea I know) Little People. This probably the most challenging subject for me to talk about, due to the fake fairy photos of the past, and the fact that they seem to be the outer edge of an already fringe study.

So everything we found dealing with such subjects, we questioned greatly keeping, and especially broadcasting to friends etc. Yet, the evidence we were finding, the images,poses of figures and general human like actions represented in them left us with no other choice but to believe that as these other physical manifestations were being caught on our film. So we had to give some form of credence to this as well.

We were getting pictures in the grass at the foot of trees, on stumps, of lithe figures, small, full of light and beauty, that even amidst the tall grass, were things, that on some level of life or another appeared real.

There were so many, in fact, that at one point our study nearly ceased to be about aliens. We began trying to catalog what we were finding on the camera’s card, of these strange, small figures.

The two photos below are of one of the scenes we found. It was taken initially from a distance, at the first, you see the rock in the foreground,.

But as I enlarged the image I found a glowing spot, one we enlarged twice more and what we found was a bramble or thatch of wood. In front of it a set of large dark green leaves laid out almost like a tiny round bed of sorts. Within the pile of leaves a light green glowing form sat or lay.

Its shape, to me,resembled that of an almost cartoon infant. It seems to glow with a soft radiance that is calming to look at. It is one of, if not my favorite of all the pictures ever taken, not spectacular or horrifying, but magical in the most basic sense.

I wish I was a better photographer, and knew the tricks that would have aided in a clearer view of this one especially. If it is real, it represents to me something unique and very special. We think when you see it you,ll feel the same.

There are a number of uncomfortable facts about our world,  laws of nature almost,  and many seem to make little sense at all.

We’re taught to put away our childish fears and grow into the mundane and often times somber role of adults.   To continue on throughout the remainder of that life with what we believe is an accurate  understanding of realistic  possibilities and the constructive  or non-constructive directions our lives can take.

With a hard line of what is and isn’t possible,  and the steps we’re taught  to identify and label things, we know that seeing something  and being believed applies in our jobs, in our home life  etc.  We saw Jimmy out  in the yard so telling our spouse  we did, the trust in that statement goes without  saying. Its almost automatic depending upon the person.

Our lives reflect this  ability to believe without hesitation.  In driving, we trust the other driver of a few tons of metal and plastic to stay in their lane.     In our places of work,  and as much as corruption thrives  in our world that same world still  revolves largely on trust.

So here we are adults  beyond childish fears or cares, driving down a road that was guaranteed to be a short cut, cutting minutes off our trip.   You are close enough to smell bacon if it was cooking, only minutes away.   And your time on the highway is just about over. There is no time for thought , no space in your numb mind for it. A mind that struggles to now just find the right reaction to what has presented itself before your vehicle,

You’d swear it was a car, even though there’s very little car like about it.  The lights are wrong, only one  in the center.  It would  look more at home upside down on a kitchen cabinet, but its large.  It is much larger than that, and hovering over the opposite lane staring at you, in its gentle almost rocking flight.

And you realize you’ve stopped. There is motion to each side of your car, but you can’t take your eyes off the orange light.  Some time later you feel yourself driving , unaware you’d restarted the car and this isn’t important for some reason.

As you open your car door in the relative security of your driveway, you can’t hear the child tugging at your leg, hugging and smiling and then running ahead into the house.   As your spouse greets you calling from the kitchen you find something uncomfortable occurring. Like a piece of furniture never properly glued, you  feel yourself coming apart, and as your spouse  begins walking  across the room, you buckle, and drop in a chair. Every voice, everywhere you turn your head, every face, the blaring TV in the background is all of a  sudden too much.  You scream in a sound your families never heard and wail.

As you lie in bed later that night, your husband or wife sleeping near, alert and concerned, you look at  the walls, in the corners, but  not the ceiling . Your head  and neck stiff listening, for what?

You never explained the reason for your earlier outburst, and sleep comes eventully that night.   But there is an odd realization in all the minutes till that time when your eyes close.   And that is an almost bitter irony, the betrayal felt by those lied to. You were indoctrinated into the order of the adult.  You have been taught there aren’t  any such things as little green men. What else were they wrong about?     The world suddenly is upside down, and your fighting  desperately not to fall off.

Every time a man or  woman  experiences something singularly unnatural,  something paranormal they enter a strange land. The day before completely credible , trusted with great responsibility, and sometimes the lives of others, yet these same lips that have given orders to employees and for years   kept a family financially afloat  suddenly meet heads tilted downwards,  quizical looks as though they were listening to a  revelation from  the corner drunk.

Friendships built over decades can fade quickly, almost overnight and future employment , standings in the community, can likewise plummet. We cripple  ourselves in any way of growing, learning, and dealing with the  issue of extraterrestrials.    Doubting one another we offer them free reign.  We can’t help the world to believe in them, to do anything about it, as long as we can’t believe in one  another.

During our travels, mostly at night, we have come across many strange sights. We have had Aliens, crafts, strange creatures. Are we looking into other dimensions? Possibly. Are we seeing extraterrestrials and their ships? Absolutely. Are we seeing something spiritual or demonic? More than likely.

There is so much that is out there, that we don’t see until we look. Over the centuries, ever since the “Church” was developed, we have been taught that Demons, Aliens, Dimensions, Fairies and Monsters are evil to think or talk about, and most likely do not exist.

This has been passed down for centuries, and because of that, we as humans, have learned to block these things out. But they do exist. Whether you want to accept it, face the possibility, or ignore the fact is entirely up to you.

In Rich Hill, 13 miles from our present location, on Route “B”, there are several bridges very close to each other. On one of these bridges one night, we had the misfortune of getting a flat. Just as we were finished changing it, we heard a loud disturbance in the water below.

Peeking over the side, Rich was able to see a form moving toward the bank, and starting up it. He grabbed his camera and shot a few times, and we hurriedly got in the car and left.

This thing, monster, animal, alien or demon was under the bridge. All indications are that he was heading up to the bank, possible to intercept us. I am posting two pictures, even though everyone we have show this to saw it right away, just in case you have trouble seeing the details. Notice the scaly like skin, the eye, the thing with pointed tips(maybe some kind of horn) coming down over the face, the teeth, the jowl or gill on the side of the head, the teeth and the flared tube projecting from his mouth.

This is real. What it is, we don’t know. Is it dangerous? Why take the chance to find out. If anyone has encountered anything similar to this, we would be interested in hearing about it.

The Start of it All

Richard is an artist, with a natural ability to see beauty in things that others may not consider beautiful. I have always loved the country and nature, That is why I moved here to Butler. I had enough of the concrete jungles to last me a life time. Late last summer Richard  purchased a digital camera and decided to take pictures of nature, here in this beautiful countryside of ours.

We were both fascinated with all the beautiful bridges and waterways around this area, and took many pictures of whatever we could find. There is a bridge, not more than a couple of miles from us, that we thought was the most beautiful of all.

During one of our trips there, we discovered we had company. This blue orb came down to right in front of the camera lens. You can see the trail it traveled behind it, like it shot right out from among the top of the trees to in front of us. We were thrilled to see this. We were sure it was trying to make contact with us.

We went back on several occasions, trying to see if we could get another shot at it. We decided one evening to go to that particular bridge, taking shots on the way into gulleys, blinds, woods and fields, if nothing else, to see if we could get some night time animals out prowling for food. We had hoped to get another picture of our blue friend in the dark.

Unfortunately, this bridge is one of the spots that we are sure we had one of our encounters at. Today we think that, even though we had asked whatever was there if they wanted to show us something, that maybe this blue orb, spiritual or other, may have been trying to warn us of impending danger.

Lorraine Carter

Our Purpose is not to frighten you with our experiences or pictures. Since our first encounter in September of 2009, we have continued searching and taking pictures. We may never fully understand or find out who or what we encountered, but we are fully aware now that there are many things around us that we didn’t realize, and most people don’t realize are there. Not only are there UFO’s and Aliens, but Paranormal, Dimensional and Human events happening out of our view, often hidden on purpose. Our mission now, is to keep researching and to just inform people that there are strange things going on everywhere around us, some of them benign, others extremely harmful and dangerous. We just want to do our part to warn of these things, and hope in doing so, possibly protect others from going through what we went through, or worse.

The Search Goes On

Since the first encounters we had in September, we have decided to continue our research. Many times we just take off and start driving to destinations yet unknown, and other times we map out a general area we are interested in.

What are we looking for? Anything..anything that does not belong, anything that is not what you would normally find. We have gotten so many feelings and then photos of unknown entities, buildings and crafts that we can’t discount any beliefs.

We sometimes get things that look like they belong in a fairy tale, other images that look like angels, some that look like ghosts, some that look like monsters and definitely some that look alien.

Here are a few more photos. Look at them closely. Some of them are a bit blurry, but you should be able to see, without a doubt, what we saw. These pictures, taken last night definitely suggest that we were in an area with some spiritual, ghostly things going on.

Possible Spirit or Ghost

If you look close at the first picture, you will see off to the right a ghostly image. At first glance it may look like cigarette smoke, but since there was no one smoking at the time, there was no wind, no rain, no fog. Check it out and you will see a few different faces in there.

spirit or energy light

In this picture, one  of several we got, we have this light dancing around. This was taken in a very dark, wooded area, away from all house and street lights. This was not a reflection of anything.

Another Spiritual light or energy

This is another light that showed up, just a few seconds, and few pictures later. There are several more which we will get posted in a few days. We will also be posting some possible non-spiritual photos.


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