Richard is an artist, with a natural ability to see beauty in things that others may not consider beautiful. I have always loved the country and nature, That is why I moved here to Butler. I had enough of the concrete jungles to last me a life time. Late last summer Richard  purchased a digital camera and decided to take pictures of nature, here in this beautiful countryside of ours.

We were both fascinated with all the beautiful bridges and waterways around this area, and took many pictures of whatever we could find. There is a bridge, not more than a couple of miles from us, that we thought was the most beautiful of all.

During one of our trips there, we discovered we had company. This blue orb came down to right in front of the camera lens. You can see the trail it traveled behind it, like it shot right out from among the top of the trees to in front of us. We were thrilled to see this. We were sure it was trying to make contact with us.

We went back on several occasions, trying to see if we could get another shot at it. We decided one evening to go to that particular bridge, taking shots on the way into gulleys, blinds, woods and fields, if nothing else, to see if we could get some night time animals out prowling for food. We had hoped to get another picture of our blue friend in the dark.

Unfortunately, this bridge is one of the spots that we are sure we had one of our encounters at. Today we think that, even though we had asked whatever was there if they wanted to show us something, that maybe this blue orb, spiritual or other, may have been trying to warn us of impending danger.

Lorraine Carter