During our travels, mostly at night, we have come across many strange sights. We have had Aliens, crafts, strange creatures. Are we looking into other dimensions? Possibly. Are we seeing extraterrestrials and their ships? Absolutely. Are we seeing something spiritual or demonic? More than likely.

There is so much that is out there, that we don’t see until we look. Over the centuries, ever since the “Church” was developed, we have been taught that Demons, Aliens, Dimensions, Fairies and Monsters are evil to think or talk about, and most likely do not exist.

This has been passed down for centuries, and because of that, we as humans, have learned to block these things out. But they do exist. Whether you want to accept it, face the possibility, or ignore the fact is entirely up to you.

In Rich Hill, 13 miles from our present location, on Route “B”, there are several bridges very close to each other. On one of these bridges one night, we had the misfortune of getting a flat. Just as we were finished changing it, we heard a loud disturbance in the water below.

Peeking over the side, Rich was able to see a form moving toward the bank, and starting up it. He grabbed his camera and shot a few times, and we hurriedly got in the car and left.

This thing, monster, animal, alien or demon was under the bridge. All indications are that he was heading up to the bank, possible to intercept us. I am posting two pictures, even though everyone we have show this to saw it right away, just in case you have trouble seeing the details. Notice the scaly like skin, the eye, the thing with pointed tips(maybe some kind of horn) coming down over the face, the teeth, the jowl or gill on the side of the head, the teeth and the flared tube projecting from his mouth.

This is real. What it is, we don’t know. Is it dangerous? Why take the chance to find out. If anyone has encountered anything similar to this, we would be interested in hearing about it.