In what seems like countless hours in front of the computer screen ,those spent since last October, I’ve had to train my eyes to make selections from the larger set of sometimes 200 photos ,taken a night.

It isn’t easy, when your as poor a photographer as I am, to sometimes discern whats grass and rock and water. I came up with a very basic method. Look for what doesn’t belong,i.e, flesh, color, machinery of exotic sorts, oddly costumed, non farmers etc,

You don’t expect nature to place a crimson scarf on a lush green hillside or in bushes, not naturally. I’m sure you get the point. So there were times my eyes were finding subjects in the later inspection of the scenes I’d filmed that I could not see with ability of my eyes. It seemed the Camera, was picking up invisible objects as the old ghost photography did. Of course we were aware that globes etc. were caught on film.

But I guess I need to quickly explain about it, how it started. Lori has written here about the experience with the blue globe. I was surprised to find it so vibrant on our film. But after this experience we made it a habit, sometimes tongue in cheek, to issue a welcome and greeting to any possible spirits.

It made a much more serious believer of me, paying off quickly with interactions like the blue globe and other more crystalline ones that would hang near me, peeking out from beneath a leaf covered tree limb. Well as we spread out taking more time during the run,we found more, much more.

Alien looking beings, and the few soldier types we caught on film, skulking in trees and were expected, especially after our incident.

But there were things showing up that made me seriously question my vision. I had friends and family, uninformed of my thoughts dealing with a certain image , give us their interpretations . Surprisingly they were almost always identical.

That left the realization that quite possibly we were getting pictures of (yea I know) Little People. This probably the most challenging subject for me to talk about, due to the fake fairy photos of the past, and the fact that they seem to be the outer edge of an already fringe study.

So everything we found dealing with such subjects, we questioned greatly keeping, and especially broadcasting to friends etc. Yet, the evidence we were finding, the images,poses of figures and general human like actions represented in them left us with no other choice but to believe that as these other physical manifestations were being caught on our film. So we had to give some form of credence to this as well.

We were getting pictures in the grass at the foot of trees, on stumps, of lithe figures, small, full of light and beauty, that even amidst the tall grass, were things, that on some level of life or another appeared real.

There were so many, in fact, that at one point our study nearly ceased to be about aliens. We began trying to catalog what we were finding on the camera’s card, of these strange, small figures.

The two photos below are of one of the scenes we found. It was taken initially from a distance, at the first, you see the rock in the foreground,.

But as I enlarged the image I found a glowing spot, one we enlarged twice more and what we found was a bramble or thatch of wood. In front of it a set of large dark green leaves laid out almost like a tiny round bed of sorts. Within the pile of leaves a light green glowing form sat or lay.

Its shape, to me,resembled that of an almost cartoon infant. It seems to glow with a soft radiance that is calming to look at. It is one of, if not my favorite of all the pictures ever taken, not spectacular or horrifying, but magical in the most basic sense.

I wish I was a better photographer, and knew the tricks that would have aided in a clearer view of this one especially. If it is real, it represents to me something unique and very special. We think when you see it you,ll feel the same.