After the initial experience that began all this for us, I felt that the study of UFO’s was a search carried out in sighting reports, government leaks and watching the skies.

Yet after seeing photos of paintings with odd spacecraft like shapes in the skies of the medieval and Renaissance Europe, reading about Egyptian records made by a pharaoh of a extraterrestrial event that took place over a few day period thousands of years ago, and other Roman records of similar experiences made by leaders and officials, I thought if these things occurred all through our history, how much more did we miss?

If these objects were in our skies throughout the ages, then how many other situations and human past times were a stage unknowingly for their presence or their passing.? How many family photos or professional photography for numerous sources held almost hidden images of their craft and pilots?

So I grabbed a stack of magazines. Ones that I’d picked dealing with different decades of our history, from photography’s inception to the most clear imagery digital technology can now produce. 5 magazines to start….

One was dealing with historic photography and the life styles of the period,

Reminisce magazine. The others were dealing with sports and outdoor life, pictures of models from the 1950’s in nature setting, and old movie stills.

And it was incredible what I found. It should not have surprised us since we figured for all these sign , like Erich Von Daniken had found and amassed for chariots of the gods, surely other examples had to exist in other forms, in other places.

So the first magazine “Reminisce” proved to us the immediately startling possibilities. The image below is cropped to show only the area of interest to protect the rights of the individual in the image. The alien like figure represents a very small portion of the image. How and why this was missed is kind of shocking yet well within the abilities we can refer to as human.

How many times have many of us, in frustration, looked for our keys or some other article and later had to laugh at ourselves because that same set of keys was literally in the open right under our nose .

The photo was presented as a vacation photo. One taken in the southwest in front of a restaurant at early evening with the individual posing in a humorous way in a construct for that purpose. He was fully unaware of what was on a landing of old wood some yards behind him, it self obviously feeling cloaked in some way. Otherwise its blatant presence so close to the man would have made no sense.

If you look closely, understanding the photo was taken in the 70,s its grainy appearance isn’t enough to obscure the form of what looks truly alien. Something not normal at all, with a beaked face or helmet, its insect looking frame is definitely out of place.

We found in more and more magazines such possible presences. We don’t rule out the natural, twisted by angle or light to represent something else, . We know especially with our own pictures many are produced with doubtful detail. But the shape , in this instance demands speculation.

Richard Carter