There are a number of uncomfortable facts about our world,  laws of nature almost,  and many seem to make little sense at all.

We’re taught to put away our childish fears and grow into the mundane and often times somber role of adults.   To continue on throughout the remainder of that life with what we believe is an accurate  understanding of realistic  possibilities and the constructive  or non-constructive directions our lives can take.

With a hard line of what is and isn’t possible,  and the steps we’re taught  to identify and label things, we know that seeing something  and being believed applies in our jobs, in our home life  etc.  We saw Jimmy out  in the yard so telling our spouse  we did, the trust in that statement goes without  saying. Its almost automatic depending upon the person.

Our lives reflect this  ability to believe without hesitation.  In driving, we trust the other driver of a few tons of metal and plastic to stay in their lane.     In our places of work,  and as much as corruption thrives  in our world that same world still  revolves largely on trust.

So here we are adults  beyond childish fears or cares, driving down a road that was guaranteed to be a short cut, cutting minutes off our trip.   You are close enough to smell bacon if it was cooking, only minutes away.   And your time on the highway is just about over. There is no time for thought , no space in your numb mind for it. A mind that struggles to now just find the right reaction to what has presented itself before your vehicle,

You’d swear it was a car, even though there’s very little car like about it.  The lights are wrong, only one  in the center.  It would  look more at home upside down on a kitchen cabinet, but its large.  It is much larger than that, and hovering over the opposite lane staring at you, in its gentle almost rocking flight.

And you realize you’ve stopped. There is motion to each side of your car, but you can’t take your eyes off the orange light.  Some time later you feel yourself driving , unaware you’d restarted the car and this isn’t important for some reason.

As you open your car door in the relative security of your driveway, you can’t hear the child tugging at your leg, hugging and smiling and then running ahead into the house.   As your spouse greets you calling from the kitchen you find something uncomfortable occurring. Like a piece of furniture never properly glued, you  feel yourself coming apart, and as your spouse  begins walking  across the room, you buckle, and drop in a chair. Every voice, everywhere you turn your head, every face, the blaring TV in the background is all of a  sudden too much.  You scream in a sound your families never heard and wail.

As you lie in bed later that night, your husband or wife sleeping near, alert and concerned, you look at  the walls, in the corners, but  not the ceiling . Your head  and neck stiff listening, for what?

You never explained the reason for your earlier outburst, and sleep comes eventully that night.   But there is an odd realization in all the minutes till that time when your eyes close.   And that is an almost bitter irony, the betrayal felt by those lied to. You were indoctrinated into the order of the adult.  You have been taught there aren’t  any such things as little green men. What else were they wrong about?     The world suddenly is upside down, and your fighting  desperately not to fall off.

Every time a man or  woman  experiences something singularly unnatural,  something paranormal they enter a strange land. The day before completely credible , trusted with great responsibility, and sometimes the lives of others, yet these same lips that have given orders to employees and for years   kept a family financially afloat  suddenly meet heads tilted downwards,  quizical looks as though they were listening to a  revelation from  the corner drunk.

Friendships built over decades can fade quickly, almost overnight and future employment , standings in the community, can likewise plummet. We cripple  ourselves in any way of growing, learning, and dealing with the  issue of extraterrestrials.    Doubting one another we offer them free reign.  We can’t help the world to believe in them, to do anything about it, as long as we can’t believe in one  another.