I’m not sure, sometimes, just whats going on in our lives. I mean the access we have had almost seems directed. Now you say something like that and people start humorously oohing and ahhing. Even among those fascinated in the subject that sort of assertion has to ring a little melodramatically.

But the fact is we have been very aggressively testing our area, hitting spots repeatedly, almost weekly sometimes. This in an effort to see if an evening of activity was a fluke. Was it just being at the right place at the right time or there was a temporary base, or a group working that particular spot in the process of accomplishing something.

There have been evenings we felt the presence of a particular group and found proof of our suspicions on the film shot that night as well.

It sounds silly I know, but their coincidental presence at places as far apart as Butler, Missouri’s east side and Mound City Kansas, just the night we happened to be there, seemed suspicious And this was by no means the only time it happened.

When it occurred there was time loss no matter how marginal, and as has been the routine from the start, weird photos all long the way those evenings.

There were pictures of craft of one kind or another, alien looking beings, shadowy forms moving around our vehicle, and a complete and total lack of memory dealing with the images found amidst the other pictures.

I’m not going to stretch your indulgence by saying we’re bugged, or have an implant or tracking device, though I did recently have a Cat scan and MRI of my skull that shows a small ball bearing like sphere in my sinus cavity.

I won’t suggest we’re being tracked or monitored, I’ll just tell you what recently happened.

We were taking photos in the Adrian, Missouri farm country, back roads that wound and dipped in and out of heavily wooded areas.

With the presence of rare houses along this road, we felt safe getting out of the car, at a curve, again with no residences in sight. There was something in the gully choked with dead trees and rock that was drawing my attention. There were maybe 7 pictures taken there,when I heard Lori call my attention to a light almost bouncing in the distance, so close to the ground we felt it had to be a spot light. Possibly mounted on a car truck or jeep.

At the rate of its movements we figured it was about 200 yards away but approaching our location fast. So we loaded up and decided to head for the highway and try our luck further south.

And that’s what we did, and as we eased down onto 71 highway moving up to highway speed, we ,after a minute maybe, heard a loud WHOOMP on top the the car. We looked at one another for a few seconds and decided we had to know what was on top the car.

I rolled down the window slightly enough to reach out with my camera, turn my wrist so I could shoot up over the roof, and took the pictures .Initially there was nothing there.

These pictures were only a second or two apart, just long enough for the camera flash to recharge. After taking two, I looked, and showed the images to Lori as she drove . The first one showed 3 or 4 small lights in the distance,and the second completely stunned us.

There was the image below. You see the mechanical devices attached to one corner, a strip or hollow in the metal next to the device, and then across the belly of what was overhead, crackling light, like dancing energy green and yellow. Like neon, unattached.

This picture shows something approximately 5 feet or less over the car roof. I had attempted to make sure the luggage rack would be in them to give a scale but failed missing it by a little. To be honest I’m glad. If I’d captured the luggage rack, it would have been lower and cut a large chunk of the ship overhead out of the picture. As it is there is enough to show what we feel is a brushed metal surface with the details described earlier.

The third shot showed nothing , and we drove carefully but quickly to Butler, getting off the highway on the exit that runs by Conoco. We pulled in still very excited but shaken, entering the Taco Bell, Conoco parking lot .

Parking off to ourselves I got out to see if the roof was damaged. It was pressed in as though someone my size had jumped on it or dropped on it. It was popped inward from the front to the back, and I found I could press half of it back into place from inside the vehicle pushing up. We went on that night to Rich Hill to shoot more, before going home.

The strangest part about this trip was that neither of us were overly anxious afterward. Something had to be parked along our path, summoned to follow us? And to do what ? Over our car? On the highway?

There is nothing more remotely intelligent I can say about this. Those in this study understand our limitations. Its like an animal trying to understand how our minds work. We’re just that outclassed. This is true as every other entry here is. That’s all we can state with surety.