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As is often the case with us, we don’t see what we have on camera until we get home. Many of the images that are presented to us, were not seen by us. The only conclusion we can gather from this is that the Alien factor may have blocked themselves from our site, or that something in another dimension or the Aliens themselves can move so fast that the naked human eye cannot see them. Since the camera can grab a picture in seconds, it is able to get these images.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about what we believe. We are Christians and fully believe in God and his son Jesus. We have seen him at work in many areas, many times in our lives. We have experienced his love, mercy and kindness. We have seen many miracles that can only be attributed to him. We have seen him answer prayers in seconds, sometimes before the prayer is finished.

Yet, if we have such an awesome God, how selfish and full of ourselves are we if we believe we are the only beings he has ever created. Could he have created life on other planets? Of course. Would he have created life on other planets? Why not? Could they have gone astray as a lot of our world has, and turned their back on him only to achieve their own selfish goals? Absolutely

The Catholic Church has already accepted and proclaimed that there are Aliens from other worlds. They have declared, even without first hand knowledge of who they are, why they came here, and what their agendas are, that they are our brothers since they are created by God.

In retrospect,that is entirely possible, since we are all brothers and sisters too. But we know from experience that even our great big family of brother and sister, that not everyone accepts God or acts accordingly to his laws.

We have damaged this planet that we live on. Could they have damaged theirs also, with their greed and their search for more knowledge? Sure they could. Could they be that far advanced in their technologies than we are? Sure they could, after all, it looks like God did not make us and them in exactly the same way. If he made them before or after us doesn’t matter, just the fact that he may have made them more intelligent or quicker to learn than we do.

We have posted several pictures of strange things on this blog. There are creatures, craft, possible aliens, animals, spiritual, dimensional and demonic images. So here is one more to add to the list. This was peering at us through the fence once night. The bright, illuminated looking eyes, were not visible to us. All we saw when we took the picture was something black and odd looking on the fence. We aren’t sure if this is some kind of craft, some kind of observation device, or an alien from another place.

Comments are always welcome. If you have pictures or a story about something strange in our area, we are very interested in hearing about it. You can leave something in comments with your e-mail so we can contact you, or you can email us at


I dont even know,

There have been a lot of elements to our journey that have surprisingly started to make sense. But our study is multifaceted, more from need than choice.   You see when this much happens in such a relatively small area you get the Sunny Dale , feeling.     Forgive me for saying the S, word.

Here is an entry that I have no explanation for. It looks, to me, like a water mark , but, I assure you it’s not.   The Circles floating in the front yard,  a yard, (excuse me ) block , bathed in a weird light and that wavered, like the pavement  when it’s very hot.   The camera was steady,   resting on the window pane.

A little background.  We  had an uninvited visitor the same night as the original  experience.   That is a story in itself.  Anyway, for sometime I would occasionally stay up and photograph throughout the house, during the night, keeping a close watch on the bedrooms and living room.

From the doorway I got pictures of something coming through the wall by Lori’s bed,  Something that made the room waiver and changed objects , and took away others from sight during its passage.    A dagger on a stand by the bedside table disappeared, a lacy covering replaced the black material table-cloth,  and an antique  portrait  photo of a woman hung in the air above the pillow inside the column of flame(?) that passed through the wall and engulfed over half of the bed.

This and the picture taken at the window, of Lori’s bedroom, the one that shows rings hanging fluid like in the air,  and images of something flying up the street  odd almost birdlike,  made of light.

Please give us your opinions, because we really don’t know what to identify this as.

In the newspaper article “Out of the Corner of Your Eye”, we spoke about two incidents in which we believe we were possibly abducted by aliens, and that there was the possibility of a human element in one of these experiences. Although we may never find out for sure what exactly happened to us, it doesn’t lessen the fact that we will keep searching.

Through our trips out during the evening hours, we have discovered so much more going on than we ever thought possible. Some of it is UFO/Alien related, some of possibly spiritual or demonic, other elements point to the human side, and let’s not forget the possibility of portals to other dimensions.

The pictures we have posted are legitimate. We understand there will be skeptics, and possibly others who may make it their mission to debunk anything we post. We really feel sorry for these people. Because of their own unwillingness to accept the possibility that there is more to this world than meets the eye, they too, at some time may end up being victims.

Our mission is not to start any vigilante movement, or cause undo fear, but to just awaken as many people as we can to the fact that there is more going around them than they thought, and they should be aware of the possibilities, if for no other reason than to keep themselves and their families safe.

We are not saying you should walk in fear, jumping at every noise or shadow. We are just suggesting that you should keep an open mind to the possibilities and keep a watchful eye. Just watch for anything that doesn’t fit in. If you aren’t sure what it is, and don’t want to take a chance to find out, then get away from the area you are in. If you know what it is, or think you know, then report it to the right agency. Don’t endanger yourselves in anyway.

We expected some negative feedback when we started this site. And although we have had comments of a negative nature to some of the pictures posted, we again state that none of these pictures are faked, have been altered in anyway, and they were taken in exactly the way we stated they were.

If at any time someone claims they are otherwise, everyone should remember, that in the age we live in, when many people have photo shop (we don’t), they can skillfully and rather simply alter images themselves to lend credence to their arguments. So we all, whether we like it or not, are on a sort of honor system. We would not waste the time and considerable energies and personal cost to ourselves, in investigating this as aggressively as we have, if our sole mission was to con other true believers. We have more of a life than that.