There have been a lot of elements to our journey that have surprisingly started to make sense. But our study is multifaceted, more from need than choice.   You see when this much happens in such a relatively small area you get the Sunny Dale , feeling.     Forgive me for saying the S, word.

Here is an entry that I have no explanation for. It looks, to me, like a water mark , but, I assure you it’s not.   The Circles floating in the front yard,  a yard, (excuse me ) block , bathed in a weird light and that wavered, like the pavement  when it’s very hot.   The camera was steady,   resting on the window pane.

A little background.  We  had an uninvited visitor the same night as the original  experience.   That is a story in itself.  Anyway, for sometime I would occasionally stay up and photograph throughout the house, during the night, keeping a close watch on the bedrooms and living room.

From the doorway I got pictures of something coming through the wall by Lori’s bed,  Something that made the room waiver and changed objects , and took away others from sight during its passage.    A dagger on a stand by the bedside table disappeared, a lacy covering replaced the black material table-cloth,  and an antique  portrait  photo of a woman hung in the air above the pillow inside the column of flame(?) that passed through the wall and engulfed over half of the bed.

This and the picture taken at the window, of Lori’s bedroom, the one that shows rings hanging fluid like in the air,  and images of something flying up the street  odd almost birdlike,  made of light.

Please give us your opinions, because we really don’t know what to identify this as.