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This is one that I’ve been hesitant in writing about. I would like to apologize for the gruesome details so necessary for this article.

When we are on a daytime trip, driving throught the countryside on the small highways, we enjoy the simple beauty of where we live. The things that have drawn people to the Midwest for generations. The land beside these thoroughfares, is peaceful and tranquil, or at least it seems.

In a time, not so long ago, ones in which I still lived safely in my naive world, I would not have thought evil could lie in these hills, valleys, or in the streams, the rocks and sticks beneath bridges.

To think there was anything to fear there ,would almost laughingly bring to mind the childhood story of Billy Goat Gruff, with its Troll beneath the bridge.

I’m aware that things don’t always work out for people. Sometimes the worst terrors to fear lie within ourselves. There are men and women, mentally unequipped for life among us, who use the remoteness of the countryside for their own purposes , as a place of disposal, for the evidence of their crimes. With that grim reality acknowledged, outside of these individuals, I still would have found it hard to see a real threat in such places.

It is fortunate I guess, that, as we grow, we get a truer understanding of our world.

Recently our research has come to frighten me because it has grown in intensity, in the level and content of our finds. It was on a night run down F-highway we found something that has forever changed my attitude about this work. It has driven home the old adage (be careful what you look for because you just might find it).

The bridge in question is not over a deep body of water. I am unaware as to whether there are caves along the banks of this large stream or geographical fixtures that would create hiding places.

I am not sure if the creature photographed, here, moves along the waterways as a travel route, or just as we stop along the road to eat chose to do the same.

Extraterrestrial or something much older with a previous claim to this land, he is scary and the suppositions that can be drawn from his image are more frightening still.

The picture of Clem, I had to find a friendly name for him, (not that it makes it any easier to look at him.), the image is exactly what it looks like, a large greenish inescapably Alien face . This could be fascinating were it not for what lies on the ground in front of him, what it (appears) to be. The reddish flecks on his head and the crimson mess on the ground speak of some sort of prey or matter he has brought with him. Possibly the same thing.

Normally I try not to delve deeper into my feelings about these sort of subjects because past the point of the factual evidence in the images, those extra thoughts are just that, ideas formed by my emotions . Yet I can’t help but be overly concerned.

A glowing light, unusual, far overhead, tracks or circles in a field, these are interesting but not threatening in an immediate sense. Unless that light is pursuing and gaining on you.

When you see a scene such as this its almost like being at the scene of a crime as it ends. If I lived in very close to that area, and had seen this photo, I’d be concern for my livestock, my dogs, and of course children.

It is guessed that not all aliens are the gentle ET type, that there are those that actually render human flesh for themselves or other extraterrestrials. This should be no surprise to us, with a long history of little known, yet fairly well documented cases of anomalous rains of blood and human tissue.

From the book (Unexplained) July 1847 a group of enslaved workers in Wilson County Tennessee see a small red cloud shower blood and muscle fiber (adipose matter) on a field below. Doctor W.P.Sayles, a local physician examined the site,and wrote to a professor at the university of Nashville: “The particles I send you I gathered with my own hands. The extent of surface over which it is spread and the regular manner it exhibited on some green tobacco leaves, leave very little or no doubt of its having fallen like a shower of rain…I have sent what I think to be a drop of blood, the other particles composed of muscle and fat, although the proportion of the shower appeared to be a much larger quantity of blood than of other properties.”

Within the same volume a Doctor J.W.Bassett of Virginia is mentioned as well and speaks of an incident in Hanover County Virginia, of a small cloud that discharges pieces of flesh and liver, he describes them as “too well defined in each sort to allow any mistake in their character”. One of the particles weighing near an ounce.

Again, from Simpson County North Carolina , a shower of blood, flesh, liver and brains fall over a area 30 feet wide and approximately 250 to 300 yards long.

From The San Francisco Herald -July 24th 1851 “Blood and flesh,with pieces ranging in size from a pigeon egg to a small orange descended in a two to three minute shower on an army station at Benicia California, covering a spot of ground 30 yards wide and 300 yards long.”

These reports go on, “One Sunday in July 1896, blood fell out of a clear sky in a corn field near Los Angeles. There was no doubt that the substance was blood, it was thick, vivid red and had hair and portions of organs in it.”

October 16 and 17 in 1846, in a location in France, a vividly red and blood like rain fell. When it was checked under a microscope it showed a large quantity of corpuscles.

March 8, 1876 a Bath County, Kentucky field was covered with flakes of meat from the sky. The amount that fell was a thick volume, numerous flakes that covered one to four inches on a strip of land 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. Bird vomit and algae were unconvincing explanations that arose.

And again near Los Angeles in 1869 mourners preparing for a funeral at a farm near the city. Blood and meat rain from the sky for 3 minutes blanketing two acres of a cornfield. Among the blood was found strips of meat up to 8 inches in length, with what looked like animal fur . Kidney, liver, and heart were also found amidst the mixture. A group of parsons in the neighborhood vouched for these details.

And there is so much more. So allow for the possible existence of extraterrestrials, their ships, and the clear fact that they are not all reported as friendly, that cattle are still mutilated and abduction victims have mentioned vats they saw on board vessels. Vats full of similar sorts of mixtures as those mentioned .

Weigh in the fact that nearly 2,300 people are said to disappear a day in our country. Of course some of these are due to crime, hurricanes and tornadoes, yet there is a staggering sum of people who just seem to have been lost, on their own, and even in groups, who are never found.

My final point :It is thought that 1 in 50 people have been abducted at some point in their lives. Wild estimations Or details that should concern us far more than they do? If you feel my article dramatic or inaccurate, that there is no reason to fear, I only suggest you put Clem on your desktop background for a week and see if you still feel the same.

It isn’t often that my feelings on a subject are so right. I get by, I believe by luck or some helpful directive occasionally, you know a hunch.

The trip to Orrick spurred by some memories of a friend there and my misunderstanding of issues there earlier almost two decades ago became a bit of an obsession. Something I knew we had to do.

Lori and my trips have by no means slowed , and the chronological order of this adventure with those previous is, yes, a bit out of skew.

We have numerous photos from closer to home, so disturbing that they may have also been catalysts for this trip further away.

Maybe I thought I’d find my buddy again and Lori, he, and I would have dinner together and remember old times, but the storm which also brewed around Harrisonville was not empty. I was making a comment, as I took the first photo, that we were probably wasting our time with the weather as it was. I couldn’t have been more wrong. That first photo had an orb moving horizontally across the highway right over the signs . We would not know this until later. The size of this sphere, estimating it’s distance, was probably between 50 to 100 feet in diameter.

Once we arrived, the only old times to be had were the sight of the abandoned farm and the hillside across the street that was the base for many of my adventures with my friend there years ago, the mines. As it was in the past, what had been pretty much a louse operation, was now a clean tight business, with no trespassing signs and a well sculpted and manicured entry to the hillside.

The traffic was slim to none. Could we have walked up the trail, parking the car in a hidden spot ? Sure, but the ethics of what we’re doing, our previous claims to respect property, are important to us.

So there was no mine search, no survey of the plateau.

As it was we drove about in a storm that hung impotently over us like a beautiful, dark blue blanket of anger. We mapped out the town in the last dregs of daylight, after a sandwich, as well as the entries and exits.

We finally decided that doing a detailed run of O- highway was the right thing to do before leaving. This was the road running past the mine, heavily wooded on one side. What we found by the end of the evening is amazing, all the more, because again, it was not visible to the eye.

Surely by now we are firm believers in different forms of cloaking. It has forced a playback of each photo after its taking. I’m still amazed at the fact that digital photography, can somehow, catch these objects that are hidden from the human eye. On this trip, this was a small concern because, we believe they made a serious concerted effort to drive us away on two occasions.

Just as was recorded with the Flatwood Monster, we were subjected to a blast of fowl odor that reminded us of rotten eggs and sulfur. We also believe the other odor we smelled, strong and toxic again, was from the ship photographed. We even got a picture of what we believe was the releasing of one of these gasses next to Lori’s jeep.

The photo is odd because it shows a jet of air almost in the fashion of muzzle blast from an airgun. Only this opening had to be the size of a football. There is a reflection of light that runs along the rim of the hidden tube it is emitted from. Strangely detailed, this opening and what is propelled from it, both are very clear as was the almost toxic mixture that may have been possibly responsible for illness in the following days.

The photos speak for themselves.

This first photo represents the same object, larger orange object . Initially in this form it was small, coming out of the bank of the stream. Later we found what we believe to be its landing place, where it was in a much larger form. We believe possible 15-20 feet in height. (see following photos)