In our work we have had what appeared to be reptilian beasts and Aliens show up on our film. We have been followed by something in the air between towns, and literally had the roof of Lori’s jeep bent in by a contact with something I filmed on 71 highway. Then there was the day,that as a kid, on vacation with my family, I kiddingly breathed on a open light bulb and a second later it burned out.

In either topic, the funny incidents that form repeatedly told family stories, or the second category, the hesitantly told reports of the (extremely) odd. We find what should appear fanciful items, what should read like tall tales, were it not in each case for witnesses and the sometimes physical proof that can accompany these moments.

When approaching the job of gathering information, especially in the fields of Ufology, and the Paranormal, we obviously want sounds and strong visuals if possible, and because people don’t carry a camera around the clock, a story by a competent witness will always be the study’s base. But what are the targets and what should fall to the editing floor? Just how weird should something be to garner attention? Since we began taking pictures, we, because of the rate of our trips per week and the high numbers of photos taken on each occasion, have scanned a lot of images. And seen in them a dizzying array of stuff. From the smallest globes to full sized figures,
not all of them discussable.

But being admittedly new to this research, only in it a year, we are in doubt at times as to what is relevant and what is passe. Of course the dust trails of the jeeps on gravel roads create awesome looking globe conventions. And we know that the single bright colored globe in a setting that is less dusty (highway as opposed to gravel) and even better (woodlands as opposed to highway) increase the chances of these phenomena being something less natural.

Also the quality of brightness seems a factor, as well as its movement characteristics. I once photographed a figure 70 or 80 yards away throw a blueish ball high into the night sky. This object grew in size as it raced across the sky over the pasture towards me. I filmed it four times in all. Finally, as it hovered over the road next to me, I squatted to examine some melted highway, that had buckled from the heat to a shape that was impossible to drive over, and difficult to walk through. This ball hovered only feet above the street, as interested it seemed about what I was doing, as I was about the road. This globe we believe was beyond the explanation of dust.

But it is frustrating sometimes the degrees we must go to, to first disprove our find, before being able to enjoy it. Yea, I know that sounds immature, and I understand the reasons, the severity and scorn under which these sciences are viewed. I understand that the only good find is one that cannot be disproved. We can sympathize with the cost of knowledge with the gas and battery dollars, that will not be repaid to us by a wealthy benefactor. And we don’t expect it.

So the question remains, the gas tank is full, my camera has fresh batteries and an empty card, and I shoot a few hundred night shots rather randomly, which do I keep?

Space ships, yes, Aliens, yes, ghosts and apparitions, yes. But those images that could fall into the nature of “tricked me again”  batch, the ones of grass and sticks and mans various wastes, that look just like a faerie, moving next to the tree, the turkey buzzard that for all appearances could have been Dracula in flight, etc.

The hard part is, as you get through the first deletions of obviously nothing and study these questionable, many times as you push that big D button , your still not sure. As far as you know no one’s promised you the photo shop program you’d kill for, so you and windows photo gallery, and maybe GIMP, step back for one last look.

I would keep them all, but a level of sensibility and respect must always be at the forefront of our efforts. To find them wrong, misinterpreted due to over zealous and imaginative eyes, this is not the outcome I’m after. The more mistakes I make, the more I whittle down further the standing, authentic case load, giving chuckles to the skeptic guy and his cronies.

No, my speech at times may not be proper, nor my level of education, that of what we consider learned men, but I feel I get results .

The reason for this article, I’m starting to wonder myself, maybe its just a constructive rant, leaning out the window with an Albert Fenney yell at everything and nothing, wishing this was easier, wishing the overall picture was clearer.

In a few days we’ll load up the battle wagon and head for deserted roads again with a bottle of ice tea, a note pad and a camera. The evening will end with 300 to 400 pictures I know the next two days will decipher. I’ll think as I always do this is the time there will be nothing, nothing at all… and I’ll be wrong again.