Objects seen on the Butler square become a reguler occurance32 SIGHTINGS ON THE BUTLER TOWN SQUARE,   this object is photographed 6 times in various positions around the Butler courthouse tower in October,   and a total of 32 objects are seen in the down town area. all photographed.

THE QUESTION’  What are these objects doing there, ? why do they keep returning to the area?

Lights   have been seen and photographed moving around  the square flying just above buisnesses as if on patrol.

The forum site Butler Trash, has had conversations there among citizens, about strange or oddly moving  lights seen by them .  One person on the west side of the highway mentioned  from there seeing strange lights over the city, and expressed concern.  Others as well mentioned sightings .       Since last year in September, we have been making nighttime photographic  runs all through Bates County, and have found weird  activity of this nature in each town we visited.  But none as prolific as in Butler.  It isn’t a matter of if something is going on,  it’s only a question of what and when that answer will be revealed to us.      Anyone seeing something they find irregular  in the sky or woods around Butler should contact  carterbushman@yahoo.com.  It may seem inconsequential but may in fact be of great importance.  Photographs have been delivered to to the Butler Public Works, and the Police Dept.