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Blue figure by Electric lines #1

Because you don’t hear much from me, I thought it was time that I set the record straight. Richard has done most of the articles and all of the pictures here, but, even though you don’t see my name bounced around much, I am just as involved in the research as he is. I drive the car, watch the skies, weather, log the routes, track the time and bring the drinks.

I also, was very much involved in our encounter, the one we believe we had in September 2009. You see, we went out to this area in all innocence. We were looking for a healthy hobby, and thought taking nature photos would be a good idea. The bridge on this route seamed so serene and peaceful during the day and the early dusk that we decided to see what kind of animals would be around at night.

Blue figure, close up #2

You already know that we ended up with strange pictures and voices on tapes that did not belong to us. You already know that we both were sick for a few days before we even realized anything had happened. I’m not going to go all over it again. What I am going to do is make clear how I feel about all of this.

Some people, even Rich are puzzled by the way I react, or if you want to term it, how I don’t react to exciting or frightening events. I have learned over the years, just as my mother did raising her children and losing a husband, not to get excited or frightened, but to keep my head until it is all over, then you can relax and break down a little. This is how I have reacted all of my life.

I know that sometimes Rich doesn’t understand why I don’t get mad or upset or show any emotion over things. It is simply, that until I can do something about those things, it just doesn’t make sense to me to get hysterical. I have been most of my life, a pretty quiet person, except when you get me and my sisters together. Then we compete for the floor.Blue figure in air by electric lines #3

But I am going to set the record straight today. I am very hurt inside, I an very angry, no I am very pissed because something bad did happen to me in September 2009, and whoever or whatever it was took a chunk out of my life, did something bad to us, and they had no right whatsoever to even come near us.

It is this sedated anger that sits inside me, that keeps driving Richard around to take pictures that keeps jumping at every sound I hear in the night, that keeps me looking toward the sky, and that keeps me willing to continue this research.

Because of the many trips we have made, looking for who knows what, we have found out that everywhere in this county, there are strange things going on. Not just UFO related, but also people related- such as possible cults- and spiritually related.

I will end with this. To whoever you are, you, the human side of what happened to us, and to you, the possible aliens side of what happened to us, I will not rest until we have exposed every possible thing we can find. We will continue to search and show everything that we can, because we never want anyone to go through the horrific time we have gone through since September of 2009.

My hope and prayers is, that some day God will grant us the methods, techniques or skills to find and completely expose the beings, whether human, alien or both who interrupted our peaceful lives and see judgment rendered upon them, not just for what they did to us, but for anyone else this may have happened to in the past

Lori Carter

one of the figures seen in the field

clem another view

white faced alien

These are a rogues gallery of some of the characters we have been in contact with this year. There are many more, but this is remembrance of figure’s found. Next we’ll be showing a page of crafts,  an extrateresstrial used car lot. Maybe some of these objects are spiritual  or energy as one  commenter stated,  but the fact that these many were caught on film by us in our relitively small area, should suggest a frightening number we missed. that moved about unseen.

These figures are no laughing matter. They’re closeness to us and our homes, they’re proximity to well traveled roads does not give us a feeling of security.  For so long now, the American way has been the way of the highway and all the little traditions that go along with it,  restaurant stops, KOA stations and the ever present, unexpected, emergency bathroom stop by the road or highway.  We change tire’s,  stand outside our vehicles as we cool radiators and all the other rituals that are part of owning a car.    On F-Highway, not 10 minutes from the house, Clem was found, not hundred’s of yards into the brush, but 20 foot from the road itself. He is handling, inspecting ,eating  something that is red and looks torn?

With Bubba,  in a river to the south, under another bridge?  What are their reasons for being so close to our traffic if they don’t want to encounter us? If they did, they would seek the places furthest from people, not just below these bridges like the troll in billy-goat’s gruff.

The images on the Ground Zero post,  they are not a rarity anymore. You can see for yourself that their respect for us is very limited. They toy with our building of central government, the courthouse. They mock us, moving about on the town square as though they owned it, and we were the trespassers.   Is it going to take generations more of abductees till nearly everyone knows someone who’s been spirited away before we care enough to act?  How many people will have to go through therapy and hide in their own personal hell because they can’t go to anyone for help? No one will understand.  The highest number of abductees, it was stated in the 1960’s, were rural women and children. How much has changed since then? I listen to people on our city forum, talking about lights over our city and I don’t see them saying to themselves, 10,12, or 20 people have seen these things. What I hear is not an effort to answer the questions, to step out and really investigate it, all I hear is an effort to create new logics, and new reasons for why it can’t be there. With thousands of people being abducted, how can anyone, with common sense assume that all of us are liars?


dimensional being?

thing in the mist

he controls the metal ball

spectral entity

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