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Another Season Begins

Yes, spring is just around the corner, and we are planning to continue our research. The weather will be warming up, and we still have a lot of areas we need to look at. We will be sharing what we find on our website, so keep checking in from time to time. We will be posting anything strange that we find, and commenting on where, when and how it was found.

Our mission is not to scare or frighten anyone. It is not to start a vigilante group either. We don’t know if what we find, other than our experience out on Dakota, which we are certain involved a group of unsavory individuals, and one we were assaulted in, is dangerous. There is just a plethora of different craft, apparitions and anomalies out there, and we just feel it our duty to let our friends, neighbors and family know about our findings.

We , or I should say Richard has had some minor injuries from unknown sources.  Scratches across his chest, on his arm and neck, but there have not been any serious injuries. Maybe these things we find out there, maybe they are coming forth, because they want to be acknowledged as part of this world. Maybe, they have been there all along, and are tired of hiding in the dark.  If we ever come across anything that is considered the least bit dangerous, believe us when we say, we will call the proper authorities to let them deal with it, but we will also make that knowledge accessible to all of you.

We will be posting a few other pictures that we haven’t yet posted yet. We will give you a little information on them when we do. In the mean time, you can get automatic notification when we add something new by subscribing to our RSS feed in the top left of the home page.


If you run a search for the number of UFO sightings reported around the globe for one year, you will more than likely find several different numbers. The sad fact is, that UFO sightings are reported to many different people and organizations, and these organizations haven’t been able to get together to form a statistical data base.

I found two answers. One said 12,324,342,000 ( which by the way is more than the worlds population by about 5,425,000,000. The other site said 10,000 ( I don’t think there is anyway to determine how many thousand reports are received each year, and how many go unreported. NUFORC received 4363 for the year of 2010, but they are not the only organization that sightings are reported to.

There is no way to fully find out how many sightings and abductions there are across the globe in one given year. We, alone in our small area have recorded over 100 possible sightings, between the photos Rich has taken, and reports from our neighbors and friends. If a little area of just above 4000 people can report over 100 possible sightings in a year, then how much can a large city, or a whole state possibly see in one year.

The fact remains that there are thousands of sightings all over the world each month. Not all of them are reported or recorded. Yet, our air force still takes the stand that there are no UFO’s, even when some of their officers have come forwarded and testified that aliens and their craft were captured, contacted, and worked with by members of our armed forces.

My research also tells me that almost every time a new president has been elected, he has been asked by someone what he is going to do about the UFO  and extraterrestrial situation. Each one of them has promised forthcoming information to the public as soon as possible, and each one has failed miserably to disclose the truth to the nation.

The sad fact is, we no longer need the presidents of this nation, or the military to confirm that there are alien races visiting this planet. The truth is that they have been here for many, many years, even before the crash at Roswell in 1947, and we are nothing but an ant farm to most of them. Granted, there may be among these races, those who have a conscious and a heart, but for the most part, the records very rarely show that.

Most abductees, once regressed and have their memories intact about their abduction, recall that the aliens they had contact with seemed very distant, unfeeling, and unconcerned about their emotions, feelings of fear, or anything else the humans expressed. In fact, the abductees were treated almost the same way our scientists treat lab rats.

During our research, a statistic that was mentioned back in the late 60’s or early 70’s indicated that 60% of abductees were rural women, and 14% were children. That means that 26% were other women possibly from more populated areas and men. Why would the percentage of rural women abductees be so much higher than the rest? Could it be that most rural people, farm people don’t always report strange events on their farms for fear of not being believed or because they don’t understand themselves, or could it be that the aliens pick these women because there are less witnesses around to see their craft coming down and leaving.

Here are a few interesting facts, some are already posted on sites across the internet, and some are just conclusions that we have come to ourselves over the last year.

  • Most abductions take place after dark in rural areas, while driving down deserted country roads, or while stopping at an isolated area.
  • Most women abductees have reported meticulous examinations of the reproductive area.
  • Many women believe they have been impregnated and the fetus removed later
  • Some abductees, women, have reported being abducted a 2nd or 3rd time and shown children they believe are theirs.
  • Some abductees report marks, bruises and injuries after being returned back to where they were taken from.
  • Almost all abductees report enormous feelings of fear before, during and after the abduction
  • Several abductees have reported different types of aliens working together on the ship
  • Several abductees have reported seeing humans, in uniform, working side by side with aliens
  • Some abductees have reported, after an abduction that they aren’t aware of yet, a feeling of being warned or threatened
  • Some abductees have a sense of being watched, later after their abduction
  • Some abductees report having different phobias afterward, like being afraid of the dark, being afraid of needles, and being afraid of being alone.

There are more than just what is posted on this list. I plan on posting another list in the near future to cover the other effects and results of being abducted by aliens. Note these are not just my views, although some of them are. Several of them have been taken from studies done by regressionists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and the abductees themselves.

I will say this before ending here. If you think you have been abducted, or if you have a sighting of a UFO or even aliens, we need to know. Your identification will remain anonymous, but we feel it is our duty to warn our friends, neighbors and even strangers about what is really out there in the dark. You can contact us through . We will not mention your name. Please include any details you can about your sighting including date, time and location.


Richard and I have been researching our county since our abduction in September 2009. We may never find out exactly what or who happened to us directly, but in our endeavors to find out what is really out there we have uncovered indications of many strange phenomena including spiritual, UFO, extraterrestrial, cult and human involvement.

Our world is made up of many different races. Italian, Swedish, German, Chinese, Russian, Asian and Egyptian just to name a few. Within all of these races you have your good, your bad, and your indifferent. The good, whether they believe in one God or several Gods, live their lives treating everyone around them with kindness, mercy, forgiveness, love and helpfulness. The bad, well I won’t go into a lot of details, but they don’t understand honesty, kindness or helpfulness just to begin with. The indifferent are the ones who are so scared or worried about offending the good or the bad, that they just live their lives on a straight and narrow road, concerned only with what they see and do, and ignoring anything on either side if it doesn’t concern them. In other words they turn a blind eye. They don’t want to know or see what the bad are doing, and they don’t want to do what the good are doing.

If we truly believe our God is Omnipotent, Omniscience, and Omnipresent, and we believe that he is the creator of all things, then why is it so hard to believe he may have created races on other planets that have their good, bad and indifferent types. Why do we, the human race, find it so hard to believe that they could have traveled here, for unknown but suspected reasons, especially if he either created them long before he created us?  Maybe he created them with the ability to absorb and use more knowledge than he did us.

Whether there are good or bad Aliens is truly not known. Richard and I, during our research started reading everything we could find about abductions, extraterrestrials, spirits, ghosts, telepathy, hidden government programs and UFO’s. Now, mind you, we, neither one, ever had an interest in these subjects until we were abducted, and although we cannot remember exactly what happened, we have been able, to somewhat piece together a possibility with the aid of the recordings and pictures we had from those nights.

During our research, we have read many abduction stories, where the abductees actually change over to what is now called “contactees”. Somewhere along the line, while they were in the presence of these aliens, they were convinced that the aliens were sent to try and help mankind. That just doesn’t sit well with me.

I understand there could be good and bad, but abducting someone, without their permission or knowledge isn’t right. If you were sent to help mankind, and were looking for individuals on earth to help, why would you need to abduct them and give them examinations, and then erase their memories?

It just doesn’t sound logical at all. If it was for the good of mankind, then there are many other ways to contact the humans they chose to help them, without abducting them first. Since they have the capability to go through walls, doors, windows and the like, and they have such superior telepathic powers, they would only need to speak to the person in that persons mind, and after they have convinced that person they mean no harm, appear before them in 3 dimensions.

If they were good, and trying to help mankind, why would they be messing with the gene pool? Why would they be trying to create another race by mixing their DNA with that of humans? Isn’t the creation of life God’s work? Why would they impregnate women without their knowledge or permission and then take the babies away?

I believe in the Ten Commandments, and try to live accordingly. Why is it so easy for us to accept (that is the contactee’s of course) that it is alright for aliens to do all these things to us, and still believe they were sent here to help. Stop and think about it. If they are this advanced in their technology, they could just land like in “the Day the Earth Stood Still”, shut down everything just to get our attention.

Are their good aliens? That remains to be seen. Since there are more reports of being abducted, artificially impregnated, experimented on, injured and had transplants inserted into  bodies, and most abductees remember fear and anguish when regressed, I am more inclined to believe that the majority of them visiting our planet are self serving, inhumane and unconcerned with our beliefs, our willingness or our rights.

Just to prove the point that they are here, and are being sighted everywhere, I am re-posting the one picture of “Clem”, the possible grey feeding on something bloody that Rich took along “F” highway and the picture of the grey he managed to get the other afternoon, while we were just going on a nice, peaceful country drive