Yes, spring is just around the corner, and we are planning to continue our research. The weather will be warming up, and we still have a lot of areas we need to look at. We will be sharing what we find on our website, so keep checking in from time to time. We will be posting anything strange that we find, and commenting on where, when and how it was found.

Our mission is not to scare or frighten anyone. It is not to start a vigilante group either. We don’t know if what we find, other than our experience out on Dakota, which we are certain involved a group of unsavory individuals, and one we were assaulted in, is dangerous. There is just a plethora of different craft, apparitions and anomalies out there, and we just feel it our duty to let our friends, neighbors and family know about our findings.

We , or I should say Richard has had some minor injuries from unknown sources.  Scratches across his chest, on his arm and neck, but there have not been any serious injuries. Maybe these things we find out there, maybe they are coming forth, because they want to be acknowledged as part of this world. Maybe, they have been there all along, and are tired of hiding in the dark.  If we ever come across anything that is considered the least bit dangerous, believe us when we say, we will call the proper authorities to let them deal with it, but we will also make that knowledge accessible to all of you.

We will be posting a few other pictures that we haven’t yet posted yet. We will give you a little information on them when we do. In the mean time, you can get automatic notification when we add something new by subscribing to our RSS feed in the top left of the home page.