This picture was taken by my sister out on her farm on H highway. It looks either like a saucer or cigar shape. She is pretty certain that it was not a cloud.


When we first had our article published last February about our abduction, we expected some negative responses. We got almost all positive e-mails and phone calls about our experience. Many of the people said that there were strange things going on in and around Butler, just no one had the guts to come forward. Some of the e-mails thanked us for coming forward with our story. One e-mail sounded like it might be a warning, but we weren’t too concerned with it, because we found as we continued to research the area, that we were not being harassed or hurt.

What is even more amazing is the number of people who have come forward, in person and through the e-mail, telling us of things they have experienced or seen. Their names and occupations are not mentioned, because it is not our intent to put anyone under a microscope. Not everyone can afford to have their experiences known. Some are afraid they will be ridiculed, while others are concerned about the affects on their jobs and families.

We have been conversing back and forth with two people, who both had two sightings in the area of 52 east. In fact the last sighting was seen by both, ten minutes apart from each other, and news of a third party who saw the same object in the sky was related to us later. We respect our acquaintances, family, friends, and other people we interact with, and will in no way, ever put them in the spotlight without their consent and desire to be there.

Mufon has been here three times with us. They are planning another trip here when the weather gets better. They are interested in speaking to anyone who has had a sighting or experience, and will keep their personal information, such as name and location anonymous. They want to track how many people are seeing something around here. If you have had an experience, please report it to Margie at the Kansas City Mufon. Her e-mail is or If you are uncomfortable with communicating with her, you can contact us at or

During their trips here there have been some curious results. Going out the Dakota route with us they experience missing time of 13 minutes, and we both drove over an area of the road that made the cars seem like they were still moving. Margie thinks it may have been a dimensional portal. She also brought a person down who does dowsing, and it was discovered that there are approximately 28 ley lines under the courthouse, with two that go directly under our house three blocks away. Margie has also seen some interesting things in the sky over the courthouse.

In theory, the possibility of Butler being a hotspot for paranormal activity and UFO sightings is logical if you look at a few characteristics of our area that matches with other incidents of paranormal and UFO activity. First, the ley lines, lines of energy, are believed to attract spiritual based beings, open dimensional doors, and attract UFO’s. Secondly, it is believed that spiritual beings gather quite often around bodies of water, and with the Marias des Cygnes and all its tributaries, and the La Cygne water plant close by, we have plenty of water beds. Third, it has been observed that many sightings, landings and abductions take place in rural areas. The amount is considerably larger than events that happen in larger cities.

In closing, we are still researching. If you have seen something, or know of a place where there has been a sighting, please let us know and we will try to get to that area to see if we can find any evidence. In the mean time, be careful, especially if you are driving alone, on these country roads, in the dark.