There was a respite from the snow, a real need to leave our work on the computers , and we decided to mix a day heading out near dusk planning to return after dark.    We headed for Rich Hill, Missouri, which the most active area in Bates County at the present.   By the time we had moved off highway 52 onto B-highway, we had photographed barely noticeable,  dark,  round sphere in the sky ahead, passing over the road at the speed of a small plane.   At its distance even when enlarged no detail was discernible.

At first, upon arrival at the streets, gravel roads we frequent there, it seemed like the trip might be more a question in natural or unnatural animal death,that we found in a hollow that ran along side a bit of water, very swamp like, that meandered back and forth into the deep woods.

A  beautiful calf lay among a bed of bones, skulls of what we believed were  a Boar,a dog’s and a goat’s. They were prominent, lying dried on the surface of smaller bones, rib bones and a discarded doll.   There was nothing to keep us there, except the fact that the calf was twisted around so completely that its lower body lay with legs pointing up and the upper half connected only by muscle and tissue lay as if it were sleeping on its stomach.

Again, the problem with this scene was only that it was over 50 ft from the road  and the upper landing of earth by the road was almost all wet soil and very little grass, making it impossible for a grown man or, I’m guessing, a teenager to cross the area without leaving a trace.

That was exactly what was present. The surrounding earth showed no traffic new or old by feet.  The ear tag was neatly left face up a few feet from the calf.  There was no question about it being a mutilation victim. The animal’s skin was unbroken  even in the area where the spine was completely severed.  No blood shown around the nostrils or mouth.  I figured it had to be a fast-moving vehicle that had hit it and sent it flying into the position it was now in.  But as we left it still bothered me. Something moving that fast would deliver a crushing blow that would cause such internal damage that you would assume, in either the mouth or a shattered limb, there would be some rupture in the skin.

We went on as dusk settled in trying to take as many photo’s as we could  far from blanketing the area.  We still achieve a near panoramic effect sometimes, when photo’s are taken close enough.  It is Sort of  like a surveillance camera.  We are not aiming at anything in particular, but instead, try to catch things moving between the seconds.  Often there are objects that apparently are hidden to our regular view much of the time, but caught somehow  in the still, in the viewfinder.

And as I looked through the bunch for the evening, thinking our trip was over, Lori reminded me of the off-road off of B-highway less than a mile from 71 highway heading north and south.    So we pulled into this heavily wooded area, the road separating two bodies of water, one large and  barely in view through the tree’s.  On the other side of this road was a deep ditch that was full, the water level had risen because of the melted snow, this water adjoining another larger one slightly to the west.

I was in the passenger side as we slowed to a stop and I got out for a better picture at some places, or we pulled to a stop and I took some out of the window, or opened the door, using it like a tripod to steady my hand.        Lori, has a good sense, and when she says I don’t feel right here, we move on, or at least proceed no further in that direction. It is only by the severity of some of our past experiences that we completely respect this intuition.

So we turned and I said I’d keep my eye open but I wanted to focus on the side to my right. We stopped  and turned off motor to hear better, and I took pictures at the rate the camera was able to , less than 4 seconds apart.

There was no noise,  nothing odd except a sudden and intense mist in a very condensed area, that was almost completely gone in the time between pictures.  Another partial similar effect occurred later, but there was no wind or heavy breeze, and the temperature was very cold by this time, causing my exposed fingertips to hurt.There were no conditions to induce fog  and the whole evening, well into the dark, had been very clear with wonderful visibility of stars.

In the first of the series  we’re interested in,  there is a source of light we could not see, yet looks like machine type lights or eye’s that may be turning towards us. This inability to see objects we are filming has been accepted condition by us.

Though we have witnessed with our eye’s some of what we have recorded,  heard their movement’s,  even their insect like voice’s, there seems to be a phenomena or intelligence, probably many, that can mask their presence in such a way that our eye’s  are unable to view them. Only the camera in these instances, stopping the objects motion, finding a window that allows their capture on film.

The following is a series of Photo’s taken under 4 seconds apart that show the rapidly changing area around the Jeep.  and the appearance of what we believe to be a being of some sort, much like Clem and other’s.

The lamp like eye’s , if that is what they are, seem to be turning towards us, or it’s just the object’s position.  At any rate these fairly clear  lights will be gone in the image,  in the one to the right , image 403, there is suddenly a vapor or mist  in this same area, maybe a distraction a little to the right. it seems to appear from above  yet is gone in the same rapid fashion . Again these image’s are less than 4 seconds apart, the time it takes the flash to recharge.

Below the image to the left shows the possible eye’s looking around the tree’s at the far end of the picture. These may be leaves but seem to be shaped similar to the lamp like lights in the very first image . photo 404

Then below to the right in image 405 there seems to be either a very condensed area of mist, taking form, or an object of some material rising in the water’. Perhaps it is a platform designed for the water.

Look directly below in the far upper left hand corner and you’ll see the head peeking up over the slope. the large eye’s are visible,

Another look, a closeup of the head, the pupil of the eye’s is visible.  This in the image to the left.  At one point other’s also crowd in , 2 possibly 3 total, then they disappear their shapes, the white shapes are gone. this will occur in one of the next images.

The photo to the right is the original.

Below to the left, the mist has risen in intensity, and now two shapes are there. Both like the first, we guessed to be a head. We believe that with the immediate disappearance of these objects in photo’s to come,  they are moving entities not stationary objects.  The eyes further our belief in this. Then off to the right in the bluish colors we have a copy of the same picture  in the Retinex, treatment from the Gimp photo program. This sometimes brings out certain elements of the original photo, before unnoticeable.  In this case shapes can be seen now, yet nothing conclusive.

Below to the right is a suddenly clear area, heads are no longer visible or the white fluffy looking object that was in the water. This image is free of vapor or mist, and taken 3 seconds later. It shows the drastic changes taking place.  It is these somewhat normal images that make the extreme objects in the others , the atmospheric changes, and creatures so dramatic.

The image to the left and below is of the billowing energy swelling again, it twists and swirls , and begins to form.

The photo to the right shows it condensing into a form, almost solid in appearance. Moving back to the image to the left. It seems the vapor has erupted again filling the low spot.  There is a dark long shape at the foot of the tree, on the exposed ground connected to the slope, water surrounds this small area, but the shape could be many things.

To the right next, is the vapor again forming into a shape. This is the spot to me that is most intriguing, because it looks like a head, shoulders and arm. On the possible head shape, there are two marks where simple eye’s would rest. Instead there is a faint but clear number 2 and we believe a number 5.   A stick comes out of this shape.  If it is not chance and intentional, then what could these numbers mean? The possibilities  seem, morbidly sinister. And finally to the left, like a blackboard eraser, a dark shape seems to sweep the lit up image, the busy vapor away. A vapor that does not return in the following images of the ditch.  What was this all about? We have, on multiple occasions, been followed by the air and on ground. Alien faces have been found very near our vehicle next to bridges and streams,  next to weed clogged barb wired fences and in culverts and now ditch’s.  Perhaps in the greatness of things, in the complex weave of all we experience and startlingly perceive, both spirits and aliens  come together in odd way’s.  Maybe the mists were frantically trying to warn us  of the alien presence, and maybe the play of jets of vapor was just an alien diversion to draw our attention away from  them and their activity. All the maybe’s and what ifs could  someday be satisfactorily explained,  But in the meantime, we  all of us, have our job before us.          – Richard Carter