It doesn’t matter where you live, if you look up at the sky on any given day, they are there. They cut through the peaceful blue, crisscrossing back and forth until the sky looks like a checkerboard. Sometimes there won’t be as many, and other days it looks like they are playing “x” marks the spot. We have notice on many occasions the crisscross patterns, and just recently there have been “x’s” in the sky.

Normal planes and jets leave a trail behind, but that trail disipates in a matter of seconds to minutes and it doesn’t seem to spread out on the sky. We are seeing more and more of them in this rural area, and are really concerned why we rate so high. There is no military or airbase near us that would have that much traffic. The closest airport is Bates County Airport and that is mostly small, personal planes.

Rumors and theories abound on the reason for these “chemtrails”. One writer thinks they are spreading chemicals or minerals in the air that will keep people calm, kind of a sedation. Others believe it is biological testing and we are the lab rats. Still another source insist that years ago our government got clumsy with their biological testing, and something got loose, so they have to seed the air all the time to keep us from getting ill and dying.

Just like the case with Roswell, we may never know the truth.  The first one of these pictures is a normal contrail from a jet, the others are ones we took the other day, and reversed the color on for better viewing. What do you think?