I   would have thought, even after our experiences, that the story I’m about to tell would be, could be nothing by fantasy, or an occurrence so isolated that it would be the equivalant.    But I and a number of health care providers can attest to it.   We had thought when we first had our abduction, one I’m hesitant to lay at the feet of Aliens, that this evening could well have been a close encounter and a follow up by interested individuals.   I won’t go into the details of that evening, but drugging, we strongly believe was part of it.

We have gone about our research since then. The first of two books was just finished and the second already begun.     My point in this reflection on the past is not to garner sympathy, but to show a possible connection between the two events, the one that occurred well over a year ago and the one  we have just recently experienced.

I became aware of a low grade fever. It was consistantly showing  on home and hospital thermometer,  around 99 to 100.4.   It was nothing in and of itself to complain over but an anomaly in my health to be sure.   I have rarely shown a temperature that amounted to anything, and one that continued for 6 weeks solid was definately not the norm.

We had, since the abduction, strange e-mails. Some of these e-mails were even suggestive of our lost hours. There were  strange and abusive messages sent as footnotes to advertisements. These messages had nothing to do at all with the promotion of each product.

They covered things like  “She was taken to house of Illishima and told all”.  There was another about ” fear of conspiracy that grips you in the night”.  Still other said such things such as “Useless because our fate was already sealed”.  They were easy enough to dispose of, to reason away as misunderstood tripe of our times.

But the most recent one came on the heels of an encounter on the highway.   We were on a day trip to nearby Appleton City, Missouri and had one car behind us at about 12 to 13 lengths.  We had driven past our turn and slowed and pulled into a field’s driveway. We planned to make sure traffic had passed before we backed out again, turning in the right direction we’d be on our way.   But the car behind us that I had thought to of passed by already, was involved in some slow and illogical movements.  It had swerved slowly gently over into the on coming traffic lane,and was not pulling in behind us out of traffic, but stopping his vehicle in the oncoming left lane of traffic, stopping so we could not back out of the driveway.

Apparently this individual, a black man in his 40-50’s  was in no hurry. Even though the highway we were both on was not often traveled, it still seemed a dangerous parking philosophy .  I was watching everything.  I’d immediately looked over the the front seat out the back to see if it was clear, but this guy had slowly pulled over in the left lane and blocked us in.  He wasnt looking at us at all, not once. He put the car in park in the worst place possible,  reached into his pocket for something,  ( I’m sure I have a good idea of the subject of his search)  and finally, only after starting to open the door, he  became aware I was watching him.

He registered no emotion at all.  He, non-plused, closed the door and in the same slow methodical style, pulled away.  But for the lack of closer contact the substance of that encounter wasn’t lost on us.  This man had boxed us in, leaving himself a quick straight run down the highway.  He had done this for a reason. There were just too many unreasonable descisions made all for one purpose.  His reason for not looking over before was to assure himself that he did have a clear run , that no cars were on either horizon, that might in obvious curiousity stop . Up until the very last moment of leaving the car, he was making sure of the time he had.  How could he be doing anything else, parked as he was in the near middle of the highway in the wrong lane?

We have ideas about his intentions,  but I should mention we were not unprepared for them.  As he pulled to a stop, it didn’t seem the thinking of a man who planned to have a lawful exchange,like asking directions.    You don’t break a number of common sense driving rules and completely bar another vehicle’s right of way, to ask directions or attempt to get help of some kind.  I felt justified  in my caution.

This man could have pulled over, off the road and asked us something as we re-entered the highway.  It seemed like a predators approach, and so, as Iwas watching him, I was opening the breech on the twelve gauge on our back seat. My only reasons for considering it were his erratic actions.

Jump to a week later. The temperatures are registering, constantly, consistantly for 6 weeks.  Then one morning while checking e-mail, I have an antibiotic in my hand, the last of a weeks regimen I was put on.  It’s not in my mouth yet and I read the e-mail from Duane Chilliness.  The e-mail says basically “we are not taking the antibiotics anymore, we’re going to see if the infection goes away on its own.”

I just want to use this as an illustration of all the possibilities in this field of interest. To think that all you have to worry about are paranormal matters is a blind an naive approach. The world has grown much more complex and so have the paths men have chosen to achieve their ends. This may sound like something out of movies like Conspiracy Theory and the MarathonMan.

To enter into this study, and put yourself, at night, in often remote places, isn’t just the Scooby-doo trips of high school kids. We have all driven down country roads with our friends and even allowed this work to become both a social event as well as research, but I must advise you to approach this with the utmost seriousness.

Separate yourself from this subject, and make yourself aware of interest groups in the country with harmful intentions, those that might be operating in your area. The reality of these type of individuals or groups is far more frequent than we think.  There have always been people willing to take advantage of the unwary. Make sure your team is also aware of these realities. You can still have fun in the work, but always put alertness first.