For years now they have been seen all over the world. Sometimes by just one or two people, and sometimes by whole cities, yet you very rarely hear any comment from the governments of this world. You have to ask yourself why?? They can’t debunk every sighting, especially when everyone carries a camera or camera phone with them now. The governments don’t bother to deny they are here anymore, they just don’t make any remarks at all. Many times they have been spotted in the skies, only to see governmental helicopters and jets shooting across the sky after them.

There are pictures of the inhabitants spotted around the internet, geez, we even have pictures that we have gotten out in our rural woods. So many people have told about being abducted, and so may rumors fly around about these abductions. Are they crossbreeding, developing another race, or are they just researching us the way we research new animal finds in our world.

Three years ago, I didn’t have an interest in the paranormal. If I had been asked about flying saucers and extraterrestrials, I would have agreed that they could exist, but never gave it much more thought than that.

Since our abduction in September of 2009, it’s like I can’t find enough information on these subjects. I have read books by Donald Keyhoe, Whitley Streiber, Jacques Valles, Jim Marrs and Kevin Randle. I search the Internet to keep up with recent sightings, and watch NUFORC, MUFON and others for new reports.

It seems that no matter where we go, we find something. Aliens, ships, dimensional doors, and even unexplained creatures, both large and small. We have even stumbled on some areas and sights that we firmly believe are not from another world, but from the sick minds of people in our own world.

I just finished PSI Spies by Jim Marrs, and went one step further to find some of those involved in that sector of the government years ago, and many of them are still alive and teaching their skills to others. Remote viewing, they say, is in part, in all of us. The book tells about their “Enigma” files where they did see UFO’s, stood on the surface of other planets, saw creatures from other worlds, and even discovered four alien bases on earth.

Now I know a little about this worlds governments, and it is my opinion as well as others, that the knowledge of these bases has not been hidden from the higher ups in the governments of earths countries. So if these bases do exist, is it possible that there are human subjects working right along side of them?

Maybe we have been conditioned by all the sci-fi movies over the years depicting alien forces arriving on our earth. The only bad thing about this is that we don’t know if they are good or bad, have evil ulterior or helpful motives for being here. Maybe all of these movies were a plan to condition us so we wouldn’t be so surprised when they land in the parking lot of Walmart and go in to pick up supplies.