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As we’ve mentioned before there is an ongoing  effort,  by our stalker, to further harass us. This has escalated in the tone and words used in his missives.

We obviously could have ruled it, as I earlier mentioned, the work of a very frustrated individual, on the outside of a situation he apparantly longs to invade.   Lori is worried as I am about a much more real stalker, an individual we think we saw leaving the area of our vehicle, when we were at the hospital in town. We were not that  far behind him to be sure but we got one profile view, and a license plate number from the white truck he was driving with our camera..  There is no way this person could not of been seen in the large lobby.

He was too close in front of us. This would mean he never entered the building but was for some reason out front, and suddenly started walking away as we exited the building. This could be by chance, but his similarities and him milling around out front make it feel a little suspicious. This would, as it sounds, amount to paranoia on our part, were it not for a momentary profile view of him as he turned and looked back over his shoulder. A view that was far too close to that of the man in the car, encountered as he blocked us into a field, and then seconds later aborted on whatever intention he had.  Since Lori and I are constant companions, outside of our abduction some time ago, we aren’t sure who it could be.

Again, in the realm of all the  possible e-mails we all receive, there is ample reason to believe that we have another twisted sales pitch on our hands,  and being in the research we are involved in there is ample room to suggest maybe our nerves are a bit on edge,  and were these  just  pushy  letter’s to get us into their program for overnite wealth, I’d quickly agree.   But Lori and I havent been involved in a project where our objectives were half hearted and our willingness the same.

We have cut ourselves short in other areas to be where we felt we needed to be, sometimes 3 to 4 outings a week, not one weekend a month. So we feel, in the areas we are examining, the things found, if we still were in a hurry to go out and look for Clem, after our discovery of him,then we probably aren’t  falling apart over a e-mail from a man more in tune with his  keyboard than the opposite sex.

There are realities though  and the dialog has grown a bit threatening with words like murder, killing, escape,  and much more mixed into the garbled form of the  letter’s in puzzle pieces. We are going to post one here for those interested, willing , or skilled enough to figure it out. If you know of software capable of unraveling it, or have a way with codes, your invitation is before you.  We cannot figure it out,  but with the obsession of this individual, will come more clues and photos, just out of their need to be heard,

Our hope is that someone can unravel them, and in that give us something clearer to take to authorities. In this way this individual’s recieving collateral damage  in our efforts to maintain a non threatened life free of harrassment or distraction won’t be necessary.

We will be willing to give any information necessary to those interested in figuring it out. See below:

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(This is just an example of one of them. If anyone has any insight into how to decode these, we would be interested in hearing from you. This is just one of between 6-8 that we have received in the last few weeks. This may be nothing but we would like to hear your opinions, but in light of our recent event with the car that blocked our exit and the attempts to get into our house, and the fact that these started after that incident, we feel it warrants being looked into  )

There are reasons for getting into this study, and this is defenitely one of them.  Among the reports of UFO,s are the examples of objects seen giving birth to or docking with other smaller objects.    These larger craft in many cases, open for many objects to return.    When i took the picture of the Geometric Giant ,  a framework of clear enormous girders over head i

tried to picture what could be parked within its bay’s or on its deck.  and felt really insignificant, like a flea watching a battleship pass over.

But in all our speculations over the width of it , just how close it might be  to the ground, we still felt a small feeling security in its location.  But when you realize something  obviously alive inside with action, could be over your square, the iconic American vestige of  what makes our town’s a home, It hits you deeper.

Even if the craft accepting , and releasing the pods, was only a robotic vessel , a fact finder, The possible exposure to Alien technology is never comforting.

We were on the square  getting some exercise, and enjoying the night air, and about eleven thirty the street lamps started going out, very much like they did in the Jimmy Stewart movie (Bell Book and Candle)without of course the sound effect.   first the post office light went out as we turned to the east on the square,  as we passed maybe 40 yards from it  came back on.   As we proceeded on eastward towards the corner that would face us south, two more lights in similar fashion went out as we came near, and came back on as we continued. At this point our curiosity was peaked one light was a possibility, two maybe, but three?  and we had walked at this time night on multiple occasions never seeing this fluctuation in light.   Also if it had been the city cutting cost,  using less light on the square, they would have been off longer than a few seconds. Aside from this id also heard a rush sound almost a hiss,

I stepped down off the sidewalk and started taking pictures over head, canvasing the sky over the buildings, it wasn’t until later that i realized examining the shots of that area,  Something had been overhead .      Its well-known that certain UFO’s  are said to cause electrical disturbances, some slight, some quite severe.   All these pieces made even more sense because we’d also photographed months earlier two eggs shaped objects , one moving quite fast, that came to a stop to hover and inspect us.  Just what would that mean to you, how would it effect your everyday dealings especially in that market place?  And here is a very disturbing fact,   We tried to get the editor of the paper to present  this information to the town, not try to make believers ,  out of a few thousand people, but to just show the photo, but he was silenced i believe.

Even more disturbing is the fact that after two more sightings of this level,( the city  had the Butler Shine on Night) trying to break a record for the most flashlights  pointed upward in a town , the lights  spelling it.  Hundreds of lights  aimed upward in the effort.     We believed we had been abducted due to our camera flashes giving away our location.  We’d shown two full sets of separate photo’s to our towns paper editor, and he’d not warned or shown the photo’s  notifying  the public that there was a possible issue overhead.

Do i understand of course, Butlers civic life , was important, you don’t mention the unknown to people about to have a street party together. break a record together.  But anyone that attended i wager would be a bit upset if they’d joined the fraternity of the abductees that grow daily, to realize that   that experience might have been avoided if they’d only been informed.     Is that a hollow fear, a paranoid prophecy with too wild a base for real consideration?     You decide,   Not long afterward a businessman in our town, comes to us, and tells us in a semi anonymous fashion that he knows someone , who was recently abducted, someone who wants to come forward but is too afraid to do so.

Was this a product of Butler Shine On, ? , did all those lights welcome something down, And were more people affected and afraid to come forward, if they were left aware of it all.      You have to remember for us this is not wild conjecture, we as well as others are the local proof that this is possible.


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