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Doors and Windows,

To the far right just above the light green bush in the foreground is a face as you look back under the branches,a very real figure, it moved forward and thern lurched into the deep woods to the north that run parallel to the road.

You enter a pasture of property your family has always had,  but before your work boots have even entered the gate, you wonder what your feeling?  You push the feeling away and go after the bucket lying in the tall grass. Still all the while you feel like someone or something  is watching, and you could be correct in assuming that something is.    I spent a winter and some months living with a farmer and his wife,  the father of my sister in law, he was no better or worse than the rest of us,  and fun to work with, and I miss him.

He had a saying , a phrase he used often. He would be talking about something hard coming up, and if anyone in the conversation had any doubts as to whether he’d get it done or not he’d get this serious, semi mean,  twinkle in his eye and he ‘d say “JUST HIDE AND WATCH”.  He was, with few exceptions, good as his word.    I some times wonder, when looking at these images, remembering the day and the moment that it  happened why it doesn’t equal a larger threat for us?  Lori believes it’s Gods work, that he is protecting us, and to a degree so do I.

There’s  one question though in particular that really bothers me, and that’s why do these things, that are probably superior to us, seem to be caught in the act of hiding?  Maybe they’re not.   Some feel that any time we have proof of a presence of that kind, we have more memory of the meeting , only we are unable to access it.   This could explain the appearance that they are hiding.  My memory of it’s movement and the one photo might well have come after an encounter took place, if any did at all.   What are the ?  Biologist, Ivan T. Sanderson created the term  “OINTS”,  which stands for” Other Intelligences”.   His belief was that Oints were not just a reference to Aliens, but also to Extra Dimensional Entities, Poltergeists, and Atmospheric life forms.   He felt there could be an amazing variety in them, and that each might have the ability to appear in multiple forms. Most startling was that he believed they were in some form of manifestation all around us, another world, not light years away, but instead, only the other side of a veil that stands between us.  This as odd as it might sound could be a possible solution to some of the riddles in our work.

The red arrow shows the white figure who literally stepped out of the tree, not out from behind it, out to its side, but straight out from the face of it.

The fact is that  many scenes we are capturing in our camera, which are impossible to see with the naked eye, or at least our brain is not on a the conscious level making it known to us, are real.   The Veil  theory would explain images of women being hauled skyward on cords, terrible scenes of both human and unidentifiable beings.

It could explain the white figure who has become a regular in different spots we’ve visited. It is  a being I’ve seen as well with my eyes, but only in a Cemetery . On that occasion, he looked directly at us, then turned and disappeared into woods that adjoined the Cemetery  grounds. The figure in the picture to the right, had nothing to retreat to aside from the tree. He could have hidden, but I really believe that he retreated in the same direction he had come from.

a closer view,

The area to the right in this photo, is in Passaic Mo.    15 minutes away. It has been an area of interest through each season. This was  taken in November of last year. We are facing due North and there was no way he could be disguised in the foliage. Almost all foliage at that point was on the forest floor.  There is something possibly to the right, on the ground, large enough it might be his means of arrival. If that is not a craft then I’m completely comfortable with the tree explanation.  It could be a point of transfer as easy as any other object.  The mythological Driad was supposed to have the ability to enchant men and then take them to be prisoners inside their tree.   These women despite their beauty, had no backs, some legends specify them having a hollow cavity there instead.

Oints, to me is a revelation, a revelation from one of the men who helped open up the study of anomalies.  But in the end does it matter what we call them.  Sanderson was a man living in a time of the Spiritual Movement, when Houdini was out trying to  find and point out frauds.  He was really trying to find the real article, someone to help him contact his mother. So I categorize him as well as a searcher. Charles Fort, Sanderson, and even Houdini were trying to lead us to a window , one with an incredible view.

The sharp straight line of the jet like wing is seen It is damaged ,, and setting on a rock shelf some 10 to 15 ft beneath the water, that is my estimate. At the bottom of the picture was a dome similar in shape to a skillet lid. What is seen coming off the tip of the white section of wing may be landing gear below it, debre. The shadow on the flat surface below it suggests a space there , this could lend creadance to the theory there is landing gear in the image. Most of the time the clarity of a photo ' isn't the issue . Whether the world at large believes you or not each of us has a story we know to be true. Not because of a pile of evidence neatly presented, BUT BECAUSE WE SAW IT , heard it, smelled it, or in some cases came in physical contact with it. This sort of experience doesn't call for an audience, It is much more important and valuable if we have a conviction about its reality. To establish we are on solid ground,(even if that ground is weird as hell.) that we are interpreting the messages received by our eyes, ears and other senses correctly without the intrusion of flights of fancy,, .( Madness can't be much fun). More than the fear of what we believe is out there has been our need to( stay real) about all this. And as difficult as it is to hear ourselves saying it, we believe we are(all of us ) are living during a time of colonization. Back in the 60,s Donald Keyoe, lamented our situation but believed with a policy of consistent non aggression, that we could possibly get the aliens to start landing in an Earth stood Still,", fashion and possibly begin an age of huge growth for mankind. But no matter how wonderful that scene, might seem, it's for the most part a dream. Many believe that alien races have been with us for centuries, there are the obvious references to their possibly being involved in the great monuments built through history. Mans unexplained leaps in knowledge during certain times. Yet if we agree that happened, that they have been monitor us since ancient times, they've doubtlessly by now realized one important lesson about mankind and that is we are both a hungry and fearfully paranoid species. And no matter our political platforms, or supposed social reforms, we can be a brutally ruthless species as well. If they knew the pharaohs, then they probably have had a front row seat to the conquest of North America, as Europeans, with technically superior weapons slowly overwhelmed the indigenous people of the continent.

original lightened a little.If they new the pharoahs, then they probly had a front row seat as well to the conquest and acquisition of North America from the indians. they kno

Donald Keyoe, once suggested that we should consider a non aggressive  attiude dealing with alien’s .His feeling’s were that if we ceased aggressive action against them, they might start landing again  and slowly but surely a relations could begin a line of some form of communication that might lead to a end to some of the worries that burdened the goverment concerning them. It hopefully as well might lead to an exchange of technology.     Those were wonderful dreams, and im not saying those possibilities are us,, but i think a  more realistic perspective can be be achieved by looking at our history through their eyes. If these beings have been visiting the earth since the time of the Pharoah’s  and aiding or guiding mankind at certain moments of growth, then we should assume that they probably have been along with us for(as Paul Harvey says, -the rest of the story)   It would mean they saw many of the wars, dictator ships , and Inquisition’s .  what we’d better hope is that they dont use our past as a example of how they think we want to be treated.  As brilliant as they may be, they may not be familier with terms like( Manifest Destiny, ) and may see the conquest of North America as a savage act.  By the time the term had  fallen out of use, it had long since done its damage .  They saw how an army and its leader in world war II  tried to exterminate a whole race of  people.  I’m sure they found no confidence in trusting us as they saw how easily we turn to slaughter as an answer when fear robbed us of better thought, wiser answers.  They supposedly are interested and concerned  in our nuclear development,  how could we wonder when they’ve watched us incinerate whole cities of  people turning some of  them, into shadows on the concrete walls with that same nuclear power. They have seen torture chambers and scaffolds set up to slaughter the innocent in a search for hidden evils, wringing confessions from mouths filled with hot lead.  If they could see these and all the other travesties, of  man against man, what would they believe their fate to be at our hands?  I believe in the Jim Hickman’s book 5000 years of UFOs.

There is a story about  a sighting  that was viewed by  Walter Cronkite and  a group of others reporters.  They were brought to witness a missile test on an island. The preparations were made and the reporters gathered. As the rocket began leaving the launching pad some feet in the air,a UFO was seen close by.  It froze, as did a soldier running, and a dog leaping. All were caught like floating statues, frozen in the air. The missile exploded, and the then the dog and soldier regained movement,  In his story, there was no doubt as to the fact the  missile had  been stopped, suspended in air.  There was a consultation among the officers present and a hollow sounding statement was made to the reporter. They were admonished not to speak of it. The action by the craft that day, that destroyed the missile ,was a well-timed , well placed, instruction for us. It passed on a message that no one with common sense should ignore.

Can we realistically plan and execute a defense against superior beings? In The War of the Worlds, Signs, and other movies of their kind we’re given the story of a hopeless situation turned around by men, transformed into victory.  Though, in our conventional warfare, this has been possible throughout the ages.  We are not now speaking of a conflict with swords or spears, cannons, tanks or bombers . We have to remember these tales come to us from Hollywood where six guns have occasionally shot 8 or 9 bullets,,   These movies are designed to please people, not accurately represent an encounter with the beyond.

We must begin to stretch our boundaries of the possible, open ourselves to thinking, that may seem at first  more backward in appearance, thinking that may actually wind up being closer to the truth than we want,  and accept the fact it’s finally come full circle, Yes ,we do live in a time of colonization and this time around all of us, white, black ,red, yellow, and brown, are the Indians.

Part two

This photo is amazing in all the wrong ways, from our car on a night out in the Virjinia township, we caught a tube of light seeming to come from above, Id within it over the figures head seem a hoard of shapes wrapped in mist pouring out along the ground around the glowing white figure. Just what you expect to see in a town with maybe 24 houses,, next to Butler, a town that's biggest yearl;y event is their rodeo and livestock show.

Some think a war between men and aliens will be inevitable.  If this cataclysm must take place just how will it occur? Some believe it will be by disease or other terrorist type acts that drain humanity’s will to fight.    It might occur as a ground war in an effort to preserve the planet for the winner.  An infiltration would be desirable, especially if they were working through neighborhoods systematically, with treatments for the populace nocturnally administered.

A woman was seen being removed from her apartment on an upper floor transferred to a waiting craft hovering outside the window. This was described in detail by Bud Hopkins in his book,Witnessed.

Should it be surprising then that in the 1960’s one study found that 60 percent of country or rural wemon were the prime target group, and then rural children were next? Whether it has decreased or escalated  since then, they are disturbing numbers.

At our towns  forum site I recently had a conversation with someone who said that “these things have been seen around the area for some time, yet no one is hurt. ”  It’s understandable, but at the same time an odd appraisal of it all.   A statement like, that made in reference to stray dogs would fit, but in reference to UFOs, aliens, and monsters?   I don’t think it’s as much, no one gets hurt, as it is nobody’s talking, so who ever finds out if they do get hurt or not?

It makes me wonder if some of the people who leave Butler are doing it because they have a wild hair and want to see California, or because they too have seen something and want to be anywhere but here?    A  past landlord of mine,  an ex-banker, told me that our article in the newspaper hadn’t helped him much. His wife was already scared, living out in the country, very scared, but of what?

found by a fence not more than 20 minutes away,

A man from Rich Hill said, that coming out of a church meeting on the main drag in Butler,  he saw something, vehicle like,  a tightly compacted whirlwind of mist, big as a car move  down the road and through the opening beneath  a railroad trestle.   He said nothing about lights, and that it moved like a small whirlwind just above the ground.

A nurse in Butler told us of a sighting she had  heading home with her daughter after work .  She was driving on 52 highway heading east towards Appleton Missouri. She had recieved a cell phone call from a fellow employee who was traveling only minutes ahead of her.  The call was a request to be on the lookout for something in the southeastern sky, a lighted object.  The caller also asked that if she did see anything she call her back to confirm it.   So the mother and daughter drive on, and as they near the area of her friends sighting she discusses with her daughter the subject trying to allay any fears the young girl might have, to prepare her.  Then they come upon it, large and orange  hovering over a dark pasture.  The little girl is very upset by it.

A business man contacts us, saying his employees saw something one night as a group, and that he knows another business man in town who recently was abducted.  He has been trying to convince him to come out with it, tell his story, but he is too afraid of how it might affect his business, or the perception people have of him.

Another woman’s  son, who was hunting up by O – highway,  came upon an object that fits the same description, a large round orange object setting in a clearing far back in the woods.  This at or close to same time in close to the same area as the nurse’s siting.They leave the area quickly.

Lori and I  have lost time, have had photographs that show a thing in a space suit, a ship, and had a tape recording that has human voices on it as well as strange unidentifiable sounds of machinery, what sounds like  a forced entry into the car and references to recon.

A Police officer stops us after residents see our lights by the road,  due to our starting and stopping and the cameras flashes . We explain what were doing , that other officers have met us while we out before gathering photos and there’s no problem.  I get out some of our photos like a proud father, and show him the one of Bubba first, The large reptile  in the Marias De Cygne river.

He looks at it and  physically recoils, not in some humorous way, but in a look of utter shock and says “What is that”?   We explain and he radios in that everything okay.   The police of the area, are very cool about it all and don’t hassle us.  They’re very kind and concerned when they stop, and you can tell it’s to see if we’re okay, and we’re on our way, right back to work.

We have seen groups beside the road hauling a cocoon like shape across a fence, another spot by a culvert where similar pods were stacked in the shallow water there like hot dogs in a pack.

As you walk away into a field from  the sparse light of the streetlights, visibility fades quickly.  At 20 may be seen, but by the time you have walked 50 ft off the road into an open pasture, your pretty much invisible.   With the winding network of land used for farming, and wilds that skirt both road yard and pasture, you have plenty of ground in which to do whatever you please. If it is so dark  in some areas  that you can barely see your hand, what would keep groups of men or aliens from  patrolling? What would keep them from using this perimeter darkness to advance on houses and gain entrance?  What would keep them from bringing in what they needed and setting up bases some above and some below ground?

We have meshes and screen material that hunters use to build nearly invisible deer stands. It’s no longer just camo, its ultra realistic patterns of natural growth encountered in the woods. These materials can be hung just a short distance back into the trees, weeds and brush, to create a wall unnoticable to the untrained eye.

This photo has been shown recently but we hope today we can show you a better view of it, in black and white as well. ive made a few cropped points out of it, that should hold interest, if not the final photo's should.

There are figures in this one presented before that I’ve cropped and de-saturated of color. New details, I believe become present.  It shows something I’ll drive home later and that is the presence of people. They are sometimes robed figures, sometimes figures in their birthday suit, but odd gatherings in strange places in the pitch dark .We feel they are connected, these wanderers in  nocturnal fields,  figures that have been hoisted into the clouds  from daylight settings, women seen in tree tops, and the images that give the impression of a person being carried, gunny sack like, through the woods.  Whether sexual mischief, satanic, or cult worship, or the real reach, an alien influence on people, a possible directive to gather in certain places, there is a growing awareness even among  non- believers that something is terribly wrong.

Objects show themselves in the broad daylight,  show the fact that they are watching us.   This isn’t the  clandestined, conspiracy hour, where we try to convince you there are plans set in motion to harm you or your way of life.   We’re not talking about Roswell either, we’re talking about stacks of images of things in the air and in fields that may be missed but cannot be explained .

We gather these all the time.  Are we in a hot spot? I dont think so. I think it’s pretty much the same everywhere with few exceptions.  Think about this, (IF) they are slowly positioning themselves to act against us, can they really afford to leave any town unsecured? unaccounted for? “What if that  territory wound up being different from the rest ?’ Had some natural quality they were unaware of, that might have cause them a problem? Small things can become big pains if left unattended.

No we have Egyptian and Roman records of there existance, biblical accounts that may suggest them, and magnificent pieces of art from the renaissance that show in the same image with lordly ladies that metal object hanging outside the window in all that sky. We don’t have to go further. It isn’t the believer who has strayed from common sense, its the eternal skeptic. It is the one who stands fixed by his opinion, not because of the strength of his argument, but because of pride.

If the world is taken from us, if we become the possessions of another race from another star, the skeptics last defiant look won’t be remembered nor will his concession. All that will matter is the knowledge that each of us will have, that it could have been different if for once we could of all put our differences aside , had faith, and worked together.


This object or portion of a figure became visible , amid a disturbance, at first there was a light like outline for a slit second. Then this was all that was all i could see it was like a portion of something only, there was jerky movement and it dissapeared the the opposite direction of the viewer, a ladder of found in this scene and in others taken that day, it had fine vines and follage attached to it.

ROBED FIGURE TALKING TO A WOMAN?FIGURES WHO WERE TEMPORARILY IN HARDWARE WINDOW AROUND MIDNIGHT,Figures approaching highway, out of mist, cropped long distance shot.Alien we think has wings, and antina on headlarger view

I think there may be a pit there.I think the sticks on the ground all positioned side by side are there for a reason. I think they are woven with other sticks and brush to give the appearance of regular ground, as a concealment or a trap.They may even represent bars of metal which would not bode well, for whoever or whatever is inside.

the faint but present largebox setting in the road just accross the bridge,

There’s off the beaten path, and  and then there’s the Boonies,  where gravel roads turn to dirt and the woods that encroach on rural highways caress the sides of the car.   Where trailers, are set up almost like check points. So close to the road on both sides, that a grain truck would have to squeeze through if it could at all.  These are places you where you can literally track a family’s exposure to technology by the junk left almost in reach alongside the road.  From wringer washer, to modern style, TV’s are similarly haphazardly displayed. When the dust a fine powder rises, to combine with the generations of appliances alongside the road, there are cars in these ditches as well.

The hanging bridge?

There is the feeling at night that your in some post apocalyptic country music video shy the music.  After squeezing through just such an area, we came directly upon a  rusted hulk, with wooden planks that seemed loose as we drove accross them, this at a very cautious speed.  We stopped on the other side and I went back to check the streams bed and examine the bridge.     There was an odd sound as I climbed back in the jeep, and looked back at what view the tail lights afforded. Now something was blocking the road back east.  Just on the other side of the bridge there sat a box that looked more like a enlarged phone booth than anything else.  In the gravel dust I tried to get a picture , leaning out.   But we weren’t staying. Looking back,  it conjured images that weren’t comforting.    Knowing our turn back towards the highway was somewhere ahead we went for it, gravel dust obscuring everything behind us, leaves and tiny branches counting coup, on us as we swept through.  Not a minute later, though, I said “this scares me, this is just the kind of road that could be blocked by a fallen tree”. Like the Amazing Kreskin; I was right, because right there, coming to life out of the darkness, was our road block.   The proof of its non-accidental nature was the pile of wooden chips  at the junction where tree and stump met. Over 15 to 20 ft, it was not a huge tree but the  girth was too much for me to move because of  its

congieling blood of something, under bridge

cumbersome foliage.

view of stne beneath platform and rope

We were looking at each other, after a curse or two, and in the silence that followed,it came, a hillbilly like  hoop and holler,unmistakable. The volume such that I’m guessing they were within 120 to 150 ft from the road, probably much less. This came of the dark, out of the woods, and Lori put the jeep in four wheel drive and partially drove around, partially drove over the its top foliage and branches, not sure of the damp  ground beneath us.   Lori hit the pedal, or at least as much as it she could in the pothole filled, car wide, dirt trail that passed for a road.   We soon came to gravel, but the conditions along the roadside were not much better.  We did make it to a more regular road, but felt that night it would be better to look for another location, than to continue searching roads in this immediate area.

the stone and images on it inhanced,

Not for a moment do I lay this experience on people who live in the country. I live in the country. Many of my closest friends do or have, but the problem I’m trying to get to is one  about individuals.    The country is a great place to live, if you have alot of dogs and guns. I’m  sorry but that’s my opinion.   I wasnt always that cynical in my views about it.  It used to be a place to relax, let down your defenses, and push the cares of the world away.   But that may be a misconception. Obviously most people have heard about the drug labs  that are and have been moving to the country for the last decade or more.  Those criminally minded, those predators and worse have seen the benefits as well of an area like this.

strange figures seen in this field ,

What is this pile of rock there is a yellow possibly animal stain, but what is at the top of the picture nostrils, and eyes,?

Lets just be straight.  You can see your dream house, a rough, old country place that you know you can transform into a dream house.   The added bonus of the land around it. You cannot see your neighbors house. It is a quaint farm place with privacy, (where do i sign)  You have bought it, in more ways than one.  Maybe you live your life out happy, unintruded on, but maybe you don’t . The burglar(?) or whatever arrives one night. Your a grown up.  You sleep in the dark, and that old house you wanted so bad is aging right along with you, creeking and groaning occasionally at night.  This winds up being a cover of sorts and the thug gets in.  Whether robber, rapist, or serial killer, your stuck in your house with him.  If they opened every door and the assailant took you out in the yard, not one of your screams would reach a soul.  There’s just too much distance between homes.  I hope that explains  my fears about life in the country side, about realities we have heard of.

This episode about the tree blocking the road, isn’t by a long shot, the only extreme we have run into in the residents of an area,  or of the things we believe we may have found in these area. Many of the images we’ll be presenting in this article are here in an sort of interactive lab. I’ll be honest, these are ones we’ve kept in a sort of future file. They were to be stored until we can get a photo processing program like photo shop. Maybe then through tweaking, we could figure out if each is a misrepresentation in spiritual form, a trick of the eye, or possibly a person disposed of  and thought forgotten. We’ve found many spots. One is a small bridge set up for what looked like hangings, with one foot planks to stand on, off to each side,  and frayed lengths of rope hanging down directly over these planks in branches overehead.    I thought, well, maybe a spot to butcher deer, but there were lower branches closer to the ground, that would have allowed hunters to stand safely on the ground to do the work.  There was no need to tie a rope 12 ft above a stream bed and build a one by one platform to stand on to do the job, this 8 or 9 ft  above the dried out stream, one dammed to

inverted image looking for more detail

keep dry a short distance away.

In another location  there was  a large flat rock , with individual holes cut into  its 4ft wide face. Each was  filled with a substance just like blood, just accross a fence, in a pasture.  Again this was a remote area but next to a gravel road. We have found what looks like carvings in mortar, and paintings of very large snakes eating women.  These were usually beneath bridges.  Around the pillars that support them, far back underneath, you can find wire, rope and chain. These were bound around these pillars, the loose length hanging partially on the ground stretched out, and clothing sometimes shredded, sometimes almost neatly folded.  Imagine the scene; the pillars set up to hold something, possibly bind something,  the odd clothing, paintings on the far walls up in the corners beneath, snakes and women, the motiff.   There were usually dug out spots in this high area beneath, not the regular erosion of high water, but pits dug.

Some times a view of everything beneath was kept away , free of weeds except for the edges where it was allowed to grow high with one area cut as an entrance.  In these spots we would usually find other artwork, obscene images scratched or drawn somehow on rock, and hearts, next to an image of a woman being devoured by a serpent  or cut with a knife, there would be hearts. drawn and colored in with meticulous care.   We have found these same  settings throughout Bates County, and into Henry County.

figure seen (we believe carrying someone ,, their body hanging down his back, their legs hanging down in front to look almost like a mantel around his neck from a cloak. This figure was seen in multiple locations.always at night, always in the woods or feild., always after 11,00 at night. Whether there was reason or not for concern about the person being carried is open to speculation.

In a recent trip througH The Urich-Creighton area, we found a winding stream next to a very large one. The smaller one was secluded, down a cliff some 40 ft and winding off into the woods in clear sight.  I took pictures of this spot from 3 different locations. On the cliff top where I shot from was a  gentle slope towards the edge and unobscured in  a 25 to 30 ft vantage point.    The reason I could not get a clear picture there, was not due to the lack of a window of vision. It was because I wanted to see what had caught my attention in the water, and was trying very near the edge of a drop off to get that shot, where a perilous weave of branches and dead sticks gave a false impression of the ground beneath.

We returned 3 days later and the entire site was the same , even the bottles left by its cliff, except now there was no view. Now trees and saplings had been placed all along the cliff two to 3 years of growth was suddenly there, yet not a stick among them was attached to the soil. I knelt and pushed aside some of the wall like staves and found in my limited view that they were loose.  They were leaned up from below and tied in place.   3 days before I could have stood in 20 different positions along that cliff, and now not one vantage point

another of the bald? bearded man,?

that allowed a view of the water or what was in it remained.

When I was at the bridge, 60 yards before this spot, in the woods below there was a loud clacking of stones or a stick against a tree. There had been no other sound but the passing cars. These loud reports were separate, yet at nearly the same intervals.  Most things trying to hide maintain their silence, but when something intentionally makes a loud sound its usually a communication of some kind or a warning.  I think, possibly whoever was making this sound knew as well that I’d gone up the hill and seen the odd appearance of the stream.  It’s likely, if my assumptions right, like the guy with the plastic bags  by the snake bridge , someone else wanted time to clean up.  Just what they were disguising with the limbs is anyones guess.  The only clues lie in these blurry photos.   The pictures taken initially; some were just hazes of yellow or light greenish light, with no image at all. Some of them showed something,   With some  of the images I’ll present today, it’s clear there is something there. What, exactly remains to be seen.

To illustrate the possible  realities in all this, we need to go back to the pigs hand we posted, the one with fingers, a forearm, elbow and shoulder all aligned in a human like sequence of parts. We also need to go back  to our friend Duane Chilliness, who sent us another message,  aimed at Lori, with an inuendo and a cryptic message about her paying attention to the piglets.   8 or 9 months earlier we had been paying attention to piglets, dumpsters we found full of them, with arcane images of bound women and a word, “PREPARE”.  One day I thought I’d check into the pig business, see if there were any outstanding  cases of crime, kidnapping or murder associated with them.

Just weeks ago we  find a story  of a pig farmer in Vancouver, Canada .  ” Pickton”  was supposed to have killed 56, at the last count. They were strippers brought to his complex as entertainment during parties he threw in one of the large buildings there.  His activities were covered by a supposed charitable organization he was the founder of.  It’s title  only served as a tax break, yet the realities of the farm were much different.   There was a six hundred pound  boar allowed to run loose with the dogs that patrol the property. This animal was feared, and had injured people on many occasions.   Pickton had a pistol he carried with a dildo on its barrel. This he used as a homemade silencer.

The roster of prostitutes was ever changing at his functions, because many of them disappeared, being killed by him, dismembered and frozen until he could run them through a wood chipper.  He would then take this material to mix with his pig food.  One woman who awoke during the night, after along evening of partying went looking for him. She found Pickton in the barn with a woman hanging from a hook or some form of suspension. He was in the process of skinning her. The woman was warned if she talked she could wind up right beside her. You might ask if this was just the work of two brothers, a twisted family, but no, Pickton’s get together’s were very popular with huge crowds attending.  Undoubtedly there were others among them, to some degree aware  of what was occurring, still they attended. Its reminiscent of the bloodthirsty mentality of people in the Roman Empire, and 3rd Reich.

Even more frustrating  is the fact that these areas, in our county, are not unattended. What looks like the wild woodlands between groups of houses and towns are not left alone to nature, they have forest rangers of a sort.  I’m not talking about any law enforcement group, or any relation to them.  I’m talking about people using the areas for illegal purposes, possibly production or storage of materials and possibly much worse. These  same sort of areas have, throughout history, been  dungoens in a way to the evil men and women who use them for rape, torture and disposal.

If it seems I’m a bit over the top, possibly exaggerating the situation, well, maybe you should take a few days and examine our world.  Not the one in commercials  filled with upwardly mobile attractive people,  who all have demure, proffessional approaches to everything,  but the sulking brooding populace, even the beautiful among them reflecting a tired, at the end of their rope, appearance.  See just how close the common man comes to these commercial’s suggestions of who we can be, with the right car or tooth paste.   Drive with caution, I assure you,  into a clime different from your own, the country or city, whatever is the polar opposite of your life.   See what the feeling is you return home with. In either case, make sure you are in an inhabited area.

is it supernaturals or material, do you see a face rising out of the ground its mouth open,

We all are forced in our world to function under realities of financial and social preasure, and  some of us actually thrive in this.  There are those that can’t face the collapsing business, the long realtionship coming to a end, or the fact that they’re just not who they used to be. Stir in  resentment  and embarrassment over the situation their in, anger in their inability to do anything  legal about it, and finally isolation, and they  become things they never would have dreamed, do things  their upbringing would never of considered.  They start to build a separate  world, more  to their  liking. It is one that allows new things that give them pleasure. ,It is a world where they are the supreme power.  All that remains is to find that rural, remote spot, where they won’t be bothered or interrupted as they implement  their plans, live their new life, and start bringing new people into it one by one.

There is more , we will weave it in between the other stories we must catch up on, of a extraterrestrial nature.


When we started out for Passaic, Missouri ,we were thinking a quick run, a bit of air and we’d be back  with a few hundred shots to check  in an update of an area that just seems alive with action.  I was feeling guilty about dragging Lori away from her writing, but it was an insistent urge that wasn’t going away.   I had been preparing photo’s for the next article  and just felt we should be there.   We had gotten onto the old main drag, and just stayed on it as we entered Passaic, this was 5 minutes  maybe 10 from our house.   On we went till we came to a turn  left,  at this point the road also went on north, but only so far with a Dead End sign at the junction of this turn.   At about 50 yards I took a picture with a little zoom,  very little.

The reason was, I wanted to use the sign in a upcoming story.  I took two pictures as we reached it and saw nothing. ( I was looking at the sign)

We went on to the next right turn,  about a mile down this road after the turn heading West.  Well we took the regular shots there to check later  to see if the same spots were points of activity.   Along the east side of the road there was a strange feeling.  The brush was thicker now but something wasn’t right.   As Lori drove slowly and I looked for windows in the folliage  there were branche movements.    I thought maybe a snake sunning himself , just laying across the branch.  I  may have been right, but further down the same side with no wind or breeze at all, it occurred again.

One whole tree shook,  disturbed by some movement near it.  Yea , another snake, a squirrel?  First a snake would have to be big to shake a whole tree with its movement.   Anyway we tacked it up to something normal,  even though I was very suspicious about it.  We made the turn at the corner and the jeep went back south about a block and just died. Extraterrestrial tampering from above?  Well, we don’t think so.  It started after a short time and we headed home. She went back to work and I got my fine toothed comb out and started going through the images.

Right off the start we were getting stuff.  I have mentioned more than once in the archives here  that we are fairly sure we’ve been followed by similar craft in each instance.   Spheres? no, whether these are disc flying on their sides as some are reported doing, or another type craft entirely remains to be seen.   We have seen those that look like a dogs water bowl upside down and have caught canisters on film. We have seen peanut shaped craft, egg shaped, and also cigar shaped, not to mention the mother ship over 71 highway.

But these Spheres are a persistent oddity, encountered from Orrick, two hours away to in town Butler.  There is nothing  about it but the shadow on its underside to give any creditability to it being real. Aside from our knowledge “THAT IT IS NO FAKE”.   A photo from over 71 highway has been included to show similarities.  Also, we believe that there may have been some interference causing the car shutdown.   Was the movement of the leaves part of this too ?   We’re dubious about this possibility but havent ruled it out.  Of course I have drug my feet and the Faraday Cage has not been applied inside the hood.

This is the first picture

In an upcoming article we plan to show how, with photo’s, it’s simple construction and the steps that also will be taken to line the roof of the jeep in manner consistent with the work done under the hood.   Are these the same thing as the eggs that streaked across the sky to our road one night in Amoret?   Keep your eyes on the sky and  better still your cameras. There is something like a vast dance taking place overhead, and it is one we were never invited to. It continues  gathering  steam without our knowledge  or our awareness.

In this shot, there is nothing. In the next one there is a white, silvery , or grey sphere, From its semi blurry characteristics, it is farther way. Its size is any ones guess.

This is the second picture taken only seconds later than the first

Below 2 shots of the Sphere, on the very bottom the image of a very similar craft, got on the highway heading north during our Orrick run.

Close up view

Shot taken near Harrisonville on trip last year to Orrick

This an excerpt from part one of the second book.

When we first began the book I had my mind set to not tell you everything. I felt even with the photos we have, the other was just too difficult to believe. We feared this information with only our word to credit it would be a ridiculous effort. But as I look at what we have already brought you so far, I think “why not”, especially when we are talking about the most pertinent information. That information which could have an affect on your safety….if heeded.

I won’t begin this as I did the article in the paper, almost asking for your forgiveness for telling you our tale. These events now covered are no less true than any of the other accounts. Some of those have filled up three pages with the same image. This wasn’t done because of a non professional attitude toward this endeavor. It was done because I wanted you see (and remember) each face, each being, each object. To help you remember the appearance of a Volkswagen sized object glowing brightly as it moved around the court house clock tower. Right in the middle of Mayberry. This should be of some consequence. A series of objects moving over and through the same area like some busy seaport, are of consequence.

The FACT is that others besides us have been abducted since the time of ours, a businessman in Butler, for example. I assure, that if figures, alien in appearance are moving about your barn yard, skulking around streams and bridges that you drive over and live by …this too is of great consequence. I assure you a green creature, 6 to 8 foot tall crouching by a bridge, on F highway, speckled with gore is not an issue to overlook. Nor is the thing in the Marais des Cygnes river, something a conservation expert could not identify. Is that anything to ignore?

So what is all this that we want to talk about, and why the big build up? It’s because the subject, (what is really going on around us in this county) is a multifaceted problem. It’s about drug runners and neo-nazis as well as the whacked individual possibly doing his best imitation of Ed Gains. It’s about things that don’t make any sense, figures we heard as well as saw, entities of fantastic appearance with movement and sound. That were, in their physical presence, creating on their surroundings, effects that identified them as corporal beings. Does a ghost have the power to tear down trees in its path? Move large rocks or create a huge wake as it crosses water to the dry land? There is too much going on.

There is a short story by Steven King called Crouch End. In it, a small village in London England as mysterious disappearances and death. One officer explains in this story his theory about the situation. He says that the earth is like a ball, and the surface of that ball is a barrier that is between the spirit world or a dimension outside our own. He says that the surface wears thin in places, just as a tire does or a toy ball. When this happens in those spots, there can become openings, doorways. It’s been mine fear during the collection of these strange photos and our discovery of spots where obvious cult activity has taken place that perhaps the irresponsible have been playing at magic, and have created a problem, have created doors that were left open.

I am Christian, at least I try to be. In my belief, the things I was taught are of the comings and goings of spiritual beings. Angels visiting certain prophets. Angels in the beginning claiming women as wives and suffering a terrible punishment. It was a time of real giants, of demons, like those Christ exorcised, that fled into the pigs, the pigs that ran off the cliff. (the Bible is a record of tribes and wars and the interactions of God and his servants with mankind.) If we are truly believers, how can we doubt the spiritual world or dimensions other than our own? So for us to say, then, that there is no possibility of extraordinary life forms being seen and photographed, are we not discounting our own faith?

We have seen stones covered in pools of blood, art work of snakes devouring women on rocks and walls beneath bridges, booby traps set up for the unwary to keep them away from these areas, possible places of sacrifice, and even a spot that looks designed for hangings exists. We photographed swastika wearing figures in black hoods, coffins left in weed and rock strewn fields that seemed near places of habitation as well.

What are you supposed to do? What are we suggesting is, first that you open your mind to the possibilities and then grab your camera and take some time to assess your own situation. Jump in the truck with your camera and a friend and drive about your place during the day and again at night. Check out your buildings after hours. Do it hours after you usually come in for the night. Set up your own surveillance with the video cameras hunters mount on trees. Only set it to catch any activity around your house outside or your buildings.

 Grab your dogs and a gun and a camera and take a walk around your property at night. Take lots of pictures in the dark of all the areas around your buildings and home as you return. Take these photos and download them into your computer, and take each one of these to windows photo gallery, set up for editing. Lighten each one carefully, using contrast when necessary, to keep sharpness in the image. You may find nothing…you may find things that are revealed in this fashion, that you never expected. Things that defy rational explanation, or the presence, the traces left by evil men as well. In our present world, the beasts of the field,… take many forms.


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 New International version.

That verse, taken directly from the bible should concern you. Assuredly they are talking about God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost, but have you ever thought it might have bearing on other “unseen” subjects in our lives.

The First Council of Nicaea was arranged by Constantine the Great in AD 325. This was the first attempt by a ruler to unify the people into one religion. It was at this council that they started gathering together the written and related words that would eventually make up the Bible as we see it today. Although it has been suggested that this was a combination of many scholars from different views and beliefs, it was the beginning of the Catholic Church and was a gathering of like minded individuals.

Now just a little suggestion here, that this first major Church effort, which was done by men, could have been an attempt to gain a firmer method of control over the people? Imagine, if you will for a moment, that someone tells you, someone in power, that if you don’t believe and follow the rules of the Church you will be damned for eternity. That was a constant fear of people back then.

There were many writings and books left out of the bible, even though some of them are referenced, like the book of Jasher and Enoch. There are several excuses why they were left out. Some of the main reasoning says they couldn’t prove they were legitimate scriptures and documents, while others think it may have been that they didn’t fit what the scholars wanted. They and Constantine decided what would go in and would stay out.

Supposedly, in the Catholic Encyclopedia, there are admissions that some of the writings in the Bible had been altered and/or changed while the canons were being put together. The Bible, I believe does have many ideas, beliefs, and suggestions for how we are supposed to live, but I also believe that some of the writings and ideas that were left out, could explain some of what is happening today.

There is a belief that fairies, goblins, dwarfs, and other such woodland creatures were a smaller race that eventually was annihilated with the exception of a few, who ran to the woods to survive. And while many believed that they have certain magical powers, these powers may have been evident in our races in earlier times and could have been quite normal. We have lost some our sensory perceptions over the last several thousand years because we have been raised to disbelieve what we might actually have seen. Our minds have been taught that it doesn’t exist if it doesn’t fit into the logical plain we have been taught to see.

Children often talk about goblins in the closet, fairies in the woods, and monsters in the dark, and they could be right. But they are taught that it is just their imagination, so their mind learns to disbelieve. Why is there no harm done if they exist? Maybe because they are just another race that is trying to reach out to us and take back their place in this world that was taken away from them thousands of years ago.

What about spiritual beings, UFO’s and Aliens? Are they here and have they been here for very long? There are spirits mentioned in the bible, and there is nothing that says God doesn’t allow our spirits to roam the earth until Jesus comes back to reign. As far as the Aliens and UFO’s? There are more and more sightings around the world every day, and the sad truth is that they may have been here all along. Erich von Daniken’s book, Chariots of the Gods shows proof around the world, that UFO’s and Other Worldly Races have been visiting the earth for a very long time.

Rich and I get pictures of all kinds of beings, scenarios and structures that we don’t always see with our eyes. There are several possibilities: the fact that there could be other dimensions, and when these windows open, they open and close so quick that human eyes can’t see it but the camera can catch it. I’m sure with the telepathy that these creatures are supposed to have, they could mentally block their images from our mind, but the camera is not human and catches what they don’t want us to see.

If people would relax, open their minds, believe what they see and pursue it, if they would do relaxation exercises, intuition exercises, even meditation, and allow their mind to wander they might be able to reopen that part of our mind that has lost it’s usefulness because it has been suppressed for so long.

Open Your Minds, God Bless You, Lori

There are few things more fearful than the lack of control in a situation. It’s definitely the case for me, and add to that an extraordinary situation, and its like I’m climbing the wall. That was the growing situation one evening as we drove towards Kansas to visit family. We were crossing the highway, heading west on 52 highway and as it was dark. I had loaded my camera and was testing it in a shot toward the brush rushing past us, the cool dark air overhead.

This and the road straight ahead, as silly as it might sound, we have found this a good practice. It has made us aware of things going on around the vehicle multiple times.  So shooting overhead I expected nothing, but instead get a bar of light.  I am not talking about a reflection off the telephone wire. I’m talking about a shot overhead, aimed inwardly towards  the interior direction of the luggage rack.   I experimented with this over and over actually trying to get the line in my aim, and did, but with much different results. Still I tried to be open minded, thinking the turn onto 69 highway would be the real test because we were turning south, and along this much larger highway there were no telephone lines any where near as close. In fact an effort at getting them on film would not be rough but very different, due to the space between the cars and trucks and the wires themselves.   Still this bar of light was over head, so we pulled off onto a side road, and not far after that stopped. From that point on, as ridiculous as it sounds we have no memory.  Now this is similar to other experiences  of ours and others in that way,  the loss of memory.  Again the camera had to become that part of our brain that wouldnt function for us, with its pictures inside.  It was an evening of few shots so the presence of these was a standout.There was the presence off to the side of the road. At least 30 ft in the air. In the image there is, to the far upper right, a block object, large, filling that corner. It is in contact with the white bar of light, and the red one.

If you look to the upper center, by that red light, to its left, you may see, as we do a figure. One we believe is helmed, and wearing a shirt or top that may be purple. There seems to possibly be a shoulder piece. There seem to be white gloves, or gloves of a light color. Most importantly, there are two dark, well defined spots where eyes should be, that seem to glare out of the helmet, no puplis are nesseccary .

The figure seems to be leaning forward peering out intensely. The other lights or reflections around him suggest to me a figure either peering out of a glass window, or there is a open area there and the figure stands ready to exit the the craft. Who can guess what exactly the lights around it are, but there also seems to be action below?  In fact the scene may be far busier than we imagined.

There was a photo following these where the windshield seems covered in liquid,  to obscure what happens in front of the jeep, or maybe there is another purpose.

What remains certain in our eyes is the fact that on at least 7 of our trips we  have found figures we can represent at least by their appearance as Alien.

Below is a sampling, a head count, of beings encountered. With the recent posting of the egg shape dropping from or entering the craft overhead with all the action that has taken place in this area, surely one has to seriously wonder.

The Geometric Giant over the highway, a collossal framework of right edges, and all the traffic over the Butler square, The sighting of Clem on F highway,  and multiple sightings including Bubba to the south in Rich Hill, and finally our first experience with the spaceman like figure in front of the car out on the east side, in the country. It is a box. It is a consistant  wall of information about the abnormal that should open any ones eyes. It is an obvious patter of activity in a relatively small, well populated area. Surely ideas have to come to mind, when you consider large craft consistently seen over a towns busiest area and this many humanoid type sitings, figures that can’t be confused as panther, bear or any other animal native to the area. To the left is a image blurry in its enlargement that still is able to show the head arms and hands of this being.  Look closely though at this figure around the neck seems a possibly furry neck piece, like a mantel, the skin around the nose and eyes of this figure cannot be made out , it could be any color, but I’m going to leave you with a very similer comparison and probably a matching.It is the photo of medium size of the human like figure, with the wide collar standing among the chest high weeds.

Is this grey  skinned figure without a helmet  the same character? The quality of the image will never, with surety tell us, but the color of this mantel and the other are very much alike. I could be way off, still meditate a little on the rest of this rogues gallery. And remember, all these creatures, and they are creatures, were seen and photographed within the same 10 mile radius. If you are here, you are hear for a reason, this subject is important to you. Become part of the hunt for information, not to become this weeks internet star, but to maybe be part of the postponement or prevention of someone else being injured or abducted by these “beings”.