There are few things more fearful than the lack of control in a situation. It’s definitely the case for me, and add to that an extraordinary situation, and its like I’m climbing the wall. That was the growing situation one evening as we drove towards Kansas to visit family. We were crossing the highway, heading west on 52 highway and as it was dark. I had loaded my camera and was testing it in a shot toward the brush rushing past us, the cool dark air overhead.

This and the road straight ahead, as silly as it might sound, we have found this a good practice. It has made us aware of things going on around the vehicle multiple times.  So shooting overhead I expected nothing, but instead get a bar of light.  I am not talking about a reflection off the telephone wire. I’m talking about a shot overhead, aimed inwardly towards  the interior direction of the luggage rack.   I experimented with this over and over actually trying to get the line in my aim, and did, but with much different results. Still I tried to be open minded, thinking the turn onto 69 highway would be the real test because we were turning south, and along this much larger highway there were no telephone lines any where near as close. In fact an effort at getting them on film would not be rough but very different, due to the space between the cars and trucks and the wires themselves.   Still this bar of light was over head, so we pulled off onto a side road, and not far after that stopped. From that point on, as ridiculous as it sounds we have no memory.  Now this is similar to other experiences  of ours and others in that way,  the loss of memory.  Again the camera had to become that part of our brain that wouldnt function for us, with its pictures inside.  It was an evening of few shots so the presence of these was a standout.There was the presence off to the side of the road. At least 30 ft in the air. In the image there is, to the far upper right, a block object, large, filling that corner. It is in contact with the white bar of light, and the red one.

If you look to the upper center, by that red light, to its left, you may see, as we do a figure. One we believe is helmed, and wearing a shirt or top that may be purple. There seems to possibly be a shoulder piece. There seem to be white gloves, or gloves of a light color. Most importantly, there are two dark, well defined spots where eyes should be, that seem to glare out of the helmet, no puplis are nesseccary .

The figure seems to be leaning forward peering out intensely. The other lights or reflections around him suggest to me a figure either peering out of a glass window, or there is a open area there and the figure stands ready to exit the the craft. Who can guess what exactly the lights around it are, but there also seems to be action below?  In fact the scene may be far busier than we imagined.

There was a photo following these where the windshield seems covered in liquid,  to obscure what happens in front of the jeep, or maybe there is another purpose.

What remains certain in our eyes is the fact that on at least 7 of our trips we  have found figures we can represent at least by their appearance as Alien.

Below is a sampling, a head count, of beings encountered. With the recent posting of the egg shape dropping from or entering the craft overhead with all the action that has taken place in this area, surely one has to seriously wonder.

The Geometric Giant over the highway, a collossal framework of right edges, and all the traffic over the Butler square, The sighting of Clem on F highway,  and multiple sightings including Bubba to the south in Rich Hill, and finally our first experience with the spaceman like figure in front of the car out on the east side, in the country. It is a box. It is a consistant  wall of information about the abnormal that should open any ones eyes. It is an obvious patter of activity in a relatively small, well populated area. Surely ideas have to come to mind, when you consider large craft consistently seen over a towns busiest area and this many humanoid type sitings, figures that can’t be confused as panther, bear or any other animal native to the area. To the left is a image blurry in its enlargement that still is able to show the head arms and hands of this being.  Look closely though at this figure around the neck seems a possibly furry neck piece, like a mantel, the skin around the nose and eyes of this figure cannot be made out , it could be any color, but I’m going to leave you with a very similer comparison and probably a matching.It is the photo of medium size of the human like figure, with the wide collar standing among the chest high weeds.

Is this grey  skinned figure without a helmet  the same character? The quality of the image will never, with surety tell us, but the color of this mantel and the other are very much alike. I could be way off, still meditate a little on the rest of this rogues gallery. And remember, all these creatures, and they are creatures, were seen and photographed within the same 10 mile radius. If you are here, you are hear for a reason, this subject is important to you. Become part of the hunt for information, not to become this weeks internet star, but to maybe be part of the postponement or prevention of someone else being injured or abducted by these “beings”.