So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 New International version.

That verse, taken directly from the bible should concern you. Assuredly they are talking about God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost, but have you ever thought it might have bearing on other “unseen” subjects in our lives.

The First Council of Nicaea was arranged by Constantine the Great in AD 325. This was the first attempt by a ruler to unify the people into one religion. It was at this council that they started gathering together the written and related words that would eventually make up the Bible as we see it today. Although it has been suggested that this was a combination of many scholars from different views and beliefs, it was the beginning of the Catholic Church and was a gathering of like minded individuals.

Now just a little suggestion here, that this first major Church effort, which was done by men, could have been an attempt to gain a firmer method of control over the people? Imagine, if you will for a moment, that someone tells you, someone in power, that if you don’t believe and follow the rules of the Church you will be damned for eternity. That was a constant fear of people back then.

There were many writings and books left out of the bible, even though some of them are referenced, like the book of Jasher and Enoch. There are several excuses why they were left out. Some of the main reasoning says they couldn’t prove they were legitimate scriptures and documents, while others think it may have been that they didn’t fit what the scholars wanted. They and Constantine decided what would go in and would stay out.

Supposedly, in the Catholic Encyclopedia, there are admissions that some of the writings in the Bible had been altered and/or changed while the canons were being put together. The Bible, I believe does have many ideas, beliefs, and suggestions for how we are supposed to live, but I also believe that some of the writings and ideas that were left out, could explain some of what is happening today.

There is a belief that fairies, goblins, dwarfs, and other such woodland creatures were a smaller race that eventually was annihilated with the exception of a few, who ran to the woods to survive. And while many believed that they have certain magical powers, these powers may have been evident in our races in earlier times and could have been quite normal. We have lost some our sensory perceptions over the last several thousand years because we have been raised to disbelieve what we might actually have seen. Our minds have been taught that it doesn’t exist if it doesn’t fit into the logical plain we have been taught to see.

Children often talk about goblins in the closet, fairies in the woods, and monsters in the dark, and they could be right. But they are taught that it is just their imagination, so their mind learns to disbelieve. Why is there no harm done if they exist? Maybe because they are just another race that is trying to reach out to us and take back their place in this world that was taken away from them thousands of years ago.

What about spiritual beings, UFO’s and Aliens? Are they here and have they been here for very long? There are spirits mentioned in the bible, and there is nothing that says God doesn’t allow our spirits to roam the earth until Jesus comes back to reign. As far as the Aliens and UFO’s? There are more and more sightings around the world every day, and the sad truth is that they may have been here all along. Erich von Daniken’s book, Chariots of the Gods shows proof around the world, that UFO’s and Other Worldly Races have been visiting the earth for a very long time.

Rich and I get pictures of all kinds of beings, scenarios and structures that we don’t always see with our eyes. There are several possibilities: the fact that there could be other dimensions, and when these windows open, they open and close so quick that human eyes can’t see it but the camera can catch it. I’m sure with the telepathy that these creatures are supposed to have, they could mentally block their images from our mind, but the camera is not human and catches what they don’t want us to see.

If people would relax, open their minds, believe what they see and pursue it, if they would do relaxation exercises, intuition exercises, even meditation, and allow their mind to wander they might be able to reopen that part of our mind that has lost it’s usefulness because it has been suppressed for so long.

Open Your Minds, God Bless You, Lori