This an excerpt from part one of the second book.

When we first began the book I had my mind set to not tell you everything. I felt even with the photos we have, the other was just too difficult to believe. We feared this information with only our word to credit it would be a ridiculous effort. But as I look at what we have already brought you so far, I think “why not”, especially when we are talking about the most pertinent information. That information which could have an affect on your safety….if heeded.

I won’t begin this as I did the article in the paper, almost asking for your forgiveness for telling you our tale. These events now covered are no less true than any of the other accounts. Some of those have filled up three pages with the same image. This wasn’t done because of a non professional attitude toward this endeavor. It was done because I wanted you see (and remember) each face, each being, each object. To help you remember the appearance of a Volkswagen sized object glowing brightly as it moved around the court house clock tower. Right in the middle of Mayberry. This should be of some consequence. A series of objects moving over and through the same area like some busy seaport, are of consequence.

The FACT is that others besides us have been abducted since the time of ours, a businessman in Butler, for example. I assure, that if figures, alien in appearance are moving about your barn yard, skulking around streams and bridges that you drive over and live by …this too is of great consequence. I assure you a green creature, 6 to 8 foot tall crouching by a bridge, on F highway, speckled with gore is not an issue to overlook. Nor is the thing in the Marais des Cygnes river, something a conservation expert could not identify. Is that anything to ignore?

So what is all this that we want to talk about, and why the big build up? It’s because the subject, (what is really going on around us in this county) is a multifaceted problem. It’s about drug runners and neo-nazis as well as the whacked individual possibly doing his best imitation of Ed Gains. It’s about things that don’t make any sense, figures we heard as well as saw, entities of fantastic appearance with movement and sound. That were, in their physical presence, creating on their surroundings, effects that identified them as corporal beings. Does a ghost have the power to tear down trees in its path? Move large rocks or create a huge wake as it crosses water to the dry land? There is too much going on.

There is a short story by Steven King called Crouch End. In it, a small village in London England as mysterious disappearances and death. One officer explains in this story his theory about the situation. He says that the earth is like a ball, and the surface of that ball is a barrier that is between the spirit world or a dimension outside our own. He says that the surface wears thin in places, just as a tire does or a toy ball. When this happens in those spots, there can become openings, doorways. It’s been mine fear during the collection of these strange photos and our discovery of spots where obvious cult activity has taken place that perhaps the irresponsible have been playing at magic, and have created a problem, have created doors that were left open.

I am Christian, at least I try to be. In my belief, the things I was taught are of the comings and goings of spiritual beings. Angels visiting certain prophets. Angels in the beginning claiming women as wives and suffering a terrible punishment. It was a time of real giants, of demons, like those Christ exorcised, that fled into the pigs, the pigs that ran off the cliff. (the Bible is a record of tribes and wars and the interactions of God and his servants with mankind.) If we are truly believers, how can we doubt the spiritual world or dimensions other than our own? So for us to say, then, that there is no possibility of extraordinary life forms being seen and photographed, are we not discounting our own faith?

We have seen stones covered in pools of blood, art work of snakes devouring women on rocks and walls beneath bridges, booby traps set up for the unwary to keep them away from these areas, possible places of sacrifice, and even a spot that looks designed for hangings exists. We photographed swastika wearing figures in black hoods, coffins left in weed and rock strewn fields that seemed near places of habitation as well.

What are you supposed to do? What are we suggesting is, first that you open your mind to the possibilities and then grab your camera and take some time to assess your own situation. Jump in the truck with your camera and a friend and drive about your place during the day and again at night. Check out your buildings after hours. Do it hours after you usually come in for the night. Set up your own surveillance with the video cameras hunters mount on trees. Only set it to catch any activity around your house outside or your buildings.

 Grab your dogs and a gun and a camera and take a walk around your property at night. Take lots of pictures in the dark of all the areas around your buildings and home as you return. Take these photos and download them into your computer, and take each one of these to windows photo gallery, set up for editing. Lighten each one carefully, using contrast when necessary, to keep sharpness in the image. You may find nothing…you may find things that are revealed in this fashion, that you never expected. Things that defy rational explanation, or the presence, the traces left by evil men as well. In our present world, the beasts of the field,… take many forms.