When we started out for Passaic, Missouri ,we were thinking a quick run, a bit of air and we’d be back  with a few hundred shots to check  in an update of an area that just seems alive with action.  I was feeling guilty about dragging Lori away from her writing, but it was an insistent urge that wasn’t going away.   I had been preparing photo’s for the next article  and just felt we should be there.   We had gotten onto the old main drag, and just stayed on it as we entered Passaic, this was 5 minutes  maybe 10 from our house.   On we went till we came to a turn  left,  at this point the road also went on north, but only so far with a Dead End sign at the junction of this turn.   At about 50 yards I took a picture with a little zoom,  very little.

The reason was, I wanted to use the sign in a upcoming story.  I took two pictures as we reached it and saw nothing. ( I was looking at the sign)

We went on to the next right turn,  about a mile down this road after the turn heading West.  Well we took the regular shots there to check later  to see if the same spots were points of activity.   Along the east side of the road there was a strange feeling.  The brush was thicker now but something wasn’t right.   As Lori drove slowly and I looked for windows in the folliage  there were branche movements.    I thought maybe a snake sunning himself , just laying across the branch.  I  may have been right, but further down the same side with no wind or breeze at all, it occurred again.

One whole tree shook,  disturbed by some movement near it.  Yea , another snake, a squirrel?  First a snake would have to be big to shake a whole tree with its movement.   Anyway we tacked it up to something normal,  even though I was very suspicious about it.  We made the turn at the corner and the jeep went back south about a block and just died. Extraterrestrial tampering from above?  Well, we don’t think so.  It started after a short time and we headed home. She went back to work and I got my fine toothed comb out and started going through the images.

Right off the start we were getting stuff.  I have mentioned more than once in the archives here  that we are fairly sure we’ve been followed by similar craft in each instance.   Spheres? no, whether these are disc flying on their sides as some are reported doing, or another type craft entirely remains to be seen.   We have seen those that look like a dogs water bowl upside down and have caught canisters on film. We have seen peanut shaped craft, egg shaped, and also cigar shaped, not to mention the mother ship over 71 highway.

But these Spheres are a persistent oddity, encountered from Orrick, two hours away to in town Butler.  There is nothing  about it but the shadow on its underside to give any creditability to it being real. Aside from our knowledge “THAT IT IS NO FAKE”.   A photo from over 71 highway has been included to show similarities.  Also, we believe that there may have been some interference causing the car shutdown.   Was the movement of the leaves part of this too ?   We’re dubious about this possibility but havent ruled it out.  Of course I have drug my feet and the Faraday Cage has not been applied inside the hood.

This is the first picture

In an upcoming article we plan to show how, with photo’s, it’s simple construction and the steps that also will be taken to line the roof of the jeep in manner consistent with the work done under the hood.   Are these the same thing as the eggs that streaked across the sky to our road one night in Amoret?   Keep your eyes on the sky and  better still your cameras. There is something like a vast dance taking place overhead, and it is one we were never invited to. It continues  gathering  steam without our knowledge  or our awareness.

In this shot, there is nothing. In the next one there is a white, silvery , or grey sphere, From its semi blurry characteristics, it is farther way. Its size is any ones guess.

This is the second picture taken only seconds later than the first

Below 2 shots of the Sphere, on the very bottom the image of a very similar craft, got on the highway heading north during our Orrick run.

Close up view

Shot taken near Harrisonville on trip last year to Orrick