The sharp straight line of the jet like wing is seen It is damaged ,, and setting on a rock shelf some 10 to 15 ft beneath the water, that is my estimate. At the bottom of the picture was a dome similar in shape to a skillet lid. What is seen coming off the tip of the white section of wing may be landing gear below it, debre. The shadow on the flat surface below it suggests a space there , this could lend creadance to the theory there is landing gear in the image. Most of the time the clarity of a photo ' isn't the issue . Whether the world at large believes you or not each of us has a story we know to be true. Not because of a pile of evidence neatly presented, BUT BECAUSE WE SAW IT , heard it, smelled it, or in some cases came in physical contact with it. This sort of experience doesn't call for an audience, It is much more important and valuable if we have a conviction about its reality. To establish we are on solid ground,(even if that ground is weird as hell.) that we are interpreting the messages received by our eyes, ears and other senses correctly without the intrusion of flights of fancy,, .( Madness can't be much fun). More than the fear of what we believe is out there has been our need to( stay real) about all this. And as difficult as it is to hear ourselves saying it, we believe we are(all of us ) are living during a time of colonization. Back in the 60,s Donald Keyoe, lamented our situation but believed with a policy of consistent non aggression, that we could possibly get the aliens to start landing in an Earth stood Still,", fashion and possibly begin an age of huge growth for mankind. But no matter how wonderful that scene, might seem, it's for the most part a dream. Many believe that alien races have been with us for centuries, there are the obvious references to their possibly being involved in the great monuments built through history. Mans unexplained leaps in knowledge during certain times. Yet if we agree that happened, that they have been monitor us since ancient times, they've doubtlessly by now realized one important lesson about mankind and that is we are both a hungry and fearfully paranoid species. And no matter our political platforms, or supposed social reforms, we can be a brutally ruthless species as well. If they knew the pharaohs, then they probably have had a front row seat to the conquest of North America, as Europeans, with technically superior weapons slowly overwhelmed the indigenous people of the continent.

original lightened a little.If they new the pharoahs, then they probly had a front row seat as well to the conquest and acquisition of North America from the indians. they kno

Donald Keyoe, once suggested that we should consider a non aggressive  attiude dealing with alien’s .His feeling’s were that if we ceased aggressive action against them, they might start landing again  and slowly but surely a relations could begin a line of some form of communication that might lead to a end to some of the worries that burdened the goverment concerning them. It hopefully as well might lead to an exchange of technology.     Those were wonderful dreams, and im not saying those possibilities are us,, but i think a  more realistic perspective can be be achieved by looking at our history through their eyes. If these beings have been visiting the earth since the time of the Pharoah’s  and aiding or guiding mankind at certain moments of growth, then we should assume that they probably have been along with us for(as Paul Harvey says, -the rest of the story)   It would mean they saw many of the wars, dictator ships , and Inquisition’s .  what we’d better hope is that they dont use our past as a example of how they think we want to be treated.  As brilliant as they may be, they may not be familier with terms like( Manifest Destiny, ) and may see the conquest of North America as a savage act.  By the time the term had  fallen out of use, it had long since done its damage .  They saw how an army and its leader in world war II  tried to exterminate a whole race of  people.  I’m sure they found no confidence in trusting us as they saw how easily we turn to slaughter as an answer when fear robbed us of better thought, wiser answers.  They supposedly are interested and concerned  in our nuclear development,  how could we wonder when they’ve watched us incinerate whole cities of  people turning some of  them, into shadows on the concrete walls with that same nuclear power. They have seen torture chambers and scaffolds set up to slaughter the innocent in a search for hidden evils, wringing confessions from mouths filled with hot lead.  If they could see these and all the other travesties, of  man against man, what would they believe their fate to be at our hands?  I believe in the Jim Hickman’s book 5000 years of UFOs.

There is a story about  a sighting  that was viewed by  Walter Cronkite and  a group of others reporters.  They were brought to witness a missile test on an island. The preparations were made and the reporters gathered. As the rocket began leaving the launching pad some feet in the air,a UFO was seen close by.  It froze, as did a soldier running, and a dog leaping. All were caught like floating statues, frozen in the air. The missile exploded, and the then the dog and soldier regained movement,  In his story, there was no doubt as to the fact the  missile had  been stopped, suspended in air.  There was a consultation among the officers present and a hollow sounding statement was made to the reporter. They were admonished not to speak of it. The action by the craft that day, that destroyed the missile ,was a well-timed , well placed, instruction for us. It passed on a message that no one with common sense should ignore.

Can we realistically plan and execute a defense against superior beings? In The War of the Worlds, Signs, and other movies of their kind we’re given the story of a hopeless situation turned around by men, transformed into victory.  Though, in our conventional warfare, this has been possible throughout the ages.  We are not now speaking of a conflict with swords or spears, cannons, tanks or bombers . We have to remember these tales come to us from Hollywood where six guns have occasionally shot 8 or 9 bullets,,   These movies are designed to please people, not accurately represent an encounter with the beyond.

We must begin to stretch our boundaries of the possible, open ourselves to thinking, that may seem at first  more backward in appearance, thinking that may actually wind up being closer to the truth than we want,  and accept the fact it’s finally come full circle, Yes ,we do live in a time of colonization and this time around all of us, white, black ,red, yellow, and brown, are the Indians.

Part two

This photo is amazing in all the wrong ways, from our car on a night out in the Virjinia township, we caught a tube of light seeming to come from above, Id within it over the figures head seem a hoard of shapes wrapped in mist pouring out along the ground around the glowing white figure. Just what you expect to see in a town with maybe 24 houses,, next to Butler, a town that's biggest yearl;y event is their rodeo and livestock show.

Some think a war between men and aliens will be inevitable.  If this cataclysm must take place just how will it occur? Some believe it will be by disease or other terrorist type acts that drain humanity’s will to fight.    It might occur as a ground war in an effort to preserve the planet for the winner.  An infiltration would be desirable, especially if they were working through neighborhoods systematically, with treatments for the populace nocturnally administered.

A woman was seen being removed from her apartment on an upper floor transferred to a waiting craft hovering outside the window. This was described in detail by Bud Hopkins in his book,Witnessed.

Should it be surprising then that in the 1960’s one study found that 60 percent of country or rural wemon were the prime target group, and then rural children were next? Whether it has decreased or escalated  since then, they are disturbing numbers.

At our towns  forum site I recently had a conversation with someone who said that “these things have been seen around the area for some time, yet no one is hurt. ”  It’s understandable, but at the same time an odd appraisal of it all.   A statement like, that made in reference to stray dogs would fit, but in reference to UFOs, aliens, and monsters?   I don’t think it’s as much, no one gets hurt, as it is nobody’s talking, so who ever finds out if they do get hurt or not?

It makes me wonder if some of the people who leave Butler are doing it because they have a wild hair and want to see California, or because they too have seen something and want to be anywhere but here?    A  past landlord of mine,  an ex-banker, told me that our article in the newspaper hadn’t helped him much. His wife was already scared, living out in the country, very scared, but of what?

found by a fence not more than 20 minutes away,

A man from Rich Hill said, that coming out of a church meeting on the main drag in Butler,  he saw something, vehicle like,  a tightly compacted whirlwind of mist, big as a car move  down the road and through the opening beneath  a railroad trestle.   He said nothing about lights, and that it moved like a small whirlwind just above the ground.

A nurse in Butler told us of a sighting she had  heading home with her daughter after work .  She was driving on 52 highway heading east towards Appleton Missouri. She had recieved a cell phone call from a fellow employee who was traveling only minutes ahead of her.  The call was a request to be on the lookout for something in the southeastern sky, a lighted object.  The caller also asked that if she did see anything she call her back to confirm it.   So the mother and daughter drive on, and as they near the area of her friends sighting she discusses with her daughter the subject trying to allay any fears the young girl might have, to prepare her.  Then they come upon it, large and orange  hovering over a dark pasture.  The little girl is very upset by it.

A business man contacts us, saying his employees saw something one night as a group, and that he knows another business man in town who recently was abducted.  He has been trying to convince him to come out with it, tell his story, but he is too afraid of how it might affect his business, or the perception people have of him.

Another woman’s  son, who was hunting up by O – highway,  came upon an object that fits the same description, a large round orange object setting in a clearing far back in the woods.  This at or close to same time in close to the same area as the nurse’s siting.They leave the area quickly.

Lori and I  have lost time, have had photographs that show a thing in a space suit, a ship, and had a tape recording that has human voices on it as well as strange unidentifiable sounds of machinery, what sounds like  a forced entry into the car and references to recon.

A Police officer stops us after residents see our lights by the road,  due to our starting and stopping and the cameras flashes . We explain what were doing , that other officers have met us while we out before gathering photos and there’s no problem.  I get out some of our photos like a proud father, and show him the one of Bubba first, The large reptile  in the Marias De Cygne river.

He looks at it and  physically recoils, not in some humorous way, but in a look of utter shock and says “What is that”?   We explain and he radios in that everything okay.   The police of the area, are very cool about it all and don’t hassle us.  They’re very kind and concerned when they stop, and you can tell it’s to see if we’re okay, and we’re on our way, right back to work.

We have seen groups beside the road hauling a cocoon like shape across a fence, another spot by a culvert where similar pods were stacked in the shallow water there like hot dogs in a pack.

As you walk away into a field from  the sparse light of the streetlights, visibility fades quickly.  At 20 may be seen, but by the time you have walked 50 ft off the road into an open pasture, your pretty much invisible.   With the winding network of land used for farming, and wilds that skirt both road yard and pasture, you have plenty of ground in which to do whatever you please. If it is so dark  in some areas  that you can barely see your hand, what would keep groups of men or aliens from  patrolling? What would keep them from using this perimeter darkness to advance on houses and gain entrance?  What would keep them from bringing in what they needed and setting up bases some above and some below ground?

We have meshes and screen material that hunters use to build nearly invisible deer stands. It’s no longer just camo, its ultra realistic patterns of natural growth encountered in the woods. These materials can be hung just a short distance back into the trees, weeds and brush, to create a wall unnoticable to the untrained eye.

This photo has been shown recently but we hope today we can show you a better view of it, in black and white as well. ive made a few cropped points out of it, that should hold interest, if not the final photo's should.

There are figures in this one presented before that I’ve cropped and de-saturated of color. New details, I believe become present.  It shows something I’ll drive home later and that is the presence of people. They are sometimes robed figures, sometimes figures in their birthday suit, but odd gatherings in strange places in the pitch dark .We feel they are connected, these wanderers in  nocturnal fields,  figures that have been hoisted into the clouds  from daylight settings, women seen in tree tops, and the images that give the impression of a person being carried, gunny sack like, through the woods.  Whether sexual mischief, satanic, or cult worship, or the real reach, an alien influence on people, a possible directive to gather in certain places, there is a growing awareness even among  non- believers that something is terribly wrong.

Objects show themselves in the broad daylight,  show the fact that they are watching us.   This isn’t the  clandestined, conspiracy hour, where we try to convince you there are plans set in motion to harm you or your way of life.   We’re not talking about Roswell either, we’re talking about stacks of images of things in the air and in fields that may be missed but cannot be explained .

We gather these all the time.  Are we in a hot spot? I dont think so. I think it’s pretty much the same everywhere with few exceptions.  Think about this, (IF) they are slowly positioning themselves to act against us, can they really afford to leave any town unsecured? unaccounted for? “What if that  territory wound up being different from the rest ?’ Had some natural quality they were unaware of, that might have cause them a problem? Small things can become big pains if left unattended.

No we have Egyptian and Roman records of there existance, biblical accounts that may suggest them, and magnificent pieces of art from the renaissance that show in the same image with lordly ladies that metal object hanging outside the window in all that sky. We don’t have to go further. It isn’t the believer who has strayed from common sense, its the eternal skeptic. It is the one who stands fixed by his opinion, not because of the strength of his argument, but because of pride.

If the world is taken from us, if we become the possessions of another race from another star, the skeptics last defiant look won’t be remembered nor will his concession. All that will matter is the knowledge that each of us will have, that it could have been different if for once we could of all put our differences aside , had faith, and worked together.


This object or portion of a figure became visible , amid a disturbance, at first there was a light like outline for a slit second. Then this was all that was all i could see it was like a portion of something only, there was jerky movement and it dissapeared the the opposite direction of the viewer, a ladder of found in this scene and in others taken that day, it had fine vines and follage attached to it.

ROBED FIGURE TALKING TO A WOMAN?FIGURES WHO WERE TEMPORARILY IN HARDWARE WINDOW AROUND MIDNIGHT,Figures approaching highway, out of mist, cropped long distance shot.Alien we think has wings, and antina on headlarger view

I think there may be a pit there.I think the sticks on the ground all positioned side by side are there for a reason. I think they are woven with other sticks and brush to give the appearance of regular ground, as a concealment or a trap.They may even represent bars of metal which would not bode well, for whoever or whatever is inside.