To the far right just above the light green bush in the foreground is a face as you look back under the branches,a very real figure, it moved forward and thern lurched into the deep woods to the north that run parallel to the road.

You enter a pasture of property your family has always had,  but before your work boots have even entered the gate, you wonder what your feeling?  You push the feeling away and go after the bucket lying in the tall grass. Still all the while you feel like someone or something  is watching, and you could be correct in assuming that something is.    I spent a winter and some months living with a farmer and his wife,  the father of my sister in law, he was no better or worse than the rest of us,  and fun to work with, and I miss him.

He had a saying , a phrase he used often. He would be talking about something hard coming up, and if anyone in the conversation had any doubts as to whether he’d get it done or not he’d get this serious, semi mean,  twinkle in his eye and he ‘d say “JUST HIDE AND WATCH”.  He was, with few exceptions, good as his word.    I some times wonder, when looking at these images, remembering the day and the moment that it  happened why it doesn’t equal a larger threat for us?  Lori believes it’s Gods work, that he is protecting us, and to a degree so do I.

There’s  one question though in particular that really bothers me, and that’s why do these things, that are probably superior to us, seem to be caught in the act of hiding?  Maybe they’re not.   Some feel that any time we have proof of a presence of that kind, we have more memory of the meeting , only we are unable to access it.   This could explain the appearance that they are hiding.  My memory of it’s movement and the one photo might well have come after an encounter took place, if any did at all.   What are the ?  Biologist, Ivan T. Sanderson created the term  “OINTS”,  which stands for” Other Intelligences”.   His belief was that Oints were not just a reference to Aliens, but also to Extra Dimensional Entities, Poltergeists, and Atmospheric life forms.   He felt there could be an amazing variety in them, and that each might have the ability to appear in multiple forms. Most startling was that he believed they were in some form of manifestation all around us, another world, not light years away, but instead, only the other side of a veil that stands between us.  This as odd as it might sound could be a possible solution to some of the riddles in our work.

The red arrow shows the white figure who literally stepped out of the tree, not out from behind it, out to its side, but straight out from the face of it.

The fact is that  many scenes we are capturing in our camera, which are impossible to see with the naked eye, or at least our brain is not on a the conscious level making it known to us, are real.   The Veil  theory would explain images of women being hauled skyward on cords, terrible scenes of both human and unidentifiable beings.

It could explain the white figure who has become a regular in different spots we’ve visited. It is  a being I’ve seen as well with my eyes, but only in a Cemetery . On that occasion, he looked directly at us, then turned and disappeared into woods that adjoined the Cemetery  grounds. The figure in the picture to the right, had nothing to retreat to aside from the tree. He could have hidden, but I really believe that he retreated in the same direction he had come from.

a closer view,

The area to the right in this photo, is in Passaic Mo.    15 minutes away. It has been an area of interest through each season. This was  taken in November of last year. We are facing due North and there was no way he could be disguised in the foliage. Almost all foliage at that point was on the forest floor.  There is something possibly to the right, on the ground, large enough it might be his means of arrival. If that is not a craft then I’m completely comfortable with the tree explanation.  It could be a point of transfer as easy as any other object.  The mythological Driad was supposed to have the ability to enchant men and then take them to be prisoners inside their tree.   These women despite their beauty, had no backs, some legends specify them having a hollow cavity there instead.

Oints, to me is a revelation, a revelation from one of the men who helped open up the study of anomalies.  But in the end does it matter what we call them.  Sanderson was a man living in a time of the Spiritual Movement, when Houdini was out trying to  find and point out frauds.  He was really trying to find the real article, someone to help him contact his mother. So I categorize him as well as a searcher. Charles Fort, Sanderson, and even Houdini were trying to lead us to a window , one with an incredible view.