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Some time back, I was on 71 highway and while Lori drove and I took the picture of the Geometric Giant. Photos of large airships seem to be as common now as Elvis impersonators were in the 70’s and  early 80’s. There is the China film clip of the barge like craft, a flying platform, and all the triangular home plate like ships with 3 large lights, and it’s like the sky is full of spheres.  The day mentioned in our article, was exceptional. Everything we showed you in the previous  article was only half the drama played out in the skies over Butler

For so much to be happening? If you are returning home and you see the street tore up by road crews, you work your way around it. You see something moderately extreme but not out of the norm. Your logical assumptions and worries involving it are relatively few.  But what do you assume when you see not one but 5 UFO type ships in the same day, within a one mile area in your town?   What can we assume with all the other activity we’ve shown you and that which we’ve yet to show as well. Don’t certain thoughts start running through your mind?

the shape is roughly oval yet possibly with a saucer like rim around its middle, my eyes cant figure it out, can yours?

Are there thoughts about, not just your casual extraterrestrial  traveler, but what appears to be a build up?   Remember the recent large UFO seen around Kansas City, Missouri? or the multiple mass sighting of over a hundred smaller craft near I-435?

What would that many be doing in the same area at the same time? What could they be doing that would call for such numbers?  In a pre wartime situation, forces already have known for some time conflict would occur  and they have been jockeying for position, moving the right numbers of troops into the area.  Of course troops try to avoid the D-Day situation where they are being killed as they leave the landing craft.   No, with an Alien invasion as powerful as they are, and as technologically superior as they are, they would have long since given up the wasteful toe to toe type approach we left after the revolutionary and civil wars.what do you see in clouds near the bottom,? anything?

Knowing how easy it would be to use  our dumping grounds, like old plants,  warehouses, rural business areas of ghosts towns that the land has reclaimed, the old mines that have played out, the cave systems, and even the cover of things as simple as 10 or 20 ft of river water overhead, gives a few examples of how and where buildups could take place.  With their penchant for nocturnal visits and the means they use to accomplish these, they would be the ultimate paratroopers, making our

watchman on the move, or silent assassin,?

covert operatives  envious.

So the question still hangs in the air, what do you assume? More important, what do you do?  You can assume it’s a lost cause to try and oppose them, and simply try to forget you know anything about it,  bury yourself in your life, and cease to look up.

You can play sneaky, sneaky, and say we’re just going to keep watching and gathering information on them, hoping, down the line,

a detail to bring these points to your attention

we will see a crack in their armor, a vulnerable spot.

or you can go Zombie killer on them, going after them with everything we have at our disposal, ex; shotguns, hunting rifles, semi automatic weapons, and toys of the dark ages, all the thumping and hacking tools of destruction  the shopping channel will sell you in truck loads.

But what happens then?  Probably some few, cool victories, but, eventually most will go charging out blasting and hacking , half naked bold in our tattoos and leather only to find ourselves in the next instance, coughing, sputtering and cussing as we try to find which way is up again.

We could find ourselves lying on the inner floor of a landing bay, in some huge ship with a guy name NYMTHIZAT, nudging us in the side  with his laser rifle, speaking in our head to get up and move along with the rest to holding room,  on board detention center.

The other route to me doesn’t sound much better.  Remember the movie Red Dawn? Remember the town mayor? The politician goes belly up and becomes a yes man to the invading force.  Those that take the flower child approach and put themselves and their trust in these being hands, won’t be much better than cattle.  They may be treated fairly as long as they are willing breeding stock, as though a choice would be given.

We can assume, that if we are willing, there will be the great exchange of knowledge and tools as mentioned often.   The reality of this is, they will most probably  be a superior species.  What would we have beside our bodies and the minerals of our planet that would interest them?  Pizza, firewater, video games,? RAP?   Or  worse, we have to remember that some of these races have supposedly harvested humans as food  or as lab rat fodder to use in  programs they have to alter their species and prepare to better take our place here .

is there something there, , could all those straight lines, at different angles connected, represent a semi vieled object.?The image above is iof something in the clouds lowerr to the ground, something we watched for some time, the clouds around it changed and blew past but the outline of hard edges never chainged in any way. it may have been nothing, but its outlines doesnt suggest that, as the clouds cleared it rose but its bottom that last thing still seen among the clouds never lost its original defenition.

Is all this talk pointless, and there’s really nothing of real consequence going on, besides the natural turns of our world? Maybe we are just more aware now and catch them out of the corner of our eye. More, probably, they have been here always, since life crawled out of the water and the epoch  of changes began.

Maybe it has been us, who all along have been the guests here, deluded and lost in the wonders we see in our mirror, afraid to look beyond ourselves, due to the insecurities we will undoubtedly face on the day we acknowledge our true place in the universe.



Busy Butler Skies,

We recently have had some stormy weather,  and its made for some incredible lightening shows and , stunning daylight revelations.   Most  search a lifetime and are rewarded with the cases that are a rich study of others experiences, usually in the past. And that is amazing in its own right,  because it doesn’t have to be that way.    Those investigators that spend time in the field in the field, should (always be on),, we may be going to a doctors appointment, or lunch with a friend or family member,  we may be working in a pasture or a city street,, but we need to often have one eye on the sky.

during the cloudy days im talking about, were two outstanding sightings, one at a four way, where we were waiting to turn right, and an object went by at high speed these were seen on the strip, old buisness 71, what was  Butlers main drag in its busier days.


But they were far from the only activity in the sky,   at the fourway as mentioned this  object came by in a dark blur of motion,









Another closer view,






Holding possibly 70 percent of Butlers buisness, the new strip which runs east and west over 71 highway, has everything that matters to those who shop here, its skies though unacknowledged that day were as busy as Nuremburg Germany , in 1561, well having not been there that may be a rash statement, but the facts remain, there were frightening and beautiful forces , besides the storm at work in bates county .   Above one shopping center

the tube,

this beautiful scene played out. At first you’ll want to warn me about the sun,    and the rays coming off it through the gloom, but as you inspect this ever enlarging picture you will find details that seal that theories doom.    First the run of light on top is a reflection on the surface of the tubular object.  look closely at the first image and you’ll see despite the blurriness, ribs,,,, along the objects side, from my view it looked like an empty paper towel roll with a coppery end on it,    This though changes again putting the sun theory in worse peril,  because something projects from the nose or butt of this object,? this craft?









In the photo to the right the thickness of the structure as well can begin to be seen.  Cigar shaped objects have been the norm here throughout our study, we believe at one of these have followed us

details described

to the Butler square where we got an impressive view of its lights.

The top arrow uin the photo to the left shows the vapor escaping from a lighter colored circle on its upper side. this will be more apparent in the enlargements, the left arrow points out probably the most interesting feature, a clear whole and coppery ring around it on the very end.  exactly what is at that end remains to be seen, it could be stray vapor, but there are semi reguler dark spots faint but visible along its side these i think may be  windows or portholes.


  the black and white image gives  detail to something in the smoke or vapors above it, this object then moved up into clouds above it dissapeared as the rest did that day,7/20/2011. we were never so glad for a doctors visit because if we hadnt had it skeduled that day, we likely would have remained inside writing and missed it. Get out any chance you can,,, and watch the sky.



the hole on its side well pronounced now in black and white there is something about the opening, and object at the top of the picture that look possibly to me like figures, one coming out the hole one floating overhead. smoke , a figure? either wauy the hole has purpose on the side of the object.

this is the one we caught near Harrisonville on our way to Orrick

I have no explanation of what happened to us, out on that dark country road in September 2009. I know something happened. We have the evidence. Our way of fighting back was to go out and start researching our country roads to find out what is really out there. We have published what we have found and it has all been frightening and scary to say the least.

We caught this one uptown, close to the square by the water tank just a few weeks ago

Sometimes we feel very alone in what we are doing. We often wonder what people are thinking of us. Do they think we are kooks, we are crazy, or maybe we are just trying to get attention?  We are none of that. We are Christians, who wanted nothing but a peaceful, normal life and discovered a new hobby taking shots in the woods at night. No matter what the thoughts are about us in this town among the many people we know, including family and friends, we keep on searching, because we have to live with the fact that something did happen to us.

I found this picture of unknown rings on the internet,, the connected website no longer works

The picture of these rings were taken outside our house

this is the one we got out by 1500 road

We aren’t out to scare anyone. We aren’t out to get attention. We aren’t out to try and make a profit on all of this. The reason we started, was the fact that we believed if something happened to us, it could happen to others in our area. We felt the need to try to find out what we ran into, and to warn others of the possibility of it happening to someone else.

I know that some of the photographs are strange, scary, and almost impossible to believe. So I am on a mission. I am searching for others who have

Taken in New Westminister, BC 2003

taken photos that are similar to ours, and as I find them, I will post the comparison, if for no other reason than to just show that what we are finding is not limited to our area or our camera.

This one was taken a month or so ago out by Passaic and 8200

Please, if you have gotten any strange pictures we would love to see them and post them for you. If you have had a strange occurrence or sighting, feel free to contact us. We will keep your identity private if you wish, but we feel we are not alone in what we find, and want to show others that there are truly strange things going on in our vicinity.

I found this on the Internet. The website it was connected too no longer works

This was taken in Jalisco Mexico 2004

You can contact us through comments on this website, they are privately read and do not post to the front page unless we authorize them, so you would not be sending your information out to the public, or you can contact us at or

God bless, Lori

My First Monster Hunt

The clouds grew dark overhead looking down on two boys in shorts ,tennis shoes, and torn t shirts.  With dime store hunting knives and sheaths hanging at the  belts around our waists, we sharpened our whittled spears. I know I put extra effort into its tip.

This wasn’t just another day in the life of a 16 year old and his best friend. It was a very serious moment.   Robert and I scanned the field and entwined woods from our tower, a construct of junk lumber and plywood. It was 8 to 10 ft high, positioned at the very back of our property where the woods began.

We dropped to the ground and padded over to the beginning of the trail that opened into our back yard. There were impressions, we were sure, that  looked out of the ordinary, like large footprints, and we knew this thing must be large.

So, like Indians we moved down the trail like we never had before, not just watching what was ahead but every detail to our sides.  For our age we would have been a formibable pair, quite deadly for children. Not because of strength, but because of intent.

We had  lived our childhood in the pursuit, not of  posters for our bedroom walls or the regalia each kid amasses, but instead adventure and almost an  unidentified calling.    Bent low we moved through the trails that wound  like a Celtic knot through the woods, an area that had been purchased as a housing area, that for some reason had been abandoned.  The rough beginnings for basements had been carved here and there invisible in the labyrinth of overgrowth and trees that had grown  back quickly in angry response to damage done.

Each bend in the trail or swell of darkness to one side of the other partially hidden by brush, was scrutinized.  All possibilities of a tunnel or pit were talked about, as the slowly swirling clouds looked down darkly like a scowling parent.  We wound our way down one side and across the creek, one that had become the final resting place for a girl just up stream.

We had, the summer before, drank from what we believed was clear waters until we heard the news of her hand being found in this same stream, only a few blocks north of our location., Then there was the subsiquent discovery of her corpse.   We even, on one eerie day, met, unknowingly, the boy responsible for her killing. He was  a mentally ill, semi retarded kid who had wandered out of the trees waving at us in his red windbreaker and then disappearing again just as quickly .

We worked through each pit like cellar and began moving down the north side of the area. We were only a hundred yards from my yard when we came upon the last hole and our resolve was fading. In the maybe 8 ft deep hollow there was a strange finding though, a huge rock maybe 6 to 7 ft wide with a cavity carved crudely out of it.  There was a high back to it and sitting in it’s seat was possible though it seemed designed for a larger occupant.

finding the stone seat.

This was our first real find , and as we examined it we got more quiet. There was no bravado in our voices, as the thunder began to rumble. We thought ourselves young men, but we were still children, and, I guess, even in seriousness of our hunt, it was all game face up to that point,

I guess, inside, there was a silent knowledge built  from our exposure to too many corny horror movies, and the world around us that seemed a launching pad into life, one filled with excitement about very mundane things.   We might have hoped in our immaturity that there were monsters, and even been strangely disappointed that there weren’t.

At that moment, as we talked of the possibilities of the that, at first flint stone like seat, now phrases like the devil’s chair had crossed our tongue, punctuated by the growing thunder and first bolts of lightning.   Suddenly it was about time for us both to go home, and as we parted, Robert only living a street away, I’m sure we both were disturbed.

The next day found us standing  on the hillside behind my house, like the guys in the cartoons who suddenly loose their head only to have it replaced by a large sucker.  With pinched lips and definite disgust, we listened to my mom, come clean about her and dads little prank.

They had been laying in bed the night before our hunt, and were talking and noticed dad’s t-shirt  on a hanger, hanging on the corner of the curtain rod.  The light from outside was coming through it and the shadows created the impression of aTiki mask.

They had decided they would tell us they had seen a monster’s face in their window that night.   Well, for my mom to say anything was proof it was somewhere in stone. We had no doubt she was telling the truth.  She was telling a rather fractured version of it,  but for Robert and I, who could count the feet between the ground and my parents window, this indicated a very large figure.

Her confession was laced with laughter, not cruel, but I’m sure inescapable being the spectator on our foray.  All and all I think that was a turning point for me, where such subjects really became fantasy, and I gave more of my mind to other matters.  Like artwork, which pretty much became the vault for all that was left of my interest in monsters. They all became, to a degree like the comic hero’s , and the knowledge I had of superstition became just worn out ideas of backward people. Maybe that was my moms plan all along.

35 years later easing, into a quieter life, one free of bars and hoodlum buddies, free of any desire to court the disaster that was my running mate in the election of life, I’m photographing flowers and squirrels and find a monster in my camera, and no memory of it.  Within 14 months of that first journey into mystery, I have files full of the same and worse.

Robert and I have laughed over a beer many times, recalling that day , but with the experiences of this last year and half, I wonder when I think of that stone  that looked so much like a viking throne, if the reasons the housing project failed were financial?  Or if the whole operation had ceased over much different issues.   My mothers prank,? Maybe it was strangely entwined as well with everything that’s led us to this day.

This is unlike most of our reports. There is, what we believe, a degree  of  partial nudity in this report.  This could be a misinterpretation on our part, in which case other elements would then likewise become inconsequential .   At any rate we apologize for any discomfort you have accordingly, and look forward to seeing you again in other reports.

The scene was discovered after lightening the image. There was movement among the trees that drew my attention but it was dark. There were no voices.  We have ruled out, in our minds, deer or any animal. The coloring of the flesh ,suggests, if humanoid, a light skinned race,and the possible anatomy here is difficult to miss.  Light can change a tree trunk into a monster and create convincing shapes of all kinds.  This is no test, just an honest request for you, our readers, to help us with your opinions.  There really are no facts aside from those that may be drawn from the image.  Therefore we leave it before you, hoping, perhaps you will gather some insight from it, that we have been unable to see, or have misunderstood.

Please feel free to copy it, and use whatever programs you may have that might unlock the truth on this one one way or another,  That way we can either proceed by turning it over to authorities, or feel free to delete it and move on to other images.



“It turns out an eerie type  of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order, and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks and even eerier type of order” (Douglas Hostadter)

This alien figure? was photographed by accident outside a rest stop in the desert and old train depot The figure is in the background of a shot of a man who was unaware of its presence.

That chaos, lurking inside our society, our world, is Hydra like.  It comes at us from many angles  and as he says it is clothed in seemingly innocuous raiment. Where, really is the surprise in that it’s been business as usual for ages, yet with one difference.

That differnce being the ever fraying edges of that cover.  It’s not necessarily the wear and tear of time and use that I speak of.  It is, instead, the sense that this lurking swell of menace, a compilation of things and factors, many, I believe unattached,  are each in their own way, approaching a boiling point.

In the picture below Somethihg terrible is happening,  something was under incredible diress struggling for its life.  A cow? i dont think so , ive worked with cattle, know the sounds they make in general communication and those when they are scared., There was the indications of figures and a struggle and complete silence. The lighter masses that seemed twisting almost drawn backward and up.  Abduction, or just another skirmish in the secret war suposedly being fought around us.?

Then again, maybe it was all spawned by the same force, maybe the quotes (eerier type of order)in that chaos, is right,  not the aimless  destructive lumbering’s of a lost soul’s raging in their solitude, but instead  an orchestration of all the facets. The facets that weaken us, divide us.  What grounds could there be for reasoning of this kind?

Stop for a moment and seperate us from our past. You don’t have to take away the evils of the world, just halve them,  In that move alone, more positive thinkers are created, and those already existing are given a much more peaceful environment in which to plan and bring changes.  Crime rates drop drastically, as with the great thinkers, all creative avenues expand , and with just cutting the derisive forces in the world, we have created  different levels of ethics and values.

It is this new thinking, the joy in these new endeavors, that finally makes talk of war unconscionable .   It is far too easy to come up with solutions that benefit everyone at the table, because now, as a species, we are doing something approached, but never achieved before. We are moving forward


The existing proponants of evils like hate,violence, derision and separatism, would undoubtedly still act, but with the rest of the world in such a state of mending,  melding, and growth  these fractions could not long survive. Wise men would find a solution. There would be more good people ready and willing to deal with it, and remove and heal that sore  that hindered the worlds efforts.

Our progress in innovations  and technical growth would be enormous, merely because of the fact that fewer dollars would be wasted in the cause of war, in the need for such extensive policing of our cities.  Energy, effort and manpower would come to largely positive ends. We could long ago have reached for the stars.

Maybe that is the very reason it was profitable  and entertaining for them to place cockleburs beneath our saddle,put a worm in our ear, instill our hearts and minds through misused technology and firebrands they placed among us, to ever keep us at each others throats, and slow our advancement toward a positive future.

A orange shape seems coming through the door or is in the middle of a vapor. There is a serpent like long curved tongue? coming out of the orange object, These could be figures or anything lost in distortion, but whatever it is is completely out of place , there is nothing large and orange in our house much less the back porch.

Im washed out in the lighter version, but now in this one the figure hovering near the ceiling can be seen, there should be nothing in this spot but a white door and a white wall.

Theydid their job well, leading us into paranoia, and all the pandoras box of thinking that has seperated men from the very beginning to this very day.  Charles Fort believed this was possible.  He said ” I think we’re property.  I should say, we belong to something”. Fort believed that we were a petting zoo of sorts for the amusement of aliens. At that time, many of his ideas were thought mad, but when you read the books of many highly qualified men, you find his thoughts have been echoed in this generation as well.

Imagine for a minute, that mental illness and the forces that drives individuals to acts of murder and perversion, that turn race against race  and descension were also just a long running program of a group of overlords, extraterrestrials, dimensional beings?

It isn’t as though most countries don’t have a mythology or religon that echoes this in a form, with members who represent those responsible for the seeding of mankind.

Maybe there is a group of managers, that have kept their profile remarkable low over the centuries. That seems to be changing as well. Sightings and contact between human and beings that our outside species, have multiplied like the victims of a vampire.   There are humans who report even helping aliens in the abduction of other humans.

What would be the spiritual world’s place in all this?  There are abundant quotes from holy books that give explanations about  their fate, but these all fall in a timeline none of us can figure out. There is no code that will tell us because, if we, as men were meant to unlock the secrets of God with our fragile minds, that would clearly dimenish him. Wouldn’t it?

For those non-believers,  lets go on, and assuming you do believe that we have spirits and there is a the chance for reincarnation or advancment into some other world, we have to make assumptions about their plight.

What reasons would they have to be angry and in discontent? Think about all the people, over the generations and ages of man,that were strangled in ceremonies,  drowned or burned, or those left in poverty to a death, at times just as bad. What about those stuffed in the hollow trunks of trees?  Need I go on?

A body of something moving throufgh the field, i have an idea, another figure in front of the dark one may be suported or being half drug, i cannot make out the details but am certain of the presence and the activity there.

Maybe it is none of these.  Maybe it is the evil dead, those who died locked in their resentment, their angers and their pain, those who drew their sustinance from the suffering of others, and like an addict cannot walk away from the medicine cabinet, away from” us”, their source.  What are the things we catch in images within our homes?  What are those lurking in the deepest shadows of our back porch?  Does the cross that hangs over that doorway keep, possibly, the evil dead or worse that might be there, seperated from us?

What of the others, those that do come beyond that point? Are they possibly these overlords or their represenitives, ever aware?

There are extrordinary things that we think we are aware of.  There are the figures and forces outside our present reach, which we give names to, not in any real knowledge of them, but out of a need to place them beneath us somehow. W have the need to make them of less conequence.

We are taught that Adam named the anima, and just as we name each litter of pups or kittens born to our pets,  we  name these beings, these paranormal forces, because once named, they are beneath us in a sense , just one more discovery like electricity.

In our deluded minds,  ones built out of the ego, of mastering to some degree the life on our planet, of expanding all the areas of our habitation, we forget that  despite our accomplishments,  these have all been terrestrial matters.  We have yet to face the challenge  of what lies beyond us and at this point  are ill equipped for the test.

Whatever the origin of these entities we encounter, it’s clear that they are here, and are accelerating their program,  that will one day throw us together, in the ever increasing encounters .  Some of us can turn our head for now, but some of us really have no choice but to realize it and face it.



  When we hunt for something, depending on what it is, we, to one degree or another, have to put our self out there. In the study of the Paranormal you will, at one time or another, find yourself giving in to the danger of turning a blind eye.  When you are messing with your dials and buttons, adjusting settings on cameras and the like you, create an excellent opportunity for any predator in the area.  Not all of them are human.

As we all know, those ranks can include many things. Our primary objective isn’t to hunt ghosts or deal with spirits. We admit that we are woefully uninformed in those details. I personally am at fault in this and I’m sure that I have brought unnecessary danger to Lori through my Gung Ho tactics at times. This is about just one such mess-up, and the continuing weirdness that has surrounded it.

First, I think it is really impossible to approach any of this with certainty or to assume this fact is tied to another paranormal act.  With so many possibilities for beings of different kinds and their own points of origin and us being familiar with none of these, well, how can we assume anything yet as fact?

This is about forces, energy bound up and those released. There is no mathematical formula for it.  It is simply  that we have, as a species, many qualities similar to a Nuclear plant.  Most common among us, is the ever present possibility of melt down.   The avarice’s , jealousies, angers etc, keep that core in a state that will never be considered secure.  Position or power, notoriety, all these things have little or no effect on that stability.

Politicians fall like flies, unable to control neither their will power nor their ardor, or other equally powerful, corrupt  instincts.  Don’t for a moment think that corruption isn’t just as powerful a drug as our anger. If  it is true, and there are beings  who feed on these human staples, then most likely it is just as true  that they have manipulated man through his history for their own causes, or merely their entertainment.

It shouldn’t be about getting names and interstellar license plate numbers for us, because, as much as we humans believe ourselves able to run any good mystery to earth, we really are out of our league. Maybe, instead, we should  get to know ourselves better, manage better, and hopefully eliminate those stressful parts of us that are supposedly so valuable to them.

THE PROBLEM: These photos, again, like so many, I have no explanation for. I can’t lay them at the feet of an effort to abduct us from our home nor can I rule it out.

Interestingly enough, when these were taken, it was during a night where things went nuts all through the house including melting walls and a door that formed out of nowhere.

An EMF meter was used in our bedroom later, on the same wall, behind the head of the bed.  There were no plug ins there, no electrical  forces to foul the test, but still we got very strange results.   The meter was completely silent except for a square, high on the wall, about 2 ft wide.  It was such a touchy read that you could draw the edges, the outline, with the meter.   There was an opening or something giving the meter hell, about a foot from the ceiling.

Aside from this and a  tape recording and numerous other pictures taken in the area, we haven’t a clue, except for one thing, the welcome I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I put out to ghosts in the beginning, outside of town. Look over the photos. I lean to a very real possibility of a transference of some kind.

There are, in the four smaller photos,  transitions taking place. They were ones I was not aware of.  During this time there were two separate incidents ending in my coming to consciousness outside the house, one in the courtyard between the house and garage, and the other at some distance away.  This is upsetting stuff.  I’ve tried to keep an objective state of mind about it all, but the imagery doesn’t go far to be very comforting.

In  image 148, the last of this sequence, I have no memory of anything  that has occurred, aside from taking the four shots.  All I was looking for was possible action behind me in the room, which I did find on another night.


When I used go to a garage sale I’d find  myself looking for that box under a table or in a corner, that has a number of old comics, or better still the withered,  issues of the larger black and white  horror comics.  The cover still partially connected was a bonus, but not a necessity,  because the innards of these volumes were fuel that got my blood pumping, adventure, man not against man, but against the things that populated that space beyond us.     

Titles like the ones shown, were a constant for me when I had access to them.   Of course I read from the Marvel and DC pantheon’s of heroes, and attended a few conventions where this stuff was sold. It was never a consideration of how nerdy these hobbies might have seemed.  I was just as possessed by the mysteries of girls, so nothing good or bad had time to take much of a hold on me.  All and all, as strange as I’m sure it sounds I found a comfort in them,

Children sometimes grow up with horrors they can see, that are more frightening than the thing under the bed, or what they suspect is skulking in their closet.   If you could read about non existent monsters and were not  afraid, it made you stronger in dealing with those very real fears you lived with.

These books, though, were great reading and as much as they were supposed to rot your brain, they instead, at least in my, case helped me develop a slightly better vocabulary.  It was, without a doubt, the settings, the atmosphere they brought to your bedroom or the porch, or the tree in which you sat reading.

There was a change on the wind and as you walked down the path with the hero or the victim, there were few heroes that survived each story, and lived vicariously through the pulp paper and ink, through the talented writers and artists, you were as well exposed to new idea and ancient ones.

Some without even knowing, were in a school of sorts,a preparatory school. Some people got the message all wrong and came out horrors themselves, while others from the very same background, like Steven King, found this interest a wildly creative outlet and need we add a  profitable one as well.

All the way up into high school, in moments of downtime I read less and less of it. Too many other things were approaching that were  much more exciting than imaginary Aliens or fictitious monsters.  Moving out, getting my drivers license and that first apartment, not much could hold its own against that.

I recently found a site, though, that had mock magazine covers in which you could place your photos, finally making it to be on the cover of  vogue,  popular mechanics, or some sports magazine.

Much to my surprise, they had the titles I’d given much of my time and loyalty to as a youth and merely their names stirred fond memories, so I quickly  reached into own creepy catacomb of image files and slapped a few on covers. They were a perfect match.  They were so creepy, in fact, that I was taken back and not by some childish fear,  but because these covers, weren’t the efforts drawn from a artist’s feverish creative mind.

They were real settings and real creatures, and in a sense my past love for the horror genre has come full circle. From the boy who enjoyed the the reading of dark fantasies, comfortable in his assumption of what was real, and what was not, to  the man, in his own way, still looking into the dark, but now forever aware of the truth.

There is a site that allows you to create magazine covers using your own photos, It is a free site, but offerings are appreciated there.

Accepting  the existence of the supernatural,  the powers that can be defined psychic and the presence of ghosts, we have to be open, then,  to other manifestations of the spiritual realm.   Ones that are separate from those almost recording like plays, left from another life and its dramas.  Separate from the efforts of passed loved ones who try, in the only ways  possible to them, to reach us, connect with us. When you stand in the dark, its not just you and the creaks and groans  that have marked the aging of your home.  THE THINGS, seen, for split seconds, from the corner of your eye are not all just hints from a brain needing rest, not just something in your eye.    As you look off into the night, you are engulfed by a deceptive calm, and maybe you chuckle as you’re startled by some bat dipping low near you in curiosity, and then careening off into the blackness again.  The hoot of the owl and the squeak  of the bat, are usually the only things carried to us on the still night or the velvety breeze.

Or are they?   

You wander about with your video camera, with your EMF meter, and you have a peace largely based on the fact that your chances are few of meeting an apparition etc. The guys on TV, getting the big bucks, have few such encounters themselves.  The hunt for ghosts is one largely of hope, persistence, and patience, a heart filled with a strange need, yet one that also clutches unconsciously to a fragment of skepticism for protection.   How many hours have you wasted in fruitless retina burning searches of your video, for a detail that suggest somethings really there?

You begin to wonder if  there is  more chance that an insane human(very much alive) haunts  the same woods you now trek out of, than there is a willing ghost.    You close your car  door and as the music soaks into your tired frame and thoughts of other life issues find their time and your attention.  You lock both car and house out of habit and amble off to a shower and then bed, more worried about who the Democrats will choose as their candidate, than over any possible spiritual matter.

As you begin to snore and your wife shifts uncomfortably, something is occurring on your back porch. The multiple locks on the old door watch in terror as something flat, yet skeletal like, looming  above them now has its skull like head and shoulders completely through the door, through the crack above it between door and casing.  One long, thin, yellow arm is reaching, now, back and down towards them, towards the old style bolts , that rattle in fear just before its ethereal touch.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

When they leave,

The event of a sighting , the trauma of a semi remembered abduction, these are just the beginning as you wade into this new world of concerns, and begin to see the changes in yourself, the”real” effects of that exposure.Yea, you are a bit more security minded, the 5 locks on our back door I’m sure  reflect that, but aside from the dreams and the cautions that dance along the rim of paranoia,  and all the angers and frustrations, inherent in the experience of the captive , there’s more.

You stumble onto these things  when you least expect, reaching for a shirt in the closet,  fragments, as clear in their choppiness as your memories of the film you just watched, only its about you.  There are those, and other discoveries. Like the fact you awake on multiple occasions with marks of handling,  the imprint of grasping around and ankle, and a three fingered scratch along the inner thigh.   Some of these marks so deep they have created scars like the three along the back of a calf, and others recorded in photos.

But most striking in our situation was something that happened one night, when I was up, unable to sleep, wandering through the house.   I sat down in the kitchen, which was dark, and reached into my camera bag thinking I’d play for awhile with the settings I was still unfamiliar with. I figured this would amount to a quick dose of drowsiness, but I was wrong.   As I sat there I started thinking about the problems light caused in street situations, and I took a flashlight, a mini mag light, and now thinking in a completely different vein,  showed its weak beam, the batteries were almost shot,  on my face and clicked a shot. There were the usual spooky-tooth effect, and I thought, laughing, “And now my next feat, photographed thought.”  I even put the lens a few inches from my forehead, but for some reason, it suddenly didn’t feel like a joke and I eased back in the chair, tried to get in a meditative state, and held the camera  a few feet away at an angle.

I started trying to concentrate on a figure. I didn’t even give it an identity, just focused as though I was trying top get it to either step out of the dark in front of me or project it through my forehead.  Well “it”  didn’t come out of the dark in front of me. In fact the first six attempts were ridiculous, but then I remembered a trick I used when I had incorporated meditation in my life on a regular basis, years before. The next efforts were startling.  My level of focus was beyond the experiment at hand, and truly involved in seeking that state of mind.  In the first there was a triangle of light on my forehead that something was forming out of, to the side, because of the angle that this first object was forming at, there was no recognition. In fact  I thought it was something else.

In the following image, it had developed to a point that I was startled to see the head and shoulders of a figure coming to life before me in the images.  There were familier body parts. The chest was mine, the slope of the shoulders, the facial detail along one side of the face, and the hair.  This was not an  artist’s willful interpretation of something visual, but a complete surprise. Because of other photos taken in the same area of the house,  I got a little worried and quite frankly thought I might be tired and just experiencing a  sleep induced  illusion of some kind, so I went to bed.

When I downloaded them to the computer and brought them up to size in windows gallery for a better inspection, I found all the more detail to support my feelings from the night before.  It was obviously strange in a number ways, and I really didn’t see the importance but set my mind to try again that night, and started preparing my mind as I went in to the  same environment.  Just as I had the night before, I had difficulty getting warmed up. In fact it was harder because I was trying. I guess I was in a rush to find out if the experience could be duplicated.

This time, once my mind was where it needed to be, I thought of a woman without title or specifics of any kind, and this time it was even more powerful than the night before.   There was Lori, her head laying against my shoulder, content, asleep.  To someone not familiar with her, it might be difficult to likewise interpret the image, but it touched me so much, I was moved almost to tears. The distinct lines to her features all her own.  Lori is 57, having revealed that,  this will probably be my last entry:),  and I will be 52 in july.

I guess beyond that the photos added will have to sum it up,   I read about a man who could project images onto camera film with his mind. There was, of course, doubt about his ability, and eventual accusations of fraud.   What we are showing you is from a camera card, used in a inexpensive digital camera, by an admittedly  rotten photographer.  Even after all the photos of monsters? and aliens and craft, we  still find each new discovery a bit overwhelming.Maybe there will be a new process someday that makes short work of all these  issues, that comfortably and completely explains  lighted objects passing low over our highways and town squares, and the real origin of monstrous faces and forms  caught moving by our cameras, not in another dimension but in our own . Until then, we have to attend to realizing the deeper truth in these aberration-like  episodes in our lives. I remain open to the possibility that this is something that has always been with us in us, but i also from reading others experiences, believe it could just as well be a new gift.  Perhaps another evidence as shaky as it is,, of an exposure to something that changed our lives in many ways, and hopefully has made us more aware .  



Richard Carter,