When we hunt for something, depending on what it is, we, to one degree or another, have to put our self out there. In the study of the Paranormal you will, at one time or another, find yourself giving in to the danger of turning a blind eye.  When you are messing with your dials and buttons, adjusting settings on cameras and the like you, create an excellent opportunity for any predator in the area.  Not all of them are human.

As we all know, those ranks can include many things. Our primary objective isn’t to hunt ghosts or deal with spirits. We admit that we are woefully uninformed in those details. I personally am at fault in this and I’m sure that I have brought unnecessary danger to Lori through my Gung Ho tactics at times. This is about just one such mess-up, and the continuing weirdness that has surrounded it.

First, I think it is really impossible to approach any of this with certainty or to assume this fact is tied to another paranormal act.  With so many possibilities for beings of different kinds and their own points of origin and us being familiar with none of these, well, how can we assume anything yet as fact?

This is about forces, energy bound up and those released. There is no mathematical formula for it.  It is simply  that we have, as a species, many qualities similar to a Nuclear plant.  Most common among us, is the ever present possibility of melt down.   The avarice’s , jealousies, angers etc, keep that core in a state that will never be considered secure.  Position or power, notoriety, all these things have little or no effect on that stability.

Politicians fall like flies, unable to control neither their will power nor their ardor, or other equally powerful, corrupt  instincts.  Don’t for a moment think that corruption isn’t just as powerful a drug as our anger. If  it is true, and there are beings  who feed on these human staples, then most likely it is just as true  that they have manipulated man through his history for their own causes, or merely their entertainment.

It shouldn’t be about getting names and interstellar license plate numbers for us, because, as much as we humans believe ourselves able to run any good mystery to earth, we really are out of our league. Maybe, instead, we should  get to know ourselves better, manage better, and hopefully eliminate those stressful parts of us that are supposedly so valuable to them.

THE PROBLEM: These photos, again, like so many, I have no explanation for. I can’t lay them at the feet of an effort to abduct us from our home nor can I rule it out.

Interestingly enough, when these were taken, it was during a night where things went nuts all through the house including melting walls and a door that formed out of nowhere.

An EMF meter was used in our bedroom later, on the same wall, behind the head of the bed.  There were no plug ins there, no electrical  forces to foul the test, but still we got very strange results.   The meter was completely silent except for a square, high on the wall, about 2 ft wide.  It was such a touchy read that you could draw the edges, the outline, with the meter.   There was an opening or something giving the meter hell, about a foot from the ceiling.

Aside from this and a  tape recording and numerous other pictures taken in the area, we haven’t a clue, except for one thing, the welcome I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I put out to ghosts in the beginning, outside of town. Look over the photos. I lean to a very real possibility of a transference of some kind.

There are, in the four smaller photos,  transitions taking place. They were ones I was not aware of.  During this time there were two separate incidents ending in my coming to consciousness outside the house, one in the courtyard between the house and garage, and the other at some distance away.  This is upsetting stuff.  I’ve tried to keep an objective state of mind about it all, but the imagery doesn’t go far to be very comforting.

In  image 148, the last of this sequence, I have no memory of anything  that has occurred, aside from taking the four shots.  All I was looking for was possible action behind me in the room, which I did find on another night.