“It turns out an eerie type  of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order, and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks and even eerier type of order” (Douglas Hostadter)

This alien figure? was photographed by accident outside a rest stop in the desert and old train depot The figure is in the background of a shot of a man who was unaware of its presence.

That chaos, lurking inside our society, our world, is Hydra like.  It comes at us from many angles  and as he says it is clothed in seemingly innocuous raiment. Where, really is the surprise in that it’s been business as usual for ages, yet with one difference.

That differnce being the ever fraying edges of that cover.  It’s not necessarily the wear and tear of time and use that I speak of.  It is, instead, the sense that this lurking swell of menace, a compilation of things and factors, many, I believe unattached,  are each in their own way, approaching a boiling point.

In the picture below Somethihg terrible is happening,  something was under incredible diress struggling for its life.  A cow? i dont think so , ive worked with cattle, know the sounds they make in general communication and those when they are scared., There was the indications of figures and a struggle and complete silence. The lighter masses that seemed twisting almost drawn backward and up.  Abduction, or just another skirmish in the secret war suposedly being fought around us.?

Then again, maybe it was all spawned by the same force, maybe the quotes (eerier type of order)in that chaos, is right,  not the aimless  destructive lumbering’s of a lost soul’s raging in their solitude, but instead  an orchestration of all the facets. The facets that weaken us, divide us.  What grounds could there be for reasoning of this kind?

Stop for a moment and seperate us from our past. You don’t have to take away the evils of the world, just halve them,  In that move alone, more positive thinkers are created, and those already existing are given a much more peaceful environment in which to plan and bring changes.  Crime rates drop drastically, as with the great thinkers, all creative avenues expand , and with just cutting the derisive forces in the world, we have created  different levels of ethics and values.

It is this new thinking, the joy in these new endeavors, that finally makes talk of war unconscionable .   It is far too easy to come up with solutions that benefit everyone at the table, because now, as a species, we are doing something approached, but never achieved before. We are moving forward


The existing proponants of evils like hate,violence, derision and separatism, would undoubtedly still act, but with the rest of the world in such a state of mending,  melding, and growth  these fractions could not long survive. Wise men would find a solution. There would be more good people ready and willing to deal with it, and remove and heal that sore  that hindered the worlds efforts.

Our progress in innovations  and technical growth would be enormous, merely because of the fact that fewer dollars would be wasted in the cause of war, in the need for such extensive policing of our cities.  Energy, effort and manpower would come to largely positive ends. We could long ago have reached for the stars.

Maybe that is the very reason it was profitable  and entertaining for them to place cockleburs beneath our saddle,put a worm in our ear, instill our hearts and minds through misused technology and firebrands they placed among us, to ever keep us at each others throats, and slow our advancement toward a positive future.

A orange shape seems coming through the door or is in the middle of a vapor. There is a serpent like long curved tongue? coming out of the orange object, These could be figures or anything lost in distortion, but whatever it is is completely out of place , there is nothing large and orange in our house much less the back porch.

Im washed out in the lighter version, but now in this one the figure hovering near the ceiling can be seen, there should be nothing in this spot but a white door and a white wall.

Theydid their job well, leading us into paranoia, and all the pandoras box of thinking that has seperated men from the very beginning to this very day.  Charles Fort believed this was possible.  He said ” I think we’re property.  I should say, we belong to something”. Fort believed that we were a petting zoo of sorts for the amusement of aliens. At that time, many of his ideas were thought mad, but when you read the books of many highly qualified men, you find his thoughts have been echoed in this generation as well.

Imagine for a minute, that mental illness and the forces that drives individuals to acts of murder and perversion, that turn race against race  and descension were also just a long running program of a group of overlords, extraterrestrials, dimensional beings?

It isn’t as though most countries don’t have a mythology or religon that echoes this in a form, with members who represent those responsible for the seeding of mankind.

Maybe there is a group of managers, that have kept their profile remarkable low over the centuries. That seems to be changing as well. Sightings and contact between human and beings that our outside species, have multiplied like the victims of a vampire.   There are humans who report even helping aliens in the abduction of other humans.

What would be the spiritual world’s place in all this?  There are abundant quotes from holy books that give explanations about  their fate, but these all fall in a timeline none of us can figure out. There is no code that will tell us because, if we, as men were meant to unlock the secrets of God with our fragile minds, that would clearly dimenish him. Wouldn’t it?

For those non-believers,  lets go on, and assuming you do believe that we have spirits and there is a the chance for reincarnation or advancment into some other world, we have to make assumptions about their plight.

What reasons would they have to be angry and in discontent? Think about all the people, over the generations and ages of man,that were strangled in ceremonies,  drowned or burned, or those left in poverty to a death, at times just as bad. What about those stuffed in the hollow trunks of trees?  Need I go on?

A body of something moving throufgh the field, i have an idea, another figure in front of the dark one may be suported or being half drug, i cannot make out the details but am certain of the presence and the activity there.

Maybe it is none of these.  Maybe it is the evil dead, those who died locked in their resentment, their angers and their pain, those who drew their sustinance from the suffering of others, and like an addict cannot walk away from the medicine cabinet, away from” us”, their source.  What are the things we catch in images within our homes?  What are those lurking in the deepest shadows of our back porch?  Does the cross that hangs over that doorway keep, possibly, the evil dead or worse that might be there, seperated from us?

What of the others, those that do come beyond that point? Are they possibly these overlords or their represenitives, ever aware?

There are extrordinary things that we think we are aware of.  There are the figures and forces outside our present reach, which we give names to, not in any real knowledge of them, but out of a need to place them beneath us somehow. W have the need to make them of less conequence.

We are taught that Adam named the anima, and just as we name each litter of pups or kittens born to our pets,  we  name these beings, these paranormal forces, because once named, they are beneath us in a sense , just one more discovery like electricity.

In our deluded minds,  ones built out of the ego, of mastering to some degree the life on our planet, of expanding all the areas of our habitation, we forget that  despite our accomplishments,  these have all been terrestrial matters.  We have yet to face the challenge  of what lies beyond us and at this point  are ill equipped for the test.

Whatever the origin of these entities we encounter, it’s clear that they are here, and are accelerating their program,  that will one day throw us together, in the ever increasing encounters .  Some of us can turn our head for now, but some of us really have no choice but to realize it and face it.