This is unlike most of our reports. There is, what we believe, a degree  of  partial nudity in this report.  This could be a misinterpretation on our part, in which case other elements would then likewise become inconsequential .   At any rate we apologize for any discomfort you have accordingly, and look forward to seeing you again in other reports.

The scene was discovered after lightening the image. There was movement among the trees that drew my attention but it was dark. There were no voices.  We have ruled out, in our minds, deer or any animal. The coloring of the flesh ,suggests, if humanoid, a light skinned race,and the possible anatomy here is difficult to miss.  Light can change a tree trunk into a monster and create convincing shapes of all kinds.  This is no test, just an honest request for you, our readers, to help us with your opinions.  There really are no facts aside from those that may be drawn from the image.  Therefore we leave it before you, hoping, perhaps you will gather some insight from it, that we have been unable to see, or have misunderstood.

Please feel free to copy it, and use whatever programs you may have that might unlock the truth on this one one way or another,  That way we can either proceed by turning it over to authorities, or feel free to delete it and move on to other images.