We recently have had some stormy weather,  and its made for some incredible lightening shows and , stunning daylight revelations.   Most  search a lifetime and are rewarded with the cases that are a rich study of others experiences, usually in the past. And that is amazing in its own right,  because it doesn’t have to be that way.    Those investigators that spend time in the field in the field, should (always be on),, we may be going to a doctors appointment, or lunch with a friend or family member,  we may be working in a pasture or a city street,, but we need to often have one eye on the sky.

during the cloudy days im talking about, were two outstanding sightings, one at a four way, where we were waiting to turn right, and an object went by at high speed these were seen on the strip, old buisness 71, what was  Butlers main drag in its busier days.


But they were far from the only activity in the sky,   at the fourway as mentioned this  object came by in a dark blur of motion,









Another closer view,






Holding possibly 70 percent of Butlers buisness, the new strip which runs east and west over 71 highway, has everything that matters to those who shop here, its skies though unacknowledged that day were as busy as Nuremburg Germany , in 1561, well having not been there that may be a rash statement, but the facts remain, there were frightening and beautiful forces , besides the storm at work in bates county .   Above one shopping center

the tube,

this beautiful scene played out. At first you’ll want to warn me about the sun,    and the rays coming off it through the gloom, but as you inspect this ever enlarging picture you will find details that seal that theories doom.    First the run of light on top is a reflection on the surface of the tubular object.  look closely at the first image and you’ll see despite the blurriness, ribs,,,, along the objects side, from my view it looked like an empty paper towel roll with a coppery end on it,    This though changes again putting the sun theory in worse peril,  because something projects from the nose or butt of this object,? this craft?









In the photo to the right the thickness of the structure as well can begin to be seen.  Cigar shaped objects have been the norm here throughout our study, we believe at one of these have followed us

details described

to the Butler square where we got an impressive view of its lights.

The top arrow uin the photo to the left shows the vapor escaping from a lighter colored circle on its upper side. this will be more apparent in the enlargements, the left arrow points out probably the most interesting feature, a clear whole and coppery ring around it on the very end.  exactly what is at that end remains to be seen, it could be stray vapor, but there are semi reguler dark spots faint but visible along its side these i think may be  windows or portholes.


  the black and white image gives  detail to something in the smoke or vapors above it, this object then moved up into clouds above it dissapeared as the rest did that day,7/20/2011. we were never so glad for a doctors visit because if we hadnt had it skeduled that day, we likely would have remained inside writing and missed it. Get out any chance you can,,, and watch the sky.



the hole on its side well pronounced now in black and white there is something about the opening, and object at the top of the picture that look possibly to me like figures, one coming out the hole one floating overhead. smoke , a figure? either wauy the hole has purpose on the side of the object.