this is the one we caught near Harrisonville on our way to Orrick

I have no explanation of what happened to us, out on that dark country road in September 2009. I know something happened. We have the evidence. Our way of fighting back was to go out and start researching our country roads to find out what is really out there. We have published what we have found and it has all been frightening and scary to say the least.

We caught this one uptown, close to the square by the water tank just a few weeks ago

Sometimes we feel very alone in what we are doing. We often wonder what people are thinking of us. Do they think we are kooks, we are crazy, or maybe we are just trying to get attention?  We are none of that. We are Christians, who wanted nothing but a peaceful, normal life and discovered a new hobby taking shots in the woods at night. No matter what the thoughts are about us in this town among the many people we know, including family and friends, we keep on searching, because we have to live with the fact that something did happen to us.

I found this picture of unknown rings on the internet,, the connected website no longer works

The picture of these rings were taken outside our house

this is the one we got out by 1500 road

We aren’t out to scare anyone. We aren’t out to get attention. We aren’t out to try and make a profit on all of this. The reason we started, was the fact that we believed if something happened to us, it could happen to others in our area. We felt the need to try to find out what we ran into, and to warn others of the possibility of it happening to someone else.

I know that some of the photographs are strange, scary, and almost impossible to believe. So I am on a mission. I am searching for others who have

Taken in New Westminister, BC 2003

taken photos that are similar to ours, and as I find them, I will post the comparison, if for no other reason than to just show that what we are finding is not limited to our area or our camera.

This one was taken a month or so ago out by Passaic and 8200

Please, if you have gotten any strange pictures we would love to see them and post them for you. If you have had a strange occurrence or sighting, feel free to contact us. We will keep your identity private if you wish, but we feel we are not alone in what we find, and want to show others that there are truly strange things going on in our vicinity.

I found this on the Internet. The website it was connected too no longer works

This was taken in Jalisco Mexico 2004

You can contact us through comments on this website, they are privately read and do not post to the front page unless we authorize them, so you would not be sending your information out to the public, or you can contact us at or

God bless, Lori