Some time back, I was on 71 highway and while Lori drove and I took the picture of the Geometric Giant. Photos of large airships seem to be as common now as Elvis impersonators were in the 70’s and  early 80’s. There is the China film clip of the barge like craft, a flying platform, and all the triangular home plate like ships with 3 large lights, and it’s like the sky is full of spheres.  The day mentioned in our article, was exceptional. Everything we showed you in the previous  article was only half the drama played out in the skies over Butler

For so much to be happening? If you are returning home and you see the street tore up by road crews, you work your way around it. You see something moderately extreme but not out of the norm. Your logical assumptions and worries involving it are relatively few.  But what do you assume when you see not one but 5 UFO type ships in the same day, within a one mile area in your town?   What can we assume with all the other activity we’ve shown you and that which we’ve yet to show as well. Don’t certain thoughts start running through your mind?

the shape is roughly oval yet possibly with a saucer like rim around its middle, my eyes cant figure it out, can yours?

Are there thoughts about, not just your casual extraterrestrial  traveler, but what appears to be a build up?   Remember the recent large UFO seen around Kansas City, Missouri? or the multiple mass sighting of over a hundred smaller craft near I-435?

What would that many be doing in the same area at the same time? What could they be doing that would call for such numbers?  In a pre wartime situation, forces already have known for some time conflict would occur  and they have been jockeying for position, moving the right numbers of troops into the area.  Of course troops try to avoid the D-Day situation where they are being killed as they leave the landing craft.   No, with an Alien invasion as powerful as they are, and as technologically superior as they are, they would have long since given up the wasteful toe to toe type approach we left after the revolutionary and civil wars.what do you see in clouds near the bottom,? anything?

Knowing how easy it would be to use  our dumping grounds, like old plants,  warehouses, rural business areas of ghosts towns that the land has reclaimed, the old mines that have played out, the cave systems, and even the cover of things as simple as 10 or 20 ft of river water overhead, gives a few examples of how and where buildups could take place.  With their penchant for nocturnal visits and the means they use to accomplish these, they would be the ultimate paratroopers, making our

watchman on the move, or silent assassin,?

covert operatives  envious.

So the question still hangs in the air, what do you assume? More important, what do you do?  You can assume it’s a lost cause to try and oppose them, and simply try to forget you know anything about it,  bury yourself in your life, and cease to look up.

You can play sneaky, sneaky, and say we’re just going to keep watching and gathering information on them, hoping, down the line,

a detail to bring these points to your attention

we will see a crack in their armor, a vulnerable spot.

or you can go Zombie killer on them, going after them with everything we have at our disposal, ex; shotguns, hunting rifles, semi automatic weapons, and toys of the dark ages, all the thumping and hacking tools of destruction  the shopping channel will sell you in truck loads.

But what happens then?  Probably some few, cool victories, but, eventually most will go charging out blasting and hacking , half naked bold in our tattoos and leather only to find ourselves in the next instance, coughing, sputtering and cussing as we try to find which way is up again.

We could find ourselves lying on the inner floor of a landing bay, in some huge ship with a guy name NYMTHIZAT, nudging us in the side  with his laser rifle, speaking in our head to get up and move along with the rest to holding room,  on board detention center.

The other route to me doesn’t sound much better.  Remember the movie Red Dawn? Remember the town mayor? The politician goes belly up and becomes a yes man to the invading force.  Those that take the flower child approach and put themselves and their trust in these being hands, won’t be much better than cattle.  They may be treated fairly as long as they are willing breeding stock, as though a choice would be given.

We can assume, that if we are willing, there will be the great exchange of knowledge and tools as mentioned often.   The reality of this is, they will most probably  be a superior species.  What would we have beside our bodies and the minerals of our planet that would interest them?  Pizza, firewater, video games,? RAP?   Or  worse, we have to remember that some of these races have supposedly harvested humans as food  or as lab rat fodder to use in  programs they have to alter their species and prepare to better take our place here .

is there something there, , could all those straight lines, at different angles connected, represent a semi vieled object.?The image above is iof something in the clouds lowerr to the ground, something we watched for some time, the clouds around it changed and blew past but the outline of hard edges never chainged in any way. it may have been nothing, but its outlines doesnt suggest that, as the clouds cleared it rose but its bottom that last thing still seen among the clouds never lost its original defenition.

Is all this talk pointless, and there’s really nothing of real consequence going on, besides the natural turns of our world? Maybe we are just more aware now and catch them out of the corner of our eye. More, probably, they have been here always, since life crawled out of the water and the epoch  of changes began.

Maybe it has been us, who all along have been the guests here, deluded and lost in the wonders we see in our mirror, afraid to look beyond ourselves, due to the insecurities we will undoubtedly face on the day we acknowledge our true place in the universe.