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A large object moving accross buisness district of Butler, West of the railroad tracks. This sky ship was photographed by the Carters while out on patrol,. While healthy sckeptisism should be encouraged, all signs point towards the photo's authenticity.

The dates are getting less and less important,,,, nor  is the time of day, we go to sometimes extraordinary lengths to document an event, but the reason  its news is because it’s not something that happens everyday, that’s what make the corrupt politician getting caught, or the humanitarian act so relevant and necessary for readers, they’re rare occurences.  It’s the guy who’s just won the title match,  it’s the dark horse coming out of nowhere,, These are News.  You rarely wind up on the 6 o’clock news talking about something that happens  3 or 4 times a week.

The sky ship as it first( approaches) and docks with the cloud

Most UFO, sighting’s are tongue in cheek stuff,  Whether there’s anything to it, or not  the stories are  cold in a week, and the reports aren’t repetitive, There’s a sighting or two and the location for this kind of thing changes.  The Witnesses aren’t a dream either,A few have  dubious details that don’t always jibe with other witnesses of the same affair.  But everybody, and i mean everybody is certain of what they saw.

Cigar shaped , another smaller dark shape is faint as it moves free of the larger and goes off to the west

Thats what makes this Burg different,,,    The News here is when something isn’t going on,, the days that Butler trash talk ,( a rumor mill online,, is vacant of reports or hushed conversations about what was seen out in the west end.)   Or there are no stories circulating about strangely mauled animals in the grocery store check out line.  Those days the local UFO hunters, have nothing on their plate,,, but old movies, and a few refreshing moments of quality time, in which they ban the subject  .        What stands out here and must be addressed is the sheer magnitude of reports, the documented, trips of this couple and more importantly the photo’s, of not only strange lights , and low passes over the interstate, but worse,,,,  Things that im beginning to wonder about in spite of myself.

the Sky ship is moving separately from the other clouds to the north and another cigar-shaped object, either moves out of its bottom or descends from a nearby cloud. in basic shape these two are very similar, and match 3 other reports with detailed photos of similar activity

Sure when i first took this story it sounded like malarkey,  not even a creative story,  too many of the details in  these  stories are similar, Its like they’re patterned after one another in an effort to make them believable, (even a hoaxter should have a bit more  imagination).   The  sky ships ? all turns of light and the eye,,Planes Helicopters,, misunderstood objects quite normal in the daylight,  or those moments of havoc that light can play on the lens, of a camera,,( how many shots for the society page have been scrapped over that.?)

Little Green Men,? these boys aren’t that far from the city, that they don’t have access  to catalogs with hundreds of horror masks,,, And if not ,,  a batch of a paper mache, and a pear shaped  balloon can bring the space man down to earth.   No it was only a matter of catching the people involved, there’s the real story,,, I know hoaxers aren’t always the worst type,, some just need a hobby, and its scaring people,,  but there’s something eerie about this couple,, they don’t have that feel at all.  I’ve interviewed them at length, and there’s no two ways about it,, they believe their story whether anyone else does or not.Are they for real,? or just on the battered end of common sense,, they don’t come across as nuts to me.

I think the inside of the house sold me,  they have an old house , no-show place, but  decent , nothing for Harper’s Bizarre, or Good Housekeeping,,magazine but nice.  then you have the doors,   I’ve covered some stories before where people were coming forward,, testifying , and things that make sleeping easy a bit rough.

But these folks have five locks on one door,   and then from what they tell me, there are motion detectors  set up at night at two other locations, to catch anything that gets by the doors.    And i pity the boogeyman that gets to the bedroom,  what was strewn out across  his long nightstand adjacent to the door would make short work of an intruder.  So why are they so scared?  maybe its the pictures of their Jeep bought only two years ago, and its present condition, part of the bumper missing the rear windshield wiper ripped clean off, multiple dents in each door, and only one of these four doors functions as it should, most have missing or broken part’s.Maybe its the roof stretched or bent in such a fashion it continually collapses inward, and now the mere wind on the highway can pop it in and out  with loud thumps.And the fact that particular bit of damage was acquired when one of these sky ships, came too close over head. I saw the pictures of what  of the supposed thing that did it.

It would be better if it ended their

Another separate Air Ship,

but the back door has repeatedly been picked, levered and jimmied to a point unlocking it to get in is tough. it like many other things around there will be replaced they say.      Still all in all its a huge bite to swallow,( their supposed abduction) and it details runs up against everything that makes sense.     I can imagine some good ol boys up to a bit of mischief, but their amnesia ,and the photo’s supposedly taken the night in question,,, A guy in a costume? a friend involved trying to help sell their story? or what? a for real spaceman,,( get out of here!.)

Presented again we feel this image due to its clarity should be given attention.If this is accurate this image give real concern to all who live in Bates County ,This object was photographed above the Carters Jeep

If it was just them, id of written this thing off a long time ago,   but there are others, ones with different type’s of stories but one thing in common

These eyes were reported to be seen moving by the Carters, and they believe what ever it was escaped either into one of the large pipes running through the area, or the wood mill directly behind it in the photo.

a haunted look.          I can’t see a group effort  to hoax it,  what could be gained maybe a Slot on the local Six o’clock reports?  but these things rarely develope into money, and some people might be driven from town by it,  a stigma sets in with the continuation of this game and property values could if people are fickle enough could be effected.  And surely there would be repercussions even in a place this small from those that represent the future of Butler.   No there’s more to this,, whether uncle Sams involved and its all in our best interest is unclear,,, but the smiles are getting fewer along the bar at the coffee shop, and as the old men, mop at sweat on their faces, there’s more on their mind than the heat and donuts and coffee.

Well I’m almost there, and i think ill have the farmers breakfast,,,,  this place is growing on me,

The story above is a genuine report, the objects (the sky ships) are very recent sightings, it was written in second person and the photo’s were changed to black and white, to add a newspaper feel to the story.   These photo’s with others in the sighting will included in a future report, probably the very next. They will be in color.    The light hearted approach to this should not mask the serious essence of what we do , it should not confuse you about our approach or motives. It was written in a semi cynical style of a skeptic, possibly one being won over slowly to our cause. As open minded readers , you support our cause, and give us hope, thanks –  Rich


Part 1

Bates County , is a probably very normal in some regards ,, there are the places of sculpted beauty, but they are few and far between,,  there are also places that  test the  nerve, and the  spirits  resilience, areas that leave you with the eerie feeling you’ve strayed across a line.

snow crusts the ground of a hillside, leading to a small flat area in a circle of trees, above this clearing a round red ball hangs in the air. Its outline is defined in one of the two images. this( pulsing) organ like object of lumpy but connected matter, can more easiliy be seen in the thumbnail. It was also photographed threough the branches of a tree wall, i shot through the opening after seeing an odd reddish reflection on the shot before, once in the right position i could see the lumpy sphere

In my early 20’s i began to become aware of a larger more complicated world, i grew to sense thing’s , (strongly at times).  I gained a hap hazard sort  of sight, that manifested itself at odd times without effort. One experience was a night id seen  a pile of iron and tires, next to my best friends house, as i sat in the car waiting for him outside his fathers  home.

I made a comment, about it saying something like ( man you guys are gonna get a fine if you leave that Stuff out there, )Grandview was tightening its belt, taking on the airs of a big city.   And he said back to me, What stuff,? I told him it was the garbage out to the side of his house, easily seen from the street, even at night.   We had been having this conversation as he was driving away, and he went back around the block, to prove me wrong,, we pulled by his house again,

(there was no way i could have seen it, the tire’s wheels and iron,,because there was a 5 to  6 ft high section of fence there a small partial fence that reached from the side of the house to the tree a few feet away.  Nothing,,, was visible until we walked up and looked behind it.  )Id seen the stuff but not the fence.

Parts of Bates County , are  for the  sensitive a nightmare,  it is a place  where caution is not only nesseccary,  but essential.  For  those looking with camera and intuition ,,to those  capable of discerning its true face, It can reveal body sized bundles, not carpet rolls, but objects wrapped, pods, being loaded across fences, and figures skulking about around odd locations, you’ll find the brutal and beautiful artwork on rocks , The work of soul with a vicious  longing to subdue ,and  sometimes in its excess, the spill over of a torturer dreams.  The pieces are   strangely similar, found in our cemetary , near the quarry,  in the Virginia Missouri township, in Appleton, and other towns throughout the county. surely a wanderer, or a citizen who living in complete anonymity steals away to feed this desire, and prepare places for his real work.  The placement of these painted or drawn upon rocks,(  One’s we’ve featured here before in photo’s,, )indicate they are created  by someone who  crouches in creek beds beneath bridges, and in culverts,,with nothing of comfort , and carrion almost  always at hand..But to the land this is nothing new,  Its trees, some hundreds of years old, have looked down on strife and degeneracy,and crimes of man against man for centuries,,,  secrets that the land has no choice but to keep.

But it doesn’t bear this burden silently,  It lifts the gossamer sheer of natures beauty occasionally to show that there is egress from many avenues, not familiar , not obvious to the  eye .  From pits in the ground, the water,, the trees and woods themselves, and the very air, all seem to be more hiding places at times,  than the pillars of our rural world.

All  tinged like a nightclub singers suits, with the residue reek of the bar, worked deep irretrievably into the fabric  of both twig and branch,a miasma  as inescapable as the odds of  a cold in a crowded room of the sick.  The water throws up orbs,of  spirits, who were crippled  by  relationships and the wars of life, left  during a final nocturnal visit  to drift to the silty floor of both river and stream.  They surface to glow above the water, possibly above the stretches of the bottom where  the bones of their  corpses ly semi covered,  fixed in the mire of a permanently muddy world.

To pad along the trails is to fight thorn-bush, and weed, crumbling fence posts, of property lines long forgotten, . There is a profusion of the disposed,as though the very people living there had a thought or care to what might meet the eye’s of their young or their children’s children. The remains of machine and animal alike,  roads more like paths through a junk yard, one stretched over miles.   A cow’s head leaning against the crumbling  remains of an old wringer washer, two of its legs rusted through, it lies on its side next to the carrion , It, now houses small animals that use it for a moments shelter, or  as a deposit box,  for something quickly stashed , and soon retrieved..

A concrete based ditch , it is  small and the bridge is  adjacent to a tree, whose branches hold the carelessly flung remains of a deer, before it dried, to jerky like uselessness, many battles took place on  the ice around it  for what tough stringy  treasure’s that still clung to the bones.  doughtlessly some combatant crawled away, un-victorious  in the bitter cold to add new  minerals to of the forest floor, as the spring thaw began.

But these are the natural  remembrances of both thatch and rock,     There are others,,,,,,,    Angry couples that come together to rage and cry beneath the  ancient branches,and would the oaks and elm’s  have cried out if they could, when only one left the scene , and a carelessly dropped high heel was left in the tall grass,   the forest will remember’s.

It knows  these stories  , and ones far stranger,,,, it knows of unexplained lights and horrors that pursue the unwary.Often told in the bark and branches of their own forms, ,,, The back of a woman in the position of running, her white skinned form clear and large  there on the the round wound of a removed branch.  Her dark  flowing hair, and proportion to limb, all of an artists quality but its origin not based in pigment, but the essence of the tree.  Trees that are  broken and dead and lying in wait on the forest floor, but even then leafless  talk to us, men and wemon can be found the shapes of their bodies , in almost natural poses of human repose, still struggling  to call out from their prison,Or perhaps they are natures conscience, a warning of past deeds or present danger.  some are partially revealed tortured faces frozen in an eternal moan locked within wood and bark,, angry faces and violent arms, and( Eyes).like mummies wrapped in wood.     Bayful grim orbs slanted in anger,  features that repel, that warn with the other pleading faces of possibilities we  should dare not court.

These woods are not  what they were, perhaps they were once more,,  perhaps the presences that now frequent these areas, are changing them as well.   A slope leading through a gauntlet of winter blasted  trees large and small,  a primitive ladder constructed in full view,along ones tree’s side to the left,,  the remaining crust of a past snow below. This hillside rises  to a flat spot ,, and above it looming  in the air  some 20  to 30 ft from the ground a large reddish ball, lost in leafless branches.  not the classic shiny sphere’s of ufology, but a pulsing throbbing surface not smooth or machined  but as though a thousand large chunks of rounded tissue had connected to form a ball, with the same translucency that some meat has. Something quite possibly  a hard misunderstood material,  but also  maybe  made of  some pliable ,, of organic matter.

Like a large organ full of blood it hovered there in the air, across the fence and up the hill, this was no psychic  gift of vision but a very real object our camera captured on more than one occasion.    Was there more to learn, of course,  i might have found more than we really wanted to know, The kind of information that does no-one any good, the kind that claims you. .  Instead sometimes,(sometimes i say ,not all the time,) we are addled on the verge of decision, It’s almost as though were silently directed away.     And later when viewing the film, we know something was wrong because there are just too many times we have left a scene, when leaving was the poorest decision, one we would never have chosen,until our safety became a serious concern. not with the find at hand.  It is almost, as though we forgot what we were doing.?

We may not glean all the facts from our trips that we would love to absorb, , we apparently leave much behind at times that could be gained, but by no  fault of our own that were aware of.   the skies taste the exhaust of their machines, the woods have broken paths  brutally carved through them,wide paths of open space and shattered limbs  and once two identical tree’s were laid over their roots exposed  bent to the same 45 degree angle as though something had backed into them.  The idea of a vehicle, a car or truck doing this is  impossible, because these trees were across a ditch, and up a very steep slope  nearly 7 to 8 ft high.  large trees are occasionally found  laid over as if something passes through,barred by nothing. The ground and trees  must absorb as surely as they do the rain the radioactivity, of each tour ,the presence of exhaust, and the road melting heat of some passing,, ,  Again all this matters little   whether we are there to see it or not , There are eyes that record it all              rock , stream and tree remember.

We are sorry but his dark span of recent creations  has really been  quite necessary, and they address another facet of this work.  When you monitor long tracks of ground like we do watching the air the bridges and of course the woods, you will come upon the evidence of  human activity, ruins of long forgotten houses, absorbed into the terrain, and other proofs of the presence of men, materials set in traps you would see in Vietnam, or a turn of the century hunters setting.   And then there are the clear indications of dump spots and cult activity.   There will always be an abundance of proofs of life about us , that (both normal, and that which for the most part goes unnoticed,) that which was native to this earth long before us possibly. We will continue to stalk those secrets as long as we can   and hopefully this year  bring home trace evidence as well.  If we cannot bring it home in a physical sense,we will  capture it between the seconds of the clock in our marvelous, but affordable  and sometimes infernal  little machine.

But today were showing something i made recently, really one of a set.    Most of the art I do is portraits, murals, and the occasional fantasy illustration and for years they were the heart of my interest .

These recent  statues, models, or  folk art creations, whatever you call them, are a reminder for investigators both professional and amateur to be aware of their surroundings, Sometimes a picture holds more power than an eloquent speech,and the purpose of this one is to remind us of real possibilities, and the fragile  barrier between us and them.  When  looking for the Orb or the apparition, the disc shaped object or the humanoid,  try to  remember our species has its owns monsters . Some are indoctrinated into the faith of madness, cultivated in it, their base? The very same platform of freedoms we all rise from.  The one that leads most of us to somewhat well-adjusted lives, yet in their case the same freedom’s of choice in religion, in personal philosophy,  are taken to wanton, and sometimes homicidal extremes. The severity of the image to the right is not an alien scene from another planet, based on impulses we could never understand.   It is a setting a wife or husband could easily find themselves in , with acts of infidelity, perpetrated  against the wrong individual.    Investigators must always approach a home as though they are going to talk with a hostile witness.  That is to say they should use kindness and manners, but be leery all the same.

As you walk through the woods in the  night-time or day time, as you approach the house to ask directions or get permission to look closer at an area, you cannot any longer suppose the unlikelihood of the worst case scenario,, or doubt that the home owner may be the Ed Gien type recluse .

another view

Back in the early to mid 70’s a girl was killed in Belton, Missouri,  It was  finding  the girl’s hand in the creek that led to the discovery of her corpse, which also was deteriorating in these same waters.

The boy responsible? I never understood whether his dysfunction was retardation or a more severe psychological problem, but this same individual encountered us one fall day. He came very close to my little brother as he (this kid ) was wandering through the length of woods, looking for what (?) Luckily he waved and walked by us, but not before coming up to my brother in an attempt to embrace him.     Of course my brother didn’t reciprocate.We were told  part of the boys  problem was sexual, and he well could have  been looking for another victim in the same stretch of woods he’d found the girl. He had been a simple person maybe damaged, who dealt with the rejection of a girl all wrong ,, and im sure  She was unaware of the danger she was in.   That was some 38 odd years ago, Today in the tracks of rural America and the jungles of concrete, there is a purer form of killers coming to power.

When I was 21 I had a  tragic encounter with a girl my age. I say tragic because I tried to get her home to her family,We had talked and she told me how after a fight with her mother she had run away, how each new step to survive had led her down , further and further until she began selling herself, under the guidance of a criminal.  from that point on, 5 ft nothing, 100 pounds possibly wet, she was easily convinced of her position.  I had made an offer id  get her a ticket home if she would really go, and give her family a chance again. I had  planned to escort her personally there, and turn back afterwards for home.No strings attached  nothing required.  She was in a bad position and I knew if she didn’t get free soon, it would eat up the best years of her life and  possibly claim it, my naive 21-year-old mind had no idea how close i was to the  truth.  We were set up to meet at her hotel, her bag was to be packed and her ready to go.

The day I arrived , she was not in the downstairs of the hotel waiting.  A number of old black men obviously forgotten, one stretched out on the floor unconscious in pants soaked with urine laid about the lobby and an old black lady, in her 70’s had directed me to her room.

I went, after a while upstairs. Others were milling about  outside her room in the hall. like they were waiting for someone,  when i asked if this was her room they had only shy’d away. This was on the third floor and  her door was open a crack. I knocked, but it was clear no one was there.  I pushed open the door and saw a wrecked bed, syringes laying about  and a suitcase in the floor near the door. It had been packed and some  its contents were spilled out, still semi folded.( she had been ready to go,)    The window of the room was not just open, but removed from the casing, and a breeze blew the white sheers bunched in its corners here and there.   All the drawers were removed from the dresser. One was shattered and the others were left laying helter-skelter.

As I looked out the window, careful not to touch anything even though I had gloves on, it started soaking in.  Three floors below a dumpster had been drug or pushed beneath the window.  Anyone could merely drop something from this height and with certainty hit that target. It was then i saw blood on the floor by the window 3 drops.  What froze me to the bone was what I saw out of my right eye. Through a bathroom door a toilet was half painted, half filled with red tempera, a spray was on the wall behind the stool.  With my spine turned to welded ice,and the real fear i would not be able to move, I inched towards the door and looked in again to the right, the tub,and wall’s there were no better .

I backed out of the room, trying hard as I could not cry, and went down the stairs past the hollowed eyed addicts, individuals who’d long since made their choice leaving their families and real life behind them.  The old  lady I met downstairs, who’d sent me to her room, was waiting,   I have a minor form of epilepsy and get dizzy spells when upset at times.  As I sat wobbling, trying to gain control,waiting for it to pass and futilely fighting the tears that come with recognition of the fatal,  that same old woman said “nothing you could do honey”. She never once took her eyes from the screen of a black and white TV that was so fuzzy that  only faint shapes could be made out.

Of course the city processed her death, just as they did probably hundreds if not thousands of others through the decades of its history, and I’m sure, once finding out what her reputation and her profession were, it became  pretty much an open and shut affair .  There are many horror stories much worse, I’m sure , in the woods of our county and others like it,  bones long since detached by time, or the forceful push of  bushes and vines alike.  Husbands ,wives, rivals,  and children who became more of a problem than just  an extra mouth to feed.  There are those who just could not be left alive to report  the crimes of the abuser.  They were too great a threat to the predators way of life, their hunger.

When you go to a door go in numbers if you leave your car at all. Go armed with some measure of self-defense , that allows you the option of flight ,and remember the old rhythm and blues song about “smiling faces”.

Is this scene a view from one of our photographs,? No.  Could it be a possible scene  in some haunted place,so lost in time  it is removed from the human eye,, a view of some beaten down remembrance of a home, one enshrouded in a canopy of trees, the porch-like  structure all that still remains ? Yes.       Could Evil people find This sort of setting ,  a desolate and isolated place useful,,,?       I have no doubt.

Our car repairs finally done the Jeep, was rearing to go and so were we, but the truth is there was a lot of apprehension involved in this First REAL,

night out.    We both felt it, but by the same token we had the feeling it was  time.

our object crossing the highway, and heading towards something large , a cloud bank,? or what the top suggests in the next picture.?

a night time shot from a moving vehicleof something hovering in an area im very familier with the building below is attached to a laundry on its south end,

what appeared to us to be hovering object, it moved along slowly and then sped away, my feeling is it was a pickup spot of some kind

We went North , to the Passaic exit, and planned to turn and just skirt the boarders of town,

but when we got to the exit with Clem, and all the possibilities down f-highway ,we soon found ourselves heading out, down F, going west.     And basically we drove towards the bridges shooting pictures absently overhead ,, There was only a about a mile between us and the first bridge, and i started getting an agitation,, it got worse and worse and worse the closer we got, until i adamantly said we have to stop, i just don’t think its a good idea tonight.lightened the shape of the objects possible destination is more clearly seen.

The eye alone a slanted bed, and a green pupil with a black dot on the center,

The only other time id ever felt anything so strongly was the night of our abduction, or the final night of it, the third night.   I kick myself because i didn’t listen to it, and well carry the results of my bad judgement the rest of our lives because of it.      Lori pulled off to the right onto a gravel road to turn around, and immediately saw something dramatic overhead,,,  a blueish white sphere the size of a Quarter or a Marble, two feet above the treeline from our position.

peeking out of the wall of high bushes, where the clicking was the loudest,,

It moved quickly to a point heading west where it, passed into something or

It doesnt get much clearer than this compare the basic outline yourself, this is essemntially what is right there,

just disappeared, she was startled by it, and the event was over before i could get to a position to see it., i was focusing on the sky to the north-east.   And it was weird i was freaking out (okay on a lesser scale but astill this wasnt the norm.   I get out in the road well away from the jeep and walk large portions of the road at night, getting both sides of the road, in a bad position for encounters,, and yea im nervous, but not like last night.  We were taking shots as we came back east stopping for culverts, and monitoring the sky, BUT IT WAS


more full view of the area of the disturbance, i think it was capturing a snake, oeither that or irt has a very long tongue.

the stuff just started coming out of the wood work.

We believe these new craft seen are associated with if not the same craft . Whether this idea holds water or not isnt as important as the fact we personally are responsible for 12 sightings in the last month. There is a tremendous presence her, those interested are heartedly welcomed to come and stake out the sky.

There was a  strange patch of insect noise, not the kind you here crickets, and such, all the chirping stuff down by the water there is the clicking  etc.

But you probably shouldnt hear the other (loud) kind of clicking in the air over your car, in tree branches that completely over hang the whole road.   Some of the branches perilously low, there was no stream or pond in the immediate area,  and i concentrated on the corn field and the brush just down the hillside , from the rows.   We stopped after i saw a flash of something lighter moving about , popping up and peeking out of the brush.

Clawed hands, a face like a Pixar creation, It, and another face that similarly was caught inspecting us, were in the same grouping of fields, maybe 3 hundred yards wide.The clicking in this area was very loud, and where bug noise has a fairly regular pitch to it, this was louder and then less ,, almost agitated, when it’s volume would quickly rise and seem to be on the move.

ill write more about this tommarrow, we saw the figure in the weeds , the headlights startled it and i got this one backward glance before it dissapeared into the corn on the other side of the weeds.

another figure that will be written about in the next article with the reptilian above.

Those familiar with the Betty and Barney Hill story, are aware of the loud clicking , associated with their abduction. The noise was heard above our Jeep, as was it above their car.  The clicking of the locust is amazingly loud, but people who have been exposed to the summer and fall evenings throughout most parts of America are familiar with the sound and volume quality, there is a difference.  I would swear in court that at times this sound moved about and was close to us, very close, not a bug having landed on the jeep,( but more like something  talking as it and others inched near.)

Drama, no, a very real feeling, im not afraid of cicadas ,?locust?   or any other insect outside some venomous spiders,,, but this sound was not right,    and  something tells me with the produce  Activity that was visible that night, that there may well have been other’s a little more camera-shy,, more skilled in non detection.    We have to accept that if we are dealing with races of beings  who are our superiors in knowledge, then just as they have mastered issues of travel and sciences still above our head,,,,, they likewise may have a leg up on us in the arts of concealment, and camouflage .

This would explain those we only hear,   Ive always wondered how an illusionist can make a jet disappear from behind a hanging curtain of sheets,,, having no real knowledge on this i must guess it is done (possibly) by misdirection?  at any rate, these days many miracle like feet can be accomplished by very normal(skilled) mortals.   If the illusionist can easily sneak large things past us,, just how much more are we in the dark, when these superior beings, want to move a large craft through our towns, and our cities.

This is a sculpture i recently did inspired by a blurry image i took, one with not enough detail , yet strange horrible shapes and colors and the similar placement of a figure.  the photo would be no good to anyone but the details visible , the possible face, placed a burden on my heart for possibility,,

Barbie drafted to play the leading role, there is a wet red alien child still being nurished by the body.

So many things can be deleted so easily, and forgotten,   and i know in my heart no policeman would give it the time of day.  All the same  not even sure where we took the picture, i felt moved not to delete it.           There seems a bundle on the ground and i see what i would consider a face,  that in no way means that that’s what it is.  I’m continually startled by  how certain brush and rubbish can give a totally different impression.  no theres no sure answer with this image,  If Im wrong , it was a fascinating formation,, but if Im right there may have been someone there, someone who should be remembered. I took liberty artistic licence in altering it a bit. It is a representation of someone who died in a child birth, one they were never meant to be involved in.



The other is of a member of the weefolk, perhaps a very voluptuous Weefolk type person,

All in all though your either in this conversation or (so somewhere else on it.)  many who will talk of other dimensions, leave the game at the talk of Fearies.

back view

but truth to be told we have had easily as many photo’s showing a glance through that door, some of theirs standing near it, as we have had Ufo’s.    Its becoming more a belief that aliens are really much closer to us than we’d like , whole worlds of them.   Not billions of miles away, in fantastic galaxies that no man will ever see, but in worlds so close they may overlap this one.

another view

And there was logic at one time suggesting that very small beings just weren’t a possibility, ( That the Horton hears a Who, scenario,) was just that childish fantasy, charming but totally uninvolved in

another view

reality.   Yet now there talk of machines we will build , (not imaginative speculation) but a surety that will be able to travel through our arteries clearing out clots, little Nano Machines, that will do many thing’s will have function not as picks and shovels but as robots within our body.     Before i stray too much further, the second statue is another Barbie whose time had come ,,,, after a few years at the bottom of a box full of odds and ends with all the hair already burnt off  it found its way into my wax museum .


After a liberal over sculpting of wood puddy, and ransacking a bag of fake flowers for all the leaves i could get, i had an idea,  it was half way through i decided it needed a weed person weapon and some form of defense.

the business end of her primitive weapon

A quick run around the yard yielded a supply if twigs for stabbing weapon and shield.  anyway ,, it’s again largely an

full view

assumption,  no its an internal hope they are really there, their presence to the mod up to the minute crowd, would mean little,  but to those of us who have lived near nature much of our lives, It adds a new (Dimension) that could be (once revealed ) quite interesting  and possibly entertaining .      Richard

Imagine an aliens notice in a letter that our time is up. We would assume, of course, that letters are a human tool and hardly necessary for those who can speak with the power of their mind alone. Would they talk in a manner we could understand or just deal with us in the way we handle cattle? This is a dark  effort , a guess at what they might say.

Your probably wondering why were addressing you, now, in this manner. Who I am, what I am?    Those details are inconsequential. They have little  bearing on the days before you. All that really matters is I am  here. We are here, I and myriad of races, species different but all the same, very much like me, in our contempt for you.  It is startling to us, just how much we can at times be like you. Even though we excel you in ages of different manners of growth,  still, each race, each species, involved in this quest for control of your world is involved in a very real competition as well. Just as your spiders ants and maggots compete for that which is soon to be the carrion on the forest floor.

We are with you constantly, more completely attentive to your actions than any mother of her child.  You know less than the sheep, the Shepard over you. We are that thing most lost in the shadow, always beyond the notice of your eyes, among the  bushes or the tree, or clinging to a perch so close above you we could chill you with our breath on your neck.   We are the sand men of your fairy tales that have stolen consciousness from untold  billions, only to place our instruments within you, ones that will never allow you to be lost to us again.

Your bodies are our mines. We harvest those elements in you that will be the makings of a better more durable form of life.   With each visit, just as the torturer creates a bond with the victim, there one tie to reality. We condition you as well, draining your resolve , your will to resist. When we have had you for whatever the purpose of the day, we leave your mind  blank, no dream ever answered, nor  the questions of your fears or doubt.  No memory will threaten the success of our next visit. When we wish we live between the seconds of your clock, and you move with the speed of drying tree sap.

How could we not rule your world?  Only the need for caution, Only the need to study the actions of others with a similar claim, keeps us at the doors of our achievement, slows the inevitable.  You cannot resist the urge to sabotage your own efforts.  Your own intentions languish on the drawing boards or in the almost forgotten files of your great men.  You cannot see the forest for the trees,  neither can you see what prowls among them.

Some of your authors are suprisingly adept at capturing facts, while others are lost in the financial addiction that is the monkey on all your backs.  I could berate you for days.  Your apathy is just one more certainty of your willingness to allow us to someday dictate what you will be, and if you will be allowed to exist at all.

We have been, for centuries, all the creatures of your myth,  and just as these notions remain myths to you. Your disbelief remains our most powerful tool.    You think you  have mastered the outer surface of your world and in that pride of thinking yourselves  master over the beasts of your field, You reject our possibility. You cannot allow the idea of another life form possibly your superior, something you may, after all these ages of growth, still be ill equipped to deal with.

It is pride more than fear that separates you from the truth.  It is that same curse of character that will allow us to claim you for our needs, before your species is lost, replaced and forgotten. You will be our test tubes, and your legacy will be as elements that fuel our new race, and feed our armies.

Like a bursting tick you will die bearing children never meant for your womb.  The window of time  in which you might have altered this fate, you lost in indecision, in inner conflicts over ideas and the neccessity of their implimentation.   You lost your world, lost it  in a drama in which you had to be  the stars, and the competition for these small glories  made you blind to immediacy of your problem.

Why have I come to you now? Because there’s no longer any reason not to.

NOTE: This is not a picture of an Alien. It is a picture of Richard last Halloween.

I feel like shit,       i don’t have any energy, and my mind to be honest has been wanting to hide in a cloak of sleep all day. Except today was bill paying day, a grocery shopping day.  And its more than frustration or a lack of pep, It’s hitting the wall.       Its being tired of trying to keep a semi professional attitude when my mind is laced more with serious worry than inspiration.  Its tired of the politics that keeps us alone in this.

a figure of some kind wearing a ring a sleeveless shirt with a collar, its head was a mockery of a human form. it too was taken above leaning over the rim or railing of something carrying it looked like, a bag a blue bag or bundle.

the bottom of something very near the jeep in the air only slightly above us. a head or face seems to be yelling out the bottom.

I’ve seriously given thought to closing the site, boarding up the windows on it hanging out the going out of business sign , saying fine this is bigger than us and were just courting disaster , playing dodge ball on the freeway.      I think just shut your ……. mouth bury the camera in the closet, and forget there’s an internet for a few months till it sinks in i can relax, maybe we can relax.


I could wake up spend the morning till well into the afternoon, working on sculpture or listening to talk radio, or any number of things. or taking a nap with Lori, two spoons , blessed with no knowledge of worry or care ,sweet oblivion.  Never ruining a dinner again or doctors visit or any other number of gatherings where i have to tell people what we’ve found,,, and some listen in intense shocked silence , as much in worry about us and our condition as about the possible reality of my words.  or there are those like my brother who rolls his eye’s.  we used to enjoy a visit desatuarated image of talk and target practice, shooting apart the (old family car).   More concerned about a fresh brew and more ammo, or good book we’ve read by either a fantasy or sci-fi author.   Yea ive given the idea some serious thought,

darker version of craft seen over old Sonic on Orange street.

large disc we witnessed crossing the corner of the hospital parking lot. its was a blueish color and there was a strange shape moving below it, this was no more than 100 ft off the ground.and probably much less

But even if i did it tonight , ran from the site and the work, and grabbed the biggest ostrich hole for my head i could find,  there in the dark, and in the broad daylight , it would do no good.   Because there are things you can guess at, like whether the doctors are right who say this week that eggs don’t have cholesterol , are correct,,,,, or you can be wrong about a politician you voted for and cope,  you can even recover from a broken heart or a bad marriage,,,,,, but you can’t one day just say you no longer

first of two something black blocking the view of the house to the our right

know there are monsters.   You can’t suddenly say okay as of today there are no longer strange beings prowling the country side, , and machine’s  do not run a  patrol’s down highway 71, (in the air), or harass drivers below or abduct people in the rural countryside,  that they don’t seem to now command the sky over the town square.

And saying this , the most demoralizing fact is that you’re not making crazy assumptions, experts have looked at your images and suggested strongly to you that they are real. You know it your self, so how could we ever be free of this, when the last most frightening shots were taken nearly in our driveway.?  You can’t, we cant, there are some things you should not ask to know, because the privilege of that knowledge the truth of it, becomes a burden the light comes on  the framework above ,,ribs are vissibleonly a stroke or Alzheimer’s or death will separate you from. You want these mysteries to be real to add something to our world beyond the alarm clock duties,

closeup of the board or beam like structures above the light, they are uniform,

and taxes,, but you want it to happen on the other side of the world,

I’m done whining , and we sure as hell aren’t walking from this , now , not yet, but when that time comes, i hope you will respect us enough to take this seriously. to copy these pages down and put them in a folder and keep it not far from your bible,, because just as surely as the good book, tries to guide us towards being better men and women tries to inform us about the spiritual world as well,  we hope what you find here you take as a guide towards the

crop of cigar shaped object that circled a large dark oval overhead

world you can’t see , the one we don’t try hard enough to see.


We aren’t sure just why the intensity of action has picked up so much around here,, and we aren’t sure just how much more intense it can get, before all hell breaks loose, maybe im talking from a naive position maybe we had to struggle to adulthood only to become involuntary children again under a greater power.

An idea of the progression

1-2009 in the fall, /on the outskirts of town, an abduction takes place, elements of both alien presence and possible human interaction exist.

2-   the  winter / we are well used to the trips and the growing feeling that the hints in our photo’s seem so far to confirm the presence both of aliens and individuals using military garb to more easily access the public,

3-2010 the spring/  We are aware the midwest winters and icy conditions, have neither slowed night movements in field or activity on the water.

4-2010 the late spring early summer,/  We have found something in the river,  alien or cryptozoological, a monster.  and it was aware of us.  and have begun checking all,,, water outlets, streams creaks and culverts,   we have found symbols drawn or scratched into the concrete, arrows everywhere, obvious directional tool’s, but who would need directions that would travel by streams and culverts?

5-2010 mid summer/ We have not just one more but two more humanoid entities, found where?  in the stream and culvert systems.  One green with the eyes of a grey, something torn up in front of it all over it, he is partially in the water, maybe his feet and knees, his dinner? or scientific project, is being done on the rocks among the sparse weeds. the other is smaller helmeted , with an amber visor  white skinned powdery white. only his head is visible, but the first will haunt me even in my last moments.

The rear view mirror is tio the upper right of the sphere almost lost in its side, this object illuminated, and within a few seconds moved up and away its place in the skyline lost among the many tree's along the lane.

6- 2010 late summer early fall / the roof of the jeep was damaged and a strange vehicle with a retractable arm was on the highway next to us, we feel for some reason we were picked up, and not struck. pictures of a flying vehicle above the jeep ,or the magnetic  mechanical arm, ? were taken. there was no time loss of more than 20 minutes,

7-2010 fall,almost  every time we go out we find something indications , trees in a row all bent to the point of their trunk braking by something large enough to bend and leave them in a 45 degree angle both of them. across the street large amounts of soil are displaced not by digging but by pressure.    Strange burnt marks on telephone poles,   Rocks with as many as 5 pools of blood set in tiny impressions  6 to 7 inches wide, logs have split open as we passed, completely rupturing with strange forms appearing in the photo’s  ,,, The whole concrete bridge is shaken as well as the jeep above after a large impact, below, the bridge over a large waterway, looking i found no logs or anything to suggest a floating mass that struck it, and if an object did it sank afterwards. and was of enough mass to shake a four pillared concrete bridge and us through the seats of the jeep.,, all manner of phenomena , flying figures of blue light,  alien looking humanoids in the nighttime brush not far from the road.     by now it is not a question of if there are beings here it is only matter of how many more are at work at ground level and how many more  races there.

8-2010-winter/  bodies have been seen floating and lying on logs next to the river,  not dead one’s not ghosts, but an eerie blue woman who rested awhile and got up and walked off into the woods, lying a log partially submerged in an icy river, walking along a woodland trail of ice and snow,

9-2011-spring-/ we have photographed 31 sightings within two blocks of our town square, something yellow the size of a Volkswagen is hovering next to our courthouse clock tower, and it leaves only after changing position 6 times each iphotograph,, They have  been following us!? on three separate photographed occasions they have followed us for as much as thirty minutes at a time, and we are certain inside that we have had additional abductions.    Something the size of a city is photographed over 71 highway, and a businessman in butler is abducted.

not sure but it looks like a face protruding from the bottom of a machine

10- now/ we watch the skies we watch the woods and watch the water trying our best to cycle each of the search patterns in an often enough effort to do some good, and we come back with disheartening news,  because what started as an activity present on the farm roads, is no longer a strictly rural thing, now the square the business zone and the neighborhoods themselves add daily to our library of photo’s and our  sightings, Our map of a county corrupted in many ways , but more importantly a county  being slowly infiltrated, Butler trash talk had a 8 page conversation , running on the weird stuff occurring. you hear strange stories in( the grocery line), and activity has moved to within 4Q ft of our house.

Whats next?  




The title may seem a bit silly, but iots closer to the facts than any of us would like to believe,  there has to be a reason for it, for this pushy presence, and it has of course to do with us in some way.  We can lighten the mood but the fear is still a tangible thing here none the less.

Richard Carter

The first time I tried to put our abduction experience into words it took portions of three newspaper pages to explain it,and almost the whole article/letter seemed an apology .  Hopefully last night’s encounter/possible abduction will be handled better,.

what it looks like ,

Erroneously we had started to think, because of our involvement in this field, we were passed the knee jerk, shudder reaction, that the strange should really not at this point have  caught us emotionally off  guard like it did.   Let’s be real about it, you don’t have to have seen every alien movie for the last 2 decades to have library of possible horrors in your brain attached to the subject.

Our own common sense can already assure us of the many negative, practical possibilities that would be associated with our  removal from our world . Removal, by entities that may be barely humanoid, and what of the place you may be taken to? Could the first breaths you take upon exposure to that place be just the agonizing beginning of a death brought on not by their tender mercies, but by their environment itself?  Who is to say the conditions within their ship would not be a prelude to it. That only if you weren’t already mixing in a vat with a lot of other folk picked for the same purpose, (what some abductees have claimed to see).

full imagePersonal health matters, for both Lori and I, establish a real knowledge that a separation from our meds for an extended period would mean disaster. The thought of being abducted for a lengthy time would almost certainly,for us, mean death.  So, why not just face the facts and stop this insanity before we exacerbate  the situation to just that, a point of no return.?

it is anyones guess what were looking at exactly, but i ask you to look at the almost contoured lines.

If you have that choice, if everybody, (everything) involved is in agreement, that’s great. We’d bid you a farewell with genuine wishes for the best to each of you, and we’re gone. We’re back to  reading the Good

Life,  and perfecting whats left of our love-making, our gardening , and hermitage skills.

Though we’d never forget, we would definitely  try to.   That’s not one of the options on the table.  These aren’t beings that say  “oh look, another couple , in the dark, Strays!”,  and have their way, then take off forgetting you in their zeal to make new friends . Some of these are beings with an elephant’s memory, an elephant that has centuries of memory. Some of them are probably just scientifically dedicated in their own unfathomable way, while others mark you from childhood or the moment of capture,(because that’s what it is, capture) involving you in processes for the length of your life, that you would never believe, and many of our minds couldn’t  house.

After our  abduction, mentioned many times here and elsewhere, they were back the next night, and in their fashion left a calling card to assure our knowledge of it.   There was a photo in our camera of the nightstand in our hall, just outside our bedroom door. It was a photo of an object, seen in the hand of one of the weird intruders to our vehicle that night. It was charcoal briquette shaped object, three times that size, with an orange light on each end and a small  video (?) screen in the center with a face on it .    Even securing the house and arming ourselves, we still had photos on our back porch and in our dining room, showing the entrances of something in the process.  I was taken from the house and left naked by the side of the road in a clump of bushes, with strange marks, either suggesting the presence of wounds or bonds of restraint.  Both Lori and I have woke up in the morning feeling injured with muscle pain, and marks of restraint around wrist or ankle.  So what do you do feel helpless?  Do you slowly go insane with fear, worry and REAL memories? No, you get angry

You have to feel rightfully empowered in your life, non-subjugated. Following Government edict’s and regulations is one thing we all do to make society work and to help ( in most cases) the Government  to help us.   But when a person feels like they’ve fallen through the protective nettings of our world, and crime or other extremes seem to have us on the ropes, its more important for both our  mental and  physical health that we find a way to take actions that return a portion of that feeling to our lives.

i dont know what else top say, either we have a normal event somehow missjudged or one of the wildest images of a ufo , ive ever seen.

That decision and the lengths you go  achieve it , can’t be made on the platform of your present fears, but after trying to separate yourself emotionally from the equation .   Only then, in a state of mind as detached as possible from emotion, taking into consideration legal and moral boundaries, should you plan steps to achieve your ends.

Ours, strangely enough was to be better protected and do the only thing we could in response, the only blow we felt could be administered to them. That was to attempt to further reveal them.  If they were going to dog our lives like a tagged animal, then maybe that very overconfidence, that view of  superiority, might be the cause of an involuntary exposure on their part that might be captured on film or video tape.  We don’t, by any means suggest we are going to be the ones who finally convince the public, but the more of us who meet this in a less supplicant fashion, the stronger will be the message we are sending them. The message? we won’t be the cowering victims they want , instead, given no choice, we will like Beowulf at least try to  hanging Grendel’s arm above our door.   Our lives in the sea of history are just whispers, but in the face of the force or forces that may wish to claim this earth, our birth right, and our children for their experiments, our lives, if any success is to be hoped for, must amount to a roar.

a guess at its body lines,

The photo’s are all labeled.  The events were simple.  We drove down Fort Scott Street, taking pictures of the sky as we went going west. We stopped in the parking lot by the Dollar store and took some from a more stable position facing east. We then got back on Fort Scott again, turning left at the four-way light heading north, we drove the four miles to the Passaic exit still filming the sky, then turned around to head back south to the four-way now , where we turned east and drove  to our street. In the way of sightings ,the last few weeks have been a dream for a UFO hunter, but in that same number of sightings , is also im afraid a preview of  something grim that still awaits Butler,

Mythology, especially the Greek , Roman and Norse, offer us what’s long been assumed to be heroic tales meant more to inspire than educate. They are thought to be part of man’s need to answer the mysteries around him and to assign them a point of origin, as well as a religious context.Odin locked in Combat with the Fenris Wolf

But what if  something akin to  the face of Zeus,  did peer down on mortal men ?

a large metallic object seen over the glare of the street light, crude facial features can be seen, this taken at our street corner. off to the side and above a convienience store

Were lizards of large size and terrible countenance ever encountered?

Fisherman have been pulling the rotting corpses of large unidentified beasts from the water, and they have washed up on shores for ages. If we allow for the possibility of Nessie, in our age,  could not possibly many creatures still  have been  in existence in the the times the Greeks wrote of the Hydra, and the Norse wrote of  Fafnir the dragon?







Those mediterranean waters and the yearly climate there  could easily have supported a creature used to roughly similar prehistoric waters, and if the dinosaurs were destroyed in the fall of one or many rocks that signaled their end, the vast underground complex water ways would, I guess, have given  shelter, from either a firery death above or a slow death, as a subsequent climate change might bring.

details hopefully more visible in this black and white versionWhat if the authors of those tales of Zeus’s interaction with men and his coupling with women were not myths but a misinterpretations? What if a god-like being did  change form to a hapless, human woman, one who, in her altered state, saw a Swan and not a man, an intentional device of the being to calm her, his face seen among clouds, a massive forehead and brows over an angry countenance,  among the thunderheads, or flashes of lightening, his tools of wrath.

Apollo in his chariot, racing across the the sky, the obvious UFO sightings of craft of all descriptions comes to mind, or Artemis and her owl, a creature associated with the  abduction phenomena. Dionysos was, as well, as the god of wine and the god of ritual madness,  often  accompanied or seen in the company of a Satyr .

This could reflect the men-beast phenomena known as big foot. The Norse Gods were just as convincing, Odin the grim and wise among the clouds and Thor who rocked the heavens with the play of his hammer and his rage.  And what, interestingly enough, about the Rainbow Bridge?  A dimensional doorway or path ?   The Bible tells us a list of other supposed Gods. We are never told there, that there are none, but, we are directed to the one we are supposed to worship.

I believe in Christ and God, but maybe these hints in the Bible are not just directives of belief, but a sort of heads up to other forces at work in our world, less welcomed, but still having an influence on mankind. My point of this article is not suggesting  you should be worshiping a very real Zeus or Odin,  but merely to show a possible connection between the events of the lore of Ufology and the myths of the past. A  swan cavorting sexually with a nymph or human maiden, may seem a little  unlikely, but so is the idea of talking a raccoon that is addressing a professor in the woods.  But many of us have read that account  by a highly respected man.

outline an estimate of features placement, and angle of craft

What the pictures I’m posting are implying  is not a belief in a huge being, who that night manifested itself enough to gaze through a  street lights haze, I’m suggesting something  just as fantastic in its own right,  a craft coming into a lighted area just enough that the street lights glow was reflected on its surface, revealing either a structural design or painting that resembled and angry colossal face.

We paint flames on our hot rods and teeth to make our planes seem more fierce, as in the case of some of the P-51 Mustangs. Why should we believe that they would not do likewise.  A civilization possibly visiting us  for thousands of years, that watched our stumbling ascent from primitive fear, but aware none the less that that such an image used in that way would still cause, even today, the desired effect.

Here’s a question;  if a group of superior beings were using such a tactic, why would they? Could it be to keep us afraid and away from certain actions like monitoring the activity around the place they attended, or is it  just to create terror and confusion in those seeing them?    Maybe they knew just how complex we are, that elements of strange and distant belief still hold an unconscious  place in us like primordial terrors. Even though we may laughingly reason away such mythological nonsense during the daylight, a face of metal hovering in the sky by night might shake a bit of our sophistication away and reveal  just another of our cloaked fears.

Richard Carter