The first time I tried to put our abduction experience into words it took portions of three newspaper pages to explain it,and almost the whole article/letter seemed an apology .  Hopefully last night’s encounter/possible abduction will be handled better,.

what it looks like ,

Erroneously we had started to think, because of our involvement in this field, we were passed the knee jerk, shudder reaction, that the strange should really not at this point have  caught us emotionally off  guard like it did.   Let’s be real about it, you don’t have to have seen every alien movie for the last 2 decades to have library of possible horrors in your brain attached to the subject.

Our own common sense can already assure us of the many negative, practical possibilities that would be associated with our  removal from our world . Removal, by entities that may be barely humanoid, and what of the place you may be taken to? Could the first breaths you take upon exposure to that place be just the agonizing beginning of a death brought on not by their tender mercies, but by their environment itself?  Who is to say the conditions within their ship would not be a prelude to it. That only if you weren’t already mixing in a vat with a lot of other folk picked for the same purpose, (what some abductees have claimed to see).

full imagePersonal health matters, for both Lori and I, establish a real knowledge that a separation from our meds for an extended period would mean disaster. The thought of being abducted for a lengthy time would almost certainly,for us, mean death.  So, why not just face the facts and stop this insanity before we exacerbate  the situation to just that, a point of no return.?

it is anyones guess what were looking at exactly, but i ask you to look at the almost contoured lines.

If you have that choice, if everybody, (everything) involved is in agreement, that’s great. We’d bid you a farewell with genuine wishes for the best to each of you, and we’re gone. We’re back to  reading the Good

Life,  and perfecting whats left of our love-making, our gardening , and hermitage skills.

Though we’d never forget, we would definitely  try to.   That’s not one of the options on the table.  These aren’t beings that say  “oh look, another couple , in the dark, Strays!”,  and have their way, then take off forgetting you in their zeal to make new friends . Some of these are beings with an elephant’s memory, an elephant that has centuries of memory. Some of them are probably just scientifically dedicated in their own unfathomable way, while others mark you from childhood or the moment of capture,(because that’s what it is, capture) involving you in processes for the length of your life, that you would never believe, and many of our minds couldn’t  house.

After our  abduction, mentioned many times here and elsewhere, they were back the next night, and in their fashion left a calling card to assure our knowledge of it.   There was a photo in our camera of the nightstand in our hall, just outside our bedroom door. It was a photo of an object, seen in the hand of one of the weird intruders to our vehicle that night. It was charcoal briquette shaped object, three times that size, with an orange light on each end and a small  video (?) screen in the center with a face on it .    Even securing the house and arming ourselves, we still had photos on our back porch and in our dining room, showing the entrances of something in the process.  I was taken from the house and left naked by the side of the road in a clump of bushes, with strange marks, either suggesting the presence of wounds or bonds of restraint.  Both Lori and I have woke up in the morning feeling injured with muscle pain, and marks of restraint around wrist or ankle.  So what do you do feel helpless?  Do you slowly go insane with fear, worry and REAL memories? No, you get angry

You have to feel rightfully empowered in your life, non-subjugated. Following Government edict’s and regulations is one thing we all do to make society work and to help ( in most cases) the Government  to help us.   But when a person feels like they’ve fallen through the protective nettings of our world, and crime or other extremes seem to have us on the ropes, its more important for both our  mental and  physical health that we find a way to take actions that return a portion of that feeling to our lives.

i dont know what else top say, either we have a normal event somehow missjudged or one of the wildest images of a ufo , ive ever seen.

That decision and the lengths you go  achieve it , can’t be made on the platform of your present fears, but after trying to separate yourself emotionally from the equation .   Only then, in a state of mind as detached as possible from emotion, taking into consideration legal and moral boundaries, should you plan steps to achieve your ends.

Ours, strangely enough was to be better protected and do the only thing we could in response, the only blow we felt could be administered to them. That was to attempt to further reveal them.  If they were going to dog our lives like a tagged animal, then maybe that very overconfidence, that view of  superiority, might be the cause of an involuntary exposure on their part that might be captured on film or video tape.  We don’t, by any means suggest we are going to be the ones who finally convince the public, but the more of us who meet this in a less supplicant fashion, the stronger will be the message we are sending them. The message? we won’t be the cowering victims they want , instead, given no choice, we will like Beowulf at least try to  hanging Grendel’s arm above our door.   Our lives in the sea of history are just whispers, but in the face of the force or forces that may wish to claim this earth, our birth right, and our children for their experiments, our lives, if any success is to be hoped for, must amount to a roar.

a guess at its body lines,

The photo’s are all labeled.  The events were simple.  We drove down Fort Scott Street, taking pictures of the sky as we went going west. We stopped in the parking lot by the Dollar store and took some from a more stable position facing east. We then got back on Fort Scott again, turning left at the four-way light heading north, we drove the four miles to the Passaic exit still filming the sky, then turned around to head back south to the four-way now , where we turned east and drove  to our street. In the way of sightings ,the last few weeks have been a dream for a UFO hunter, but in that same number of sightings , is also im afraid a preview of  something grim that still awaits Butler,