We aren’t sure just why the intensity of action has picked up so much around here,, and we aren’t sure just how much more intense it can get, before all hell breaks loose, maybe im talking from a naive position maybe we had to struggle to adulthood only to become involuntary children again under a greater power.

An idea of the progression

1-2009 in the fall, /on the outskirts of town, an abduction takes place, elements of both alien presence and possible human interaction exist.

2-   the  winter / we are well used to the trips and the growing feeling that the hints in our photo’s seem so far to confirm the presence both of aliens and individuals using military garb to more easily access the public,

3-2010 the spring/  We are aware the midwest winters and icy conditions, have neither slowed night movements in field or activity on the water.

4-2010 the late spring early summer,/  We have found something in the river,  alien or cryptozoological, a monster.  and it was aware of us.  and have begun checking all,,, water outlets, streams creaks and culverts,   we have found symbols drawn or scratched into the concrete, arrows everywhere, obvious directional tool’s, but who would need directions that would travel by streams and culverts?

5-2010 mid summer/ We have not just one more but two more humanoid entities, found where?  in the stream and culvert systems.  One green with the eyes of a grey, something torn up in front of it all over it, he is partially in the water, maybe his feet and knees, his dinner? or scientific project, is being done on the rocks among the sparse weeds. the other is smaller helmeted , with an amber visor  white skinned powdery white. only his head is visible, but the first will haunt me even in my last moments.

The rear view mirror is tio the upper right of the sphere almost lost in its side, this object illuminated, and within a few seconds moved up and away its place in the skyline lost among the many tree's along the lane.

6- 2010 late summer early fall / the roof of the jeep was damaged and a strange vehicle with a retractable arm was on the highway next to us, we feel for some reason we were picked up, and not struck. pictures of a flying vehicle above the jeep ,or the magnetic  mechanical arm, ? were taken. there was no time loss of more than 20 minutes,

7-2010 fall,almost  every time we go out we find something indications , trees in a row all bent to the point of their trunk braking by something large enough to bend and leave them in a 45 degree angle both of them. across the street large amounts of soil are displaced not by digging but by pressure.    Strange burnt marks on telephone poles,   Rocks with as many as 5 pools of blood set in tiny impressions  6 to 7 inches wide, logs have split open as we passed, completely rupturing with strange forms appearing in the photo’s  ,,, The whole concrete bridge is shaken as well as the jeep above after a large impact, below, the bridge over a large waterway, looking i found no logs or anything to suggest a floating mass that struck it, and if an object did it sank afterwards. and was of enough mass to shake a four pillared concrete bridge and us through the seats of the jeep.,, all manner of phenomena , flying figures of blue light,  alien looking humanoids in the nighttime brush not far from the road.     by now it is not a question of if there are beings here it is only matter of how many more are at work at ground level and how many more  races there.

8-2010-winter/  bodies have been seen floating and lying on logs next to the river,  not dead one’s not ghosts, but an eerie blue woman who rested awhile and got up and walked off into the woods, lying a log partially submerged in an icy river, walking along a woodland trail of ice and snow,

9-2011-spring-/ we have photographed 31 sightings within two blocks of our town square, something yellow the size of a Volkswagen is hovering next to our courthouse clock tower, and it leaves only after changing position 6 times each iphotograph,, They have  been following us!? on three separate photographed occasions they have followed us for as much as thirty minutes at a time, and we are certain inside that we have had additional abductions.    Something the size of a city is photographed over 71 highway, and a businessman in butler is abducted.

not sure but it looks like a face protruding from the bottom of a machine

10- now/ we watch the skies we watch the woods and watch the water trying our best to cycle each of the search patterns in an often enough effort to do some good, and we come back with disheartening news,  because what started as an activity present on the farm roads, is no longer a strictly rural thing, now the square the business zone and the neighborhoods themselves add daily to our library of photo’s and our  sightings, Our map of a county corrupted in many ways , but more importantly a county  being slowly infiltrated, Butler trash talk had a 8 page conversation , running on the weird stuff occurring. you hear strange stories in( the grocery line), and activity has moved to within 4Q ft of our house.

Whats next?  




The title may seem a bit silly, but iots closer to the facts than any of us would like to believe,  there has to be a reason for it, for this pushy presence, and it has of course to do with us in some way.  We can lighten the mood but the fear is still a tangible thing here none the less.

Richard Carter