This is a sculpture i recently did inspired by a blurry image i took, one with not enough detail , yet strange horrible shapes and colors and the similar placement of a figure.  the photo would be no good to anyone but the details visible , the possible face, placed a burden on my heart for possibility,,

Barbie drafted to play the leading role, there is a wet red alien child still being nurished by the body.

So many things can be deleted so easily, and forgotten,   and i know in my heart no policeman would give it the time of day.  All the same  not even sure where we took the picture, i felt moved not to delete it.           There seems a bundle on the ground and i see what i would consider a face,  that in no way means that that’s what it is.  I’m continually startled by  how certain brush and rubbish can give a totally different impression.  no theres no sure answer with this image,  If Im wrong , it was a fascinating formation,, but if Im right there may have been someone there, someone who should be remembered. I took liberty artistic licence in altering it a bit. It is a representation of someone who died in a child birth, one they were never meant to be involved in.



The other is of a member of the weefolk, perhaps a very voluptuous Weefolk type person,

All in all though your either in this conversation or (so somewhere else on it.)  many who will talk of other dimensions, leave the game at the talk of Fearies.

back view

but truth to be told we have had easily as many photo’s showing a glance through that door, some of theirs standing near it, as we have had Ufo’s.    Its becoming more a belief that aliens are really much closer to us than we’d like , whole worlds of them.   Not billions of miles away, in fantastic galaxies that no man will ever see, but in worlds so close they may overlap this one.

another view

And there was logic at one time suggesting that very small beings just weren’t a possibility, ( That the Horton hears a Who, scenario,) was just that childish fantasy, charming but totally uninvolved in

another view

reality.   Yet now there talk of machines we will build , (not imaginative speculation) but a surety that will be able to travel through our arteries clearing out clots, little Nano Machines, that will do many thing’s will have function not as picks and shovels but as robots within our body.     Before i stray too much further, the second statue is another Barbie whose time had come ,,,, after a few years at the bottom of a box full of odds and ends with all the hair already burnt off  it found its way into my wax museum .


After a liberal over sculpting of wood puddy, and ransacking a bag of fake flowers for all the leaves i could get, i had an idea,  it was half way through i decided it needed a weed person weapon and some form of defense.

the business end of her primitive weapon

A quick run around the yard yielded a supply if twigs for stabbing weapon and shield.  anyway ,, it’s again largely an

full view

assumption,  no its an internal hope they are really there, their presence to the mod up to the minute crowd, would mean little,  but to those of us who have lived near nature much of our lives, It adds a new (Dimension) that could be (once revealed ) quite interesting  and possibly entertaining .      Richard