Our car repairs finally done the Jeep, was rearing to go and so were we, but the truth is there was a lot of apprehension involved in this First REAL,

night out.    We both felt it, but by the same token we had the feeling it was  time.

our object crossing the highway, and heading towards something large , a cloud bank,? or what the top suggests in the next picture.?

a night time shot from a moving vehicleof something hovering in an area im very familier with the building below is attached to a laundry on its south end,

what appeared to us to be hovering object, it moved along slowly and then sped away, my feeling is it was a pickup spot of some kind

We went North , to the Passaic exit, and planned to turn and just skirt the boarders of town,

but when we got to the exit with Clem, and all the possibilities down f-highway ,we soon found ourselves heading out, down F, going west.     And basically we drove towards the bridges shooting pictures absently overhead ,, There was only a about a mile between us and the first bridge, and i started getting an agitation,, it got worse and worse and worse the closer we got, until i adamantly said we have to stop, i just don’t think its a good idea tonight.lightened the shape of the objects possible destination is more clearly seen.

The eye alone a slanted bed, and a green pupil with a black dot on the center,

The only other time id ever felt anything so strongly was the night of our abduction, or the final night of it, the third night.   I kick myself because i didn’t listen to it, and well carry the results of my bad judgement the rest of our lives because of it.      Lori pulled off to the right onto a gravel road to turn around, and immediately saw something dramatic overhead,,,  a blueish white sphere the size of a Quarter or a Marble, two feet above the treeline from our position.

peeking out of the wall of high bushes, where the clicking was the loudest,,

It moved quickly to a point heading west where it, passed into something or

It doesnt get much clearer than this compare the basic outline yourself, this is essemntially what is right there,

just disappeared, she was startled by it, and the event was over before i could get to a position to see it., i was focusing on the sky to the north-east.   And it was weird i was freaking out (okay on a lesser scale but astill this wasnt the norm.   I get out in the road well away from the jeep and walk large portions of the road at night, getting both sides of the road, in a bad position for encounters,, and yea im nervous, but not like last night.  We were taking shots as we came back east stopping for culverts, and monitoring the sky, BUT IT WAS


more full view of the area of the disturbance, i think it was capturing a snake, oeither that or irt has a very long tongue.

the stuff just started coming out of the wood work.

We believe these new craft seen are associated with if not the same craft . Whether this idea holds water or not isnt as important as the fact we personally are responsible for 12 sightings in the last month. There is a tremendous presence her, those interested are heartedly welcomed to come and stake out the sky.

There was a  strange patch of insect noise, not the kind you here crickets, and such, all the chirping stuff down by the water there is the clicking  etc.

But you probably shouldnt hear the other (loud) kind of clicking in the air over your car, in tree branches that completely over hang the whole road.   Some of the branches perilously low, there was no stream or pond in the immediate area,  and i concentrated on the corn field and the brush just down the hillside , from the rows.   We stopped after i saw a flash of something lighter moving about , popping up and peeking out of the brush.

Clawed hands, a face like a Pixar creation, It, and another face that similarly was caught inspecting us, were in the same grouping of fields, maybe 3 hundred yards wide.The clicking in this area was very loud, and where bug noise has a fairly regular pitch to it, this was louder and then less ,, almost agitated, when it’s volume would quickly rise and seem to be on the move.

ill write more about this tommarrow, we saw the figure in the weeds , the headlights startled it and i got this one backward glance before it dissapeared into the corn on the other side of the weeds.

another figure that will be written about in the next article with the reptilian above.

Those familiar with the Betty and Barney Hill story, are aware of the loud clicking , associated with their abduction. The noise was heard above our Jeep, as was it above their car.  The clicking of the locust is amazingly loud, but people who have been exposed to the summer and fall evenings throughout most parts of America are familiar with the sound and volume quality, there is a difference.  I would swear in court that at times this sound moved about and was close to us, very close, not a bug having landed on the jeep,( but more like something  talking as it and others inched near.)

Drama, no, a very real feeling, im not afraid of cicadas ,?locust?   or any other insect outside some venomous spiders,,, but this sound was not right,    and  something tells me with the produce  Activity that was visible that night, that there may well have been other’s a little more camera-shy,, more skilled in non detection.    We have to accept that if we are dealing with races of beings  who are our superiors in knowledge, then just as they have mastered issues of travel and sciences still above our head,,,,, they likewise may have a leg up on us in the arts of concealment, and camouflage .

This would explain those we only hear,   Ive always wondered how an illusionist can make a jet disappear from behind a hanging curtain of sheets,,, having no real knowledge on this i must guess it is done (possibly) by misdirection?  at any rate, these days many miracle like feet can be accomplished by very normal(skilled) mortals.   If the illusionist can easily sneak large things past us,, just how much more are we in the dark, when these superior beings, want to move a large craft through our towns, and our cities.