A large object moving accross buisness district of Butler, West of the railroad tracks. This sky ship was photographed by the Carters while out on patrol,. While healthy sckeptisism should be encouraged, all signs point towards the photo's authenticity.

The dates are getting less and less important,,,, nor  is the time of day, we go to sometimes extraordinary lengths to document an event, but the reason  its news is because it’s not something that happens everyday, that’s what make the corrupt politician getting caught, or the humanitarian act so relevant and necessary for readers, they’re rare occurences.  It’s the guy who’s just won the title match,  it’s the dark horse coming out of nowhere,, These are News.  You rarely wind up on the 6 o’clock news talking about something that happens  3 or 4 times a week.

The sky ship as it first( approaches) and docks with the cloud

Most UFO, sighting’s are tongue in cheek stuff,  Whether there’s anything to it, or not  the stories are  cold in a week, and the reports aren’t repetitive, There’s a sighting or two and the location for this kind of thing changes.  The Witnesses aren’t a dream either,A few have  dubious details that don’t always jibe with other witnesses of the same affair.  But everybody, and i mean everybody is certain of what they saw.

Cigar shaped , another smaller dark shape is faint as it moves free of the larger and goes off to the west

Thats what makes this Burg different,,,    The News here is when something isn’t going on,, the days that Butler trash talk ,( a rumor mill online,, is vacant of reports or hushed conversations about what was seen out in the west end.)   Or there are no stories circulating about strangely mauled animals in the grocery store check out line.  Those days the local UFO hunters, have nothing on their plate,,, but old movies, and a few refreshing moments of quality time, in which they ban the subject  .        What stands out here and must be addressed is the sheer magnitude of reports, the documented, trips of this couple and more importantly the photo’s, of not only strange lights , and low passes over the interstate, but worse,,,,  Things that im beginning to wonder about in spite of myself.

the Sky ship is moving separately from the other clouds to the north and another cigar-shaped object, either moves out of its bottom or descends from a nearby cloud. in basic shape these two are very similar, and match 3 other reports with detailed photos of similar activity

Sure when i first took this story it sounded like malarkey,  not even a creative story,  too many of the details in  these  stories are similar, Its like they’re patterned after one another in an effort to make them believable, (even a hoaxter should have a bit more  imagination).   The  sky ships ? all turns of light and the eye,,Planes Helicopters,, misunderstood objects quite normal in the daylight,  or those moments of havoc that light can play on the lens, of a camera,,( how many shots for the society page have been scrapped over that.?)

Little Green Men,? these boys aren’t that far from the city, that they don’t have access  to catalogs with hundreds of horror masks,,, And if not ,,  a batch of a paper mache, and a pear shaped  balloon can bring the space man down to earth.   No it was only a matter of catching the people involved, there’s the real story,,, I know hoaxers aren’t always the worst type,, some just need a hobby, and its scaring people,,  but there’s something eerie about this couple,, they don’t have that feel at all.  I’ve interviewed them at length, and there’s no two ways about it,, they believe their story whether anyone else does or not.Are they for real,? or just on the battered end of common sense,, they don’t come across as nuts to me.

I think the inside of the house sold me,  they have an old house , no-show place, but  decent , nothing for Harper’s Bizarre, or Good Housekeeping,,magazine but nice.  then you have the doors,   I’ve covered some stories before where people were coming forward,, testifying , and things that make sleeping easy a bit rough.

But these folks have five locks on one door,   and then from what they tell me, there are motion detectors  set up at night at two other locations, to catch anything that gets by the doors.    And i pity the boogeyman that gets to the bedroom,  what was strewn out across  his long nightstand adjacent to the door would make short work of an intruder.  So why are they so scared?  maybe its the pictures of their Jeep bought only two years ago, and its present condition, part of the bumper missing the rear windshield wiper ripped clean off, multiple dents in each door, and only one of these four doors functions as it should, most have missing or broken part’s.Maybe its the roof stretched or bent in such a fashion it continually collapses inward, and now the mere wind on the highway can pop it in and out  with loud thumps.And the fact that particular bit of damage was acquired when one of these sky ships, came too close over head. I saw the pictures of what  of the supposed thing that did it.

It would be better if it ended their

Another separate Air Ship,

but the back door has repeatedly been picked, levered and jimmied to a point unlocking it to get in is tough. it like many other things around there will be replaced they say.      Still all in all its a huge bite to swallow,( their supposed abduction) and it details runs up against everything that makes sense.     I can imagine some good ol boys up to a bit of mischief, but their amnesia ,and the photo’s supposedly taken the night in question,,, A guy in a costume? a friend involved trying to help sell their story? or what? a for real spaceman,,( get out of here!.)

Presented again we feel this image due to its clarity should be given attention.If this is accurate this image give real concern to all who live in Bates County ,This object was photographed above the Carters Jeep

If it was just them, id of written this thing off a long time ago,   but there are others, ones with different type’s of stories but one thing in common

These eyes were reported to be seen moving by the Carters, and they believe what ever it was escaped either into one of the large pipes running through the area, or the wood mill directly behind it in the photo.

a haunted look.          I can’t see a group effort  to hoax it,  what could be gained maybe a Slot on the local Six o’clock reports?  but these things rarely develope into money, and some people might be driven from town by it,  a stigma sets in with the continuation of this game and property values could if people are fickle enough could be effected.  And surely there would be repercussions even in a place this small from those that represent the future of Butler.   No there’s more to this,, whether uncle Sams involved and its all in our best interest is unclear,,, but the smiles are getting fewer along the bar at the coffee shop, and as the old men, mop at sweat on their faces, there’s more on their mind than the heat and donuts and coffee.

Well I’m almost there, and i think ill have the farmers breakfast,,,,  this place is growing on me,

The story above is a genuine report, the objects (the sky ships) are very recent sightings, it was written in second person and the photo’s were changed to black and white, to add a newspaper feel to the story.   These photo’s with others in the sighting will included in a future report, probably the very next. They will be in color.    The light hearted approach to this should not mask the serious essence of what we do , it should not confuse you about our approach or motives. It was written in a semi cynical style of a skeptic, possibly one being won over slowly to our cause. As open minded readers , you support our cause, and give us hope, thanks –  Rich