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At the Midnight Observer, we try to relate our experiences in as honest and true to detail a manner as possible.

Though we miss the mark  consistently in details like exact time, weather conditions and compass work.  We do pride ourselves on one thing, and that is what you read here is the truth, because of the hours we keep and the hours  we put in a need for fabrication never arises, not that we would consider that as an option  if it did.

We have pushed a simple message , and that is to not treat the news you get here, like the sports page.  There is growing need for serious attention that is reaffirmed in our minds regularly.  We try as best we can to press the need for Fortean type resolve in staying on the trail, and assuming a personal responsibility for protecting the future of not only your families but those in your  community.

We posted a message last week about closing down the study and the website, and the overwhelming response to this has convinced we need to keep it going. The Midnight Observer will continue. Below are just a few reminders of what we have gotten during the last two years.


Be Aware,

It has come to  our attention that someone has been spreading rumors that have, in some minds, caused doubts as to the authenticity of our reports.  It  has  been done  to lead others in the field into believing  that they are nothing but  fabrication.

Unsurprisingly, just before this, we gave a star team member her walking papers in reference to all aspects of our case, due to efforts to  conceal our work from Mufon, to get us to act in anonymity so the true source of the reports could be altered in her favor.

A large accusation to make ? not when we have all the e-mail conversations with this investigator including the contracts she sent us to sign away all rights to our story, our findings, to her in return for moneys that were to be passed down, IF anything of consequence was ever done with the material.  Surely she already had something in mind or she would not have been so persistent in the contracts sent back and forth, all day,ones we never approved of.

It was because of recent actions to borrow specific photos of ours on her way to a conference, and then the story she published two to three days later about an episode on the highway with a UFO,  that we finally broke off communication finally.  Our problem; the photos she borrowed from us were nearly the exact  setting for her tale.

If you hear any repetitive out of the Kansas city office or Saint Louis office stating any false truths in our tales, take the source into the consideration. Neither will be an accurate one.  We have stated on too many occasions the truth in our work and you have read between the lines in our reports the upset sometimes that came along with extraordinary findings. We trust that those of you who have followed the site to not need further convincing.

As Lori mentioned, a lot is taking place in the organization of Mufon at this time. It is not growing. It is struggling to survive.   The recent concession made  to investigators of the Star Team status, essentially, is just a bandage on the knee of the children who wish to have more say in Mufon.

It is a soothing measure to give the coffee shop investigators something to swell up and be proud of. While they are lost in their moment of misguided revelry, a celebration only taking place in the minds of  egocentric,  the Mufon political wheels keep their grinding progress as low-key as possible.

So, you have a situation much like the past examples of  groups and organizations with noble initial causes, brought to a point of ineffectiveness by the very people who populate it.

Mufon was supposed to be, as I’ve been told, an organization for the collection and categorization of UFO Reports.  It was made up people who were,  for the most par,) volunteering their services, were becoming members out of a common interest in answering once and for all the question: Is there really Alien life visiting our world?  The search was what was supposed to be important and not the camera opportunities with reporters.

Some use this body and its activities, not as a place to knuckle down with other sharp minds and look for real hints answers, but as a convention atmosphere,  set up more for social networking and the selling their own stories than a time to ponder with the others the intricacies surrounding the stories of abductees and other witnesses.

It is also a place to be someone else for a while, and whether that alter ego is using the conference for much more  personal networking or  the individual is content to play psychic/contactees/ investigator, and a master of all situations, it really matters little.

The work the parents assigned before leaving is still all over the bedroom floor.   There is no serious attention to their initial purpose,.

So the new owner proceeds. Do you really think he hesitates a bit in proceeding with his initial purpose? He doesn’t even have to look up from his table because the new guy below him, sitting at the table, can throw scraps convincing those lost dissension that someone is really listening.

Whatever Mr Bigelow plan , they will ,unless he runs into a governmental problem, come to fruition. Why shouldn’t they?

He had the money to purchase the organization. Someone had to be willing to sell it to him.  My point is, unless there were issues involved with the sale that were corrupt,  he made a legal purchase and as owner has every right to do as he pleases with it.

We don’t have to agree on his politics or his motives for him to have that right. When he becomes aware of just how little these agents are doing for Mufon in regard to the definition of their positions, well, he might just decide there’s no reason to waste his money financing a dinner playhouse for wanna be stars in the UFO and Occult field. It has to be remembered, he didn’t buy a group of people.  He bought a storehouse of information.  Their participation is optional.

This makes all the posturing by investigators and the race for acclaim a bit silly. Investigators have watched  the efforts of  possible experiencers to sell themselves and elaborate sometimes falsely on their tales.  Investigators have seen the possibilities and some are already grooming themselves, not just to be star team members (I wonder who came up with that title?) but real STARS.

Rumors and Discontent

It’s been really hot out for the last few weeks, and we are suffering through it without air conditioning in our house or the Gray Ghost (our jeep). That’s why you haven’t seen much on our site lately. It has just been too hot to do much. With repairs still needed on the Jeep, we dare not go too far from home.

This doesn’t mean we are shutting anything down or discontinuing our research. It just means that we are slowing things down until the weather evens out a little and we can get back on the road. Even though we are not making trips a couple times a week, we are still being observant when we go out, and there is strong evidence that our area is still very active.

I’m sure that many of you have read about the discontent with MUFON on the internet recently. We have firsthand knowledge on how some of their agents work. We were misled by a few from the very beginning when we first reported our abduction. We turned over a large amount of photographs, gave personal information, let one agent video tape us a few times, for almost a year before we were informed that our information was not going to MUFON.

When we went to the head of MUFON, Clifford Clift, he said he didn’t see anywhere that we had made an initial report. He did, however get in touch with the two agents that were supposed to be working with us. They in return contacted us and tried to feed as a bunch a bunk about how they represented themselves to us.

One of the agents said we went to the other agent’s private site to make a report. She also claimed that they told us on their first visit that if our information went to MUFON, it became MUFON’s property and we could do nothing with it in the future. This simply is not true. We reported to NUFORC and the agent from MUFON contacted us shortly afterward.

I won’t go into all the gory details of what we have gone through with these people over the last two years, but to put it simply, we were misled and used for someone else’s possible gain. We have put the brakes on this monetary gain they thought to make through our information. Recently it came to our attention that a person from another agency, this one in the UK, was led to believe by someone on Facebook that we were liars and hoaxers.

We are not. Everything we have presented we found and everything we have told you is the truth. We were even told by these so called MUFON agents that we would be regressed for free, and would be submitted to a lie detector test, which we fully agreed to, but they never followed through with it.

In fact the person, who was to perform the regression, invited us one night to be on Roger Marsh’s radio show via phone with her. After we were done telling our story, she and everyone else grew rather quiet. We never heard from her again to set up the regression.

We were fed a pack of lies by these agents. We agreed to work with them because we wanted to know exactly what happened to us, and wanted to warn our neighbors, friends, family members and others about the potential danger around our area. This agent suggested that we remain completely anonymous, didn’t want us to contact anyone else and didn’t want us to go public with this. She indicated that it could put us in danger, but I for one, believe that it may be what has kept us from some potential danger. Her reasoning was purely personal. She wanted to make sure that no one else could write a book or do a documentary on our case. She wanted to make sure no one else got any information about us.

We just received information today, that MUFON has now changed some of their policies, where certain cases are allowed to stay with the agents/investigators and not be incorporated into MUFON.  Well, surprise, surprise Mr. Clifford Clift, this has already been going on.

It is also rumored that MUFON has been passing personal information on to government agents and financially influential person with personal interest in these types of cases, such as Robert Bigelow. I cannot confirm this is true, I don’t know it for a fact, but do a search on the Internet for yourself.

The reason for writing this is simple. If you have a sighting, a close encounter or believe you have been abducted, it would be advisable NOT to report it to MUFON. Look for a smaller group in your area. Smaller groups are usually made up of other experiencers who are actually looking for the truth. They will be more sympathetic to your feelings and will try to help more that an agency like MUFON. If you believe you have been abducted, you might consider joining an abduction group for input and support.

Or, you can do what we did, and fight back by searching for the what is really invading our planet, expose it and make it public. You may never fully understand what happened to you, you might never know all the details, but if more people would take it upon themselves to carry a camera with them and shoot random pictures at the sky and down the dark recesses of deserted country roads and fields, then it is very possible, that we, together, in our communities, can expose the danger to others around us.

Keep watching the skies, and May God Bless all of You,

Lori Carter