At the Midnight Observer, we try to relate our experiences in as honest and true to detail a manner as possible.

Though we miss the mark  consistently in details like exact time, weather conditions and compass work.  We do pride ourselves on one thing, and that is what you read here is the truth, because of the hours we keep and the hours  we put in a need for fabrication never arises, not that we would consider that as an option  if it did.

We have pushed a simple message , and that is to not treat the news you get here, like the sports page.  There is growing need for serious attention that is reaffirmed in our minds regularly.  We try as best we can to press the need for Fortean type resolve in staying on the trail, and assuming a personal responsibility for protecting the future of not only your families but those in your  community.

We posted a message last week about closing down the study and the website, and the overwhelming response to this has convinced we need to keep it going. The Midnight Observer will continue. Below are just a few reminders of what we have gotten during the last two years.