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This report is short, its more an expression of the flabbergasted , than an informative offering.

We as ive mentioned before frequent the hospital, not out of a need by a hypochondriac , but out of  a response to my doctors orders.

The particular’s of those visits, are not important .   And there is a point of interest  just outside the emergency room.   It is the view to the south,,, it starts with a street just down the hill from the parking area, and Life Flight copter pad.   There in the  proximity  is a block of nice little track houses.  beyond this fields, and beyond that further south nothing but woods for a few miles.

This view has bothered me, in a fascinating way. its like i expect something, in that sky. every time i look at it im drawn to study that horizon,

So it shouldnt have surprised me when during a building rain storm, something odd presented itself near the area of my interest.

Possible visitors to the bates county memorial emergency room parking lot, whew,

There Was an odd light steady. moving through the clouds.  and we were locking the car up to go in. I snapped two shots the south-west in the direction of the faint glow, and turned my camera off and put it in my sweat top pocket and went in. The story ends there except for the viewing  of it later.  It came out the blurry photo was distinct enough to show the source of the glow i saw.  In it there is among the other chaos a silvery blueish object disc shaped, possibly cigar-shaped,.from the side both shapes mirror one another.


What is weirdest about the picture is the roofs of cars are barely discernible,  there seems a weird tall shape  that may be standing or walking among them to the right also difficult to make out.  There are also strange shapes among the reddish stuff,, but when it gets to the reflective surface in the sky,? This disc or cigar-shaped object is clearly outlined in comparison.  (Why would the one moving object in the scene be the clear focal point while everything else is a guess?

In June of 2010 i took a photo of what appeared to be 4 pods, long maybe 5 ft long and 2 and a half ft across. Even stranger than their presence was their placement, they were in a fairly deep flood swelled stream, that had backed up into a big culvert. The pods,, were floating one atop the other loosely in the water.   All i was sure  of was , there were 4 of these objects beneath the water, and that the water itself had a green appearance to it.

another peanut in a similar setting.

objects in the stream a peanut.

large shape moves across the sky over the square./ this and odd yellow lights.

Now i don’t mean a reflection from the plants or  algae like stuff , the water, the sardine like objects crowded together,both were as green as Uzzo is blue.   We were going to come back the next day, but frankly we couldn’t find the spot.   this waterway was concrete but it had bars running down out of it, ones of a metal almost white.   On our return there were streams and culverts but none that ended with bars.  We figured it must have been our lack of mapping skills, and we absorbed one more loss determined to keep a map constantly in the jeep.

metallic peanut makes it way from one cloud bank to another.

We found no more of its kind, no pods, (except one being handed across a fence down the road from us.) This was so vague in its clarity that it could have been a duffel bag for all we know.   Yet in the last year we began finding objects slightly in keeping with their appearance, only now these had an indention pressed around there middle, giving the look of a peanut.

Ufo’s are sleek disc shaped craft right, ? or triangles, or cigars,,,   but peanuts?   I laughed each time i said it,, but we kept getting more and more of these shapes the sky, ones the size of sofa cushions , and one’s the size of trucks.  In all kind of light or the lack of it, they appeared, and where some lighting situations explained in their brightness camera distortions , this was not the same thing.  Still,, Peanuts?

But then in another blind shoot, i found two more examples,, away from street lights, away from any source of light but the cameras flash, i found something beneath the water once more.   But this time not pods of the description given earlier,, no these were peanuts. ones better than 3 to 4 ft in length possibly more.     Add to this the object in the skies near the  bank of America, in Butler,   as well as the huge brown object cruising over the courthouse ,,compare them .

in black and white the spherical shape of each end is visible.

Probably two of the most grainy photos in UFO history,  The Trent Photos, also have three  more distinctions. 1: One  was on the cover of Life magazine. 2: They were not disproved in the Condon Report which concluded “The photographs confirm precisely what the witnesses said they saw.”  and 3: In 1974  an organization, GWS, was trusted with scientific  analysis of the photos .   They found that they had to echo the Condon Reports findings. They, GWS, found none of the traits that identify a photo as fraudulent. They were able to estimate its size as 60 to 90 ft in diameter.

There have been others just as surely genuine of the same time, gritty, but clear enough to show  a 3-D shape, that could be  identified.  The night the military  lit up the Los Angeles sky with explosive rounds and the accompanying photo in the newspaper  of what they were shooting at was of the same quality.   It, nonetheless, is also a classic. Images even today are taken at a distance and enlarged until the pixel quality near turns to mush. Yet  people still find ” them” in the image, find their craft, and bring these barely visible figures before the UFO community.

So, as we begin looking at the images from our most recent trip, please keep in mind it was shot on a road that yielded lots of gravel dust. The figure in question was probably at least 50 feet from the road, and my camera is a 10 megapixel variety that’s seen better days. I guess that’s all the excuses I  have. Hopefully we can take this at face value, a grainy photo with something that appears to be a figure in it.. We’ll break this down step by step , so you can see how I came to my conclusions.

This is the original image. It sucks.  It’s obviously of ground that is partially clear on the edge of trees and thicket. There is a group of what appear to be grasses,  maybe tall ones. They seem to catch the light well and hold it.   Outside of this, the two zones of light one, that is  closer to the viewer that is washed out, and that area that is starting to fade from sight altogether into the dark background. What we’re looking for is to remove our attention from the plants. Let our eyes wander, looking for lines that have relevance.

The human body can contort to poses that captured on film, are both astonishing and disturbing.  Just look at the major league baseball pitchers in some photos.   Their arms appear, for an instant to be more a thing of rubber than human flesh.  Our figure is  less dramatic in the sense of action.   It may be standing on slightly bent legs leaning forward, I’ts arms reaching not far from the body but low towards the ground possibly holding something.  See if you can find something that meets this description.

In the second version of the same image we have cropped it a little to get a closer look at the focal point in this image, and again looking past the thought of plants  and logs, look for that figure described above. The arrow points out what I see as the figure.  Only, now, do you see either a very odd head, or a large mask of some kind worn atop what could be the head? If you don’t, don’t worry, it will be shown soon.   Do you see bent knees? Do you see something that lends itself more to a humanoid appearance than to a bush?

The image to the left is still too lost in darkness. It needs a bit more light  and in the same image below we’ve done that.  Now, what I cannot help calling the figure seems to be coming into view. For the first time arms can be distinguished from the torso.  It is fairly sure now as well that there may be two bent legs .  The knee and forearm on the left side are in contact, and if this truly is a figure then it looks like something may be draped around its neck. Still what must be the head is confusing. It looks large and green, more like a headpiece than a clump of leaves.  ——————————————————————–

   To the right is a list of the things beginning to stand out.

They are no longer so vague that they can be completely ignored.  I’ve seen clouds that look like everything imaginable.  When you see a tree it may have a face in the bark, and you may even see a gnarly arm of a sort, some twisted branches impression of it, but when you see numerous points of detail that point not to a deer, a horse, a pile of lumber, or a bush , and they are in concert with each other,  the arm, the elbow, the legs all bend as they should and more importantly are in proportion to one another, you are no longer left with the question of if it is there. It becomes  an even more important question of is it man or what?

The next image was my test to see if my interpretation  still fit the figure in the image.  I had taken a cropped copy to paint to outline the shape, to show the lines I saw in the form.  It was enlarged and even fuzzier than in the smaller shots, but  it was still clear enough to find them.  Then I took the full image  to paint.

    There I  placed  the cropped image of my figure outlined in white , and tried to place my estimation of posture close enough that a comparison could be made.  I know peoples beliefs are hard bought, but I really approached this looking for the other things, the natural ones.

When the factors began pointing more to something just as natural, a living form, I still made changes in lighting , and contrast, to see if a bush or a pile of junk was going to jump out at me and say” hey dummy, here I am.”   Instead I began feeling more and more like a spectator to some sort of event.    The piece on top the head or the head itself is the same color as the piece that forms a mantle on the neck and chest and shoulders. The arms and legs, despite their fuzziness, have an outline to them. As silly as it sounds, I spent many a Sunday afternoon and school football game in that very position. It looks like someone having the ball hiked to them. The knees are bent, the arms are in the right position. I’m sure that wasn’t the plan. I’m not convinced, yet, it is a human in costume.

The only reason I could see for a fright suit would be to frighten people away from an activity or a spot. Drug labs and pot fields could explain it. Work done at night would  be lower profile.  Still, with all the other weirdness spread over such an area, with so many things seen by us,  I  just can’t believe pot farmers are responsible for UFO’s flying around our courthouse,  and being sighted all over Bates County.

there is doubtlessly a criminal element here, but these aren’t criminals with sophisticated flying craft. They aren’t  going to draw attention to the night through stupid costume play that might lead to disturbance calls that would bring more police into the area to investigate.  Not when there was a large bust recently in our area, a crop confiscated and burnt.   For now, please give me your feelings on these images and your opinions. If we’re wrong we want to know and we want to know why so we can minimize similar mistakes when they occur.   We need your help to grow. We value you, the reader, and your comments and opinions.

same image highly contrasted, brighter color is a result.with drawn overlay to compare

I found this and some of the information there struck home.                                                                                                                                              Reptilian Trivia
Eyewitness encounters commonly take place along the fringes of society where tree lines meet rural communities and where there are densely ticketed habitats.

reptilian are suspected of living in geologically remote areas where Gravity Anomaly Maps (inverse topographical maps) indicate the presence of empty underground space. There appears to be a higher than normal percentage of reptoid sightings in places containing ancient volcanic ‘Tuffa’ (soft volcanic ash beds,) limestone, karst and sandstone (Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona, California etc.) ref:

Among a search on reptilian, we found this as well,


The renegade military-intelligence units deliberately intimidate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap. The extraterrestrials do not. (Although the psychological warfare division of the renegade military-intelligence units, and their dupes who swallow their propaganda, put out lurid false stories in UFO magazines, books and internet newsgroups about “raping reptilian” and other sci-fi comic book fantasies.)

If you’ve read about our case your aware there is a huge  confusion factor,  the initial experience’s have an eerie ring, when the above is read.

1- we were forcefully abducted,

2- we were we believe probed or assaulted/ the voices on the tape reflected  it with their comments.

3- SOME SORT of military group (or a group of  individuals surely criminal, using military terms)- example   -( I love Recon)

4- strange e-mails , and a physical stalker, using his car to keep us from leaving a field’s entrance. Some time after.

5- The intimidation,,, again the emails and stalking, but there are reports in our area of roads that you cannot enter,, not barred roads, or ones with signs, but ones you will be stopped on.  By figures bearing automatic weapons who then instruct you to leave and not approach the area again.

6- close to 6 hours total of time was lost to us, in which we have no memory, over three nights ,, Alien or human, what was the purpose of that time?

Now are these just the well cultivated rumors of a populace that can vary in their integrity? No The editor of our towns  paper told us of a group that had been concentrated in the very area we found our troubles.   A group who supposedly guarded their privacy in such a way they  fired their weapons at planes flying over. Their were no reports of arrests or police actions in the area due to it.

What are we trying to suggest ?  well it isn’t with surety that our governments military has gotten out of hand, (but we do have the ugly stories and  images of our troops sexually abusing prisoners in the war.  If the need for such a crime  was so overwhelming , so necessary to them,, well how much more restraint would they have in their treatment of Americans once home?

With Sexual misconduct crimes at Fort Leonardwood Missouri a fairly short distance away,,and  in  what equates to  condonement  a member of the military clergy there  insinuated  a rape there   was the victims’s  fault .  It becomes clear that deeper and more regular psychiatric testing of (certain)troops( may) be necessary.

Are we sure our event was of this nature?    hardly   ,,,,,It would be much more sensible in the way of practical investigation to proceed with the notion our abduction was a more terrestrial one.  The use of a costume in the Alien figure before our jeep, isn’t an impossibility, nor is the source of our amnesia necessarily tied to Alien influence alone.   Drugs are used regularly by criminal organizations , and military groups to build  responses more in concert with their wishes.   We have a great pile of growing facts before us,  We were unaware of the suggestion of Renegade Military units, but frankly they make a lot of sense.

There are not only concerns of this kind before us, but a companion  that always shadows the military in any place they settle, im talking about the producers of drugs.  When i was at Fort Leanordwood, in 1979 in the regular Army’s bridge school for engineers, there was a real problem, one similar to that that my best friend experienced in basic and A,I,T, in Airbourne training.In Delta Company we lost a boy litterly before he could finish basic.  Not to a faulty weapon, or an accident during training but at the end of a chase when two drill Sargents took him to the pavement.  His back or spine was damaged and he died on the spot or shortly afterwards.   He had kicked one of the Sargents in the head, and made it out the door, i was in the hall as they passed, he wasnt out of sight at the time they finally caught up i could see the trio through the darkness still.

This wasn’t  a story told  to illicit shock or pity, The young man, was a man,  and chose his way, he was very sharp and had immense leadership qualities,, but he also had an addiction,  and apparantly a very willful nature. all of us are sources in the eyes of pushers and drug makers,, a source waiting to be tapped.   There was recently on KMOE, NEWS, a story of a huge pot field found in the area.  A bow hunter came upon 2 hispanics and their camp sight adjacent to this crop.  They fled the area, and the crop was confiscated.   David Cook, whose dissapearance has been featured on Americas Most Wanted,,twice,, and has been rumored as being a victim of the mexican drug cartel, very much alive  in America.      So it seems we have monsters enough without the need for Aliens as well. It is though,, im afraid a package deal

As of the moment we feel strongly that there is a  military like influence in our area. This we strongly suspect,  but what does it say about our area when i can likewise claim, to know ,,not doubt, but KNOW, there is a stationed? group of Aliens acting as watchers over certain areas.  Just the sort of  land mentioned .  Tree lines , dense thickets, connecting to our town, the areas we got each photo of that kind in. At this point id still like to believe they are playing at a role, and not affiliated with the government.  only time will tell if our trust is well founded.


— If this seems to have strayed from the initial conversation about aliens, i felt knowing all the players involved might give you a better insight into the overall situation.    In part two – we will look at a few pictures closely, brake them down, and seek an answer as to what it all means.

Having shot a lot of images of the night sky with no result’S but the sky itself, i can tell you i know the difference.  The endless parade of deletions one after another have made me very familiar with my camera’s view of the sky.  But the hours preparing images to hit the pile has made me sensitive to the details that do sometimes rear their ugly head.

Sept has been a busy month,  3 nighttime runs  and two in the day. Each with large picture counts.  This is the time of the  month our abduction occurred in 2009.     Some fantastic images were found in the past on this very route, not even at Butlers borders,, but near the ball diamond again, near Osage power and light.    One was seen above the neighborhood near the bank of America, on Fort Scott.  seen from our place in the drive through line. Did others see it move from the still clouds and pass over our heads to disappear in another cloud bank?  We have heard no reports.  But then again im not surprised, if they all missed it.  An object shaped like a metallic peanut,  large in the sky, my estimate of size is a wild guess,,maybe 30 ft to 50 ft wide, and tall on its side.  end to end possibly double. These same shaped craft were a regular sighting on the square in a number of places.

closeup of the same object in black and white.

the original contrasted a bit, we are stopped and i could see a moving object on a course almost directly over us.

But at night  on Sept , 10th 2011 the sky was anything but boring  .   It was about 9,o’clock and  as we took a drive down old business 71 to the 4 way that connects with F highway ( Clem’s stomping grounds,) and Passaic just straight north . There was one in particular that is really odd, maybe because i believe it was lower closer to us.

There is one that looks like it has a face and possibly hair, this of course could be a misinterpretation, because there is nothing human about any of the rest at this point for me.   Below is a group of them , one in particular is enlarged because its

same with its color

shape is so interesting , instead of giving my opinions id love to hear your’s

I believe we can all agree this is no Cessna, or small plane of another type,, there is nothing aerodynamic about it.

There was an activity of some kind taking place over head,

It is not uncommon for multiple pictures of UFO, to have a changing of its profile in the air.  Is this the answer to these odd forms, or  are we seeing not the craft itself but something raised or lowered from it ?          here are a few more that were taken in sequence, i believe though my opinion is that this area is a pick up spot of sorts, a place where those on the ground embark from. what do these photo’s suggest to you, given their location?    I wont hesitate about this opinion any longer, i believe there is an operation taking place here


exactly what that purpose is im not intelligent enough to speculate,, but i am sure of this, in photo’s all through this study there have been images of what we strongly suspected as tools of retrieval.  Rope ladders, cables, when you find one clear as day hanging among the branches at the top of an ancient tree twenty to 30 foot off the ground, you’re not looking at a hunters deer stand. the next photo’s though distorted show a figure supporting another, carrying it, The one being carried does not from the color seem clothed,   but that lightness of skin does show what are the hands of the figure i strained to see that night.  Near the Osage power and light building, a place full of supplies.

THE FIGURE AND I PROMISE YOU ‘THATS WHAT IT IS, WAS WEARING RED, it was moving towards a green light there was a dark shadowed area behind the light, Since i know the ground there is flat  im guessing the darkness but up to the light itself may have been an object or vehicle of some kind.  Since there are no such vehicles using green lights,  it leads me towards an explanation of something out of the ordinary.   The figures disappear once they merge with the light, or run past it, behind or into whatever the object was.   Whether truck, trail or, or aircraft, it was a strange scene, one barely recognized.

What looks to me like someone carrying someone.

There was one more oddity that night  overhead the final in this series of vague images.  Let me remind you first that our lack of sight to see it clearly with the naked eye,,, our inability through technology to be able to shed more light on what can be seen does not lessen  our need to try.  At this height the sky should be an india ink sea, once brought up on the computer for inspection, once lightened it should change to a look more like a sky of hedge brush as the pixel strength is stretched.  But it should still be one matt of each color or appearance from side to side of the image.   When you have colors of white jumping out as either light or reflective sources, and blues and other hints of color  when there are shapes and hints of figures

Interpretation ,,,,,,

there has to be a growing curiosity if not concern.       Richard

towards the green far off am i, ?,in this one case, i hope very far off.

When we were considering a short time ago, the end of the Midnight Observer, it was due to a need for a better balance in our lives. Out of that rethinking  came a number of points. One was that  the Observer is for(us) no longer just a notion,or reaction, but we believe an essential . It and other non organizational efforts to get the word out are  a  part of something bigger than any of us, this strange  phenomena with an

The initial drawing before color, im not sure i dont like it better this way.

ever-growing  life of its own.  But all things need some source of sustenance . We  (You and us, )are the blood that pumps through its veins, every witness, every curious  scholar, every backyard investigator. Without  ALL of us recognizing the importance of it, seeing past the banal arguments of skeptics, this movement dies, or becomes so insignificant that its gatherings become useless social affairs, and the integrity of its substance becomes just one more myth , with a pertinent importance to modern men like that of  dragons and pixies.

a helmet , kind of cavalier , /made from a old batting helmet

old news a piece i did a few years ago, call her Gia, mother nature , it was a bust made up of head and obviously alot of folage,

There are many facets to the UFO Phenomena, and each of our places in it,  in recognizing the larger  paranormal world. There is also, along the way, inescapable beauty woven into these mysteries.  The night can be an Alien thing to man or child. The landscape offers only the limited hint of real surroundings.  It robs us of our grace, taxes the ability of our eyes, and haunts us with sounds that are natural but psychologically tinged with the sinister. It is a weakness or blessing in the form of a sense left to us by our ancestors, who had many, real, immediate reasons to fear the dark.

full view

one of two of a head piece, made from beads thick aluminum wire and cornhusks.

The formula for that balance (at least in my case) has been the  re-infusion of creativity, to  dull the fangs of newly discovered truths. The ones that are not overstated as overwhelming at times.   There is a  renewal I find in art. It  is,I believe, one of the best, (and least expensive ) therapies we have at our disposal.  It is one in which there should be no competition, no finish line, no marker of worthiness, in the untold variance of our responses to life, our individual forms of expression. How could one method or style of portraying those thoughts, feelings and memories be right and the other not?  Every experience, every inspiration, that drives us to our camera, our pencil, paints, markers,

crayons or clay is a birth of a need to express something so special that  it has moved us to action.

Whether frantic or solemn in their execution, these needs to trap a thought a memory, a vision on paper or in sculpted form have incredible worth if only to ourselves, and those others whose minds have been likewise induced to create a lasting memory. Those  dreams we are most in question of, those incidents that won’t leave our attention,  their searing introduction into our library of  the  mind’s memories, of the unexplained.

just marker and color pencil, poor mans oil paint

Those who have found themselves doodling strange images of odd faces and forms,  those who have sculpted or painted fragments of dreams. We understand your journey, each of us in this position, are unconscious detectives, unwilling ones, and each of these leaks from our subconscious? these images or descriptions hastily written down as interesting dreams, often are  clues along the way.   These images, should not lay lost in drawers or closets.  We would like to make this site a new stage for these remembrances , to possibly through them show others in a similar process in their lives that their not alone..

I met, through Lori,  a woman very dear to me, one who had lost an incredibly beautiful and talented teenage daughter.  Jessie left a wide variety of images, all very introspective, yet done with an inner eye that magnified everything around her.   There was an effort in her work to portray not just whimsical  figures,  but ones with a near certain identity.  Though some were of the things all girls love, there was another  group of figures comparable to   alien. They were beautiful, lithe figures, that had so many of the characteristics reported by abductees and contactees, the elongated heads, the inhumanly thin tapering of the neck, and the small features of the lower face, and most strikingly the eyes.

They were soft, large, elongated ovals, all with a slight protrusion, and a glossy sheen, all seeming to show (at least to me)  what I would attempt, unsuccessfully to portray as an ancient wisdom.  Art moves us to different interpretation and I’m sure others would see them differently, but the memory of these particular pieces, and the little I know of Jessie, speak volumes to me. It hints at a possible inspiration only she could confirm.

Many of us, living with the experience of abduction, are beset  with doubts and  truly have had a part of ourselves irrevocably altered in the process.  The road back to level ground  is a detriment at times and the willingness to face these obstacles on the way back can be  a perilous decision. Along the way, as fear and frustration take on more normal proportions  and we can objectively analyze our experience,  there rises a new strength.

This will not be a home for business, or copyrights or concerns of that sort.  We want no rights to anything.  Our part in this will only be as  curators of a sort, hotel managers, of a building populated by the individuals, their stories and their work.  We hope this can be considered a  KOA station for the visual reflections of any who feel comfortable  in that sharing.

drug awareness poster,

If you have any sort of art, whatever the medium, I don’t care if it’s on a napkin, or rock , if you have questions about an event or dream, or recurrent memory, or you just felt strangely moved to write or sketch something,  we’d appreciate your image.   If enough people responded, do you believe it could make a difference?   Maybe similarities will appear between work. Maybe  these can become a, more well-known, form of evidence if enough can be displayed.   What is an artistic expression of such an event or memory, but another( sometimes more powerful) form of photo.

Anyone interested in having their sketches or art shown should photograph them and send them to From there I’ll post them on the site.   If you want only to send images, that is fine. Your privacy will be respected. Please give us the state and location, your name is optional. You may include a description of the images posted as well.


This site will have new articles over the next two days,  The best to everyone.


We Don’t Forget

Photo: AP Photo/NYPD, Det. Greg Semendinger) For the full photo collection, go to

Even though we are out hunting what most people call the “unusual”, we don’t forget about our normal life. We remember what humanity does to humanity all the time. 9/11 was one of those incidents that affected everyone in our country.

Even though, in some of our posts, we may have made references to human or possible government involvement in our abductions, we still love this country with all of our hearts. Its man’s inhumanity to his fellow man that is so sad. People have reached a point in this world, where killing another human being, an innocent human, is alright as long as it gets their point across.

When we should be worrying about what might be coming, we are more worried about having more power, having more “things”, having more money and status than we are about protecting our families, our homes and our world. It is so sad to think what will happen if a full invasion from “them” were to happen. Then nothing but self survival would matter, and the world would be unprepared.

Rich and I wander the back roads looking for proof of who/what is already here. We don’t do it as a hobby, nor is there any financial gain to it. We do it because something bad happened to us and we feel it is our duty to try to find everything that is out there and warn others so they can stay safe and not have to go through what we went through.

We care about our home, family, friends, country and this world. 9/11 was one great example of how out of control, selfish and dangerous our own world has become. Nations need to pull together and find a solution to the problem from outside our world that is quickly becoming more evident each day.

We were blessed not to have any relatives or friends anywhere near 9/11. We thank God for that. If you have lost loved ones, friends and/or family to this tragedy, we understand your pain and sorrow and send up a prayer to God for you.

If you were blessed by the fact that 9/11 had no personal ties to you, then thank God for that and pray for the families who lost loved ones to an unnecessary act of violence created by man against man.

May God Bless You

“Get your facts first,and then you can distort them as much as you please”      Mark Twain,

How nice that would be if this were merely a case of overblown suspicion,  if it was merely the result of a need to embellish.

One of my childhood friends was quite a storyteller.  The summer before the seventh grade he near convinced me, that in Arkansas, he built a tower they played in like a clubhouse, as tall as telephone poles, a club house knocked over in the street during the riots they had.

He told me of Paul Bunyan like tales of his family members, one uncle during a tornado stood on the porch, holding onto a porch post, to steady him, and caught a calf swept off its feet by the wind.   He never explained how the porch pole or the mans arm stood the incredible forces this would put on them.   But we both smiled like loons and he had to wonder going home just how much I really believed.  It was apparent the fine art of fantastic tales of mythic proportions was passed down in his family, and that only made our friendship more interesting.

In our family, I’m sure there were tales told that were stretched a bit, but for some reason we had a number of documentable tales of real events just as fantastic,.  I can only wonder if he thought I was just trying to be the better showman.  It’s a shame if he didn’t believe, because I wasn’t skilled in the other sort of wisdom. A quote from my father, Robert Carter say’s it all.   “Dorothy, that boy could get his pockets picked in a cemetery”.   If he only knew how much time over the years Ispent in them,

The bit above is really just an insight into where I came from and what I was exposed to.  It is, I hope, recognized as a statement, though,  about the truth of these words I often struggle to find.

The  face I introduced you to in the previous portion of this article  has a body as well. It cannot be guaranteed to be the body, but circumstance , and there places in the photographs numbers, suggest  this being moved along with us somehow, silently traveling parallel to our progress.

This would not by any means be impossible due to the slow pace we were using covering the area.  It also could mean that there were more than one humanoid form, in the area, again not by any means an impossibility.   Our astronauts , our Police men, and other service personnel act in teams.  On the surface of a planet possibly alien to them, it would make sense that this is a probability.

it stairs out between the brush head chest and shoulder visiable with something in its mouth.?

Once opened on the screen , each image is usually a lit foreground with a rapid decrease in illuminated area. In fact the area closest to the photographer is almost always washed out a bit by the time lightening and contrast have revealed a better view.   With the addition of detail and color comes the rapid loss as well of sharpness. Where night vision gear might give a slightly more defined image there is no color. There sometimes is not the  separation necessary to show the objects real position akin to the foliage that surrounds it.  There is an in arguable trade-off to be sure.

same image

But in these photo’s I hope you see the upper torso and arm I speak of. I hope you can make out the head identical to the color of the body.

My biggest question about this head is if it has something in front of the face? As it would look if it was carrying something in its mouth.  An assumption, yes, but in trying to pull truth from the dark,  sometimes assumptions are helpful,  then a time away from the screen, to let the eyes act in a natural fashion on your return, perhaps seeing some new path in the din that leads to more accurate interpretation.

This  humanoid figure,  like the other, gives me hope, in the sense that I wonder at the abilities of these beings, their degree of athleticism.  It gives me hope because, for them to move in such a way  that our flora gives away their presence, it indicates a less than a acute  attention to their own movements. One would believe a reptilian creature to have the grace to stalk in brush, short or tall.  Then again how do we know their world is one of such obstacles, and not a more barren environment. I’ve worked out before in Shinobi techniques of silent traveling, the different ways you can move your feet to greatly decrease their contact sounds with weeds and twigs and grass.  It’s no picnic and it cannot be done swiftly if the desire is evasion.

This very sort of humanizing factor is just what we need to better deal with this presence. We are schooled by the media in their supposed superhuman qualities, their ability to walk through walls. Just who we have turned away, is in question, but the medieval locks on our doors have kept us safe when the standard locking systems were literally  destroyed  in efforts to get in.  One truck driver in the east told of his encounter on a lonely highway, and firing his magnum revolver at the craft blocking his way only to have it turn and leave.    Bravado for the truck stop down the road? or the truth?    It’s truth will be  eventually unlocked in the experiences and experimentation’s of others . All and all our only chances lies in the benevolent help of others, or these very failings , frailties that can be used against them.

Whether we are talking about the Naga, of India,  the Hopi, Sheti,  or any number of other beings sculpted and written about through history that have a possible  reptilian connection, it seems the world has dealt before with snake like or reptilian beings, that often live underground, and have been a controlling  force at time’s in the evolution of man.

The Apocryphal book of Jasher mentions a serpent race.  Gods punishment for Satan,or the beast he inhabited in the garden of Eden, suggests that the serpent that tempted Eve  did not always crawl on its belly.(Genesis 3: 14 KJV ” Upon thy belly thou shalt go , and dust shall thou eat all the days of your life”). To some this may only be a symbol of his defeat , yet that doesn’t seem to make sense when you consider he, it accomplished his aim.  It stole the innocence of both Adam and Eve  irrevocably,  placing such a wedge between God and the pair that they no longer were provided for as before, but instructed to gain their sustenance by the sweat of their brow.   No, I believe that there are moments that should be  taken  literally and this is one of them.   The serpent, it seems, was from the description of events, different before the decree.

Also there are the connections through literature, dark inspirations, the creations  of genius’ with troubled minds, or merely more of the same possibly seeded mythos that permeates the world?   Lovecraft  wrote of the Nameless City, an Arabian city built by a  pre-human reptilian race.

Robert E. Howard gave us ” The Worm’s of the Earth”.  A  pre-Pictish race was driven below ground by its conquerors and survived, changing and adapting to fit their new world away from the sun.  Becoming with each age  less like men and more like the things at home within the soil.  He writes of a sphere of vital importance to them, one that becomes a bargaining chip in the story, when stolen by an enemy of Rome.

These beings populated the subterranean world beneath the fens, and bogs and heather, and stole up to claim wanderers struggling to finding their way.  Our heather, our outlands,  the outskirts of our towns, our cities, our conservation areas and our cave systems? There are sightings in each that open the door to discussion about that reality.

Not that long ago The National geographic Society made a discovery of  the existence of a group of previously unknown group of humans.  They were three feet tall or less, and had a society of a sort.  They also had rough-hewn stairways leading down into the earth,  The Howard story of the Worm’s of the Earth came back to me when I read of it, for he described the stairways worn almost away with the ages the same way, ones traveled by something at that  point alien to men.

You can polish your shoes, get into your gadget laden car,  entertain yourself in any number of ways on your path here or there.  You may be on the cutting edge of revolutionary medical procedures, or any number of sciences or professions that better our world.  But outside your door at the place where your yard and the woods connect, there is a transition, a place of disinterest in mans accomplishments, where, as you proceed  further, the echo of that egocentric world of our gets fainter. This is a place where  the vines seem to grab at your shoes and the irregular sod steals your grace.    As night approaches a new world awakens, of insects and of natural predators  preparing for the hunts and feastings of the evening,  but we should be aware that there is a growing wealth of information . There is knowledge that suggests that below ground there may be other creatures less natural to us preparing as well. Some could be observers , some might be  gatherers,  and some may be hunters of much larger prey .

We did something  the other night I’ll never do again. We took a family member with us.  Now this statement isn’t because of any problems on the trip. There were no clashes of personality, no disagreements over the duration of the trip.  Our partner that night even has their own carry and conceal license.  Mom was a great addition to the evening.

Movement along the fence , i was uncertain of what i was shooting at if anything.

She and Lori drove.  I walked ahead of the car some to get a better vantage point of the woods to each side, to cover the bridges more completely.  In fact I spent a large portion of the time, 20 to 50 yards in the lead, the car on low beams. My mother has been interested in our work from the start and I’ve tried to keep her up to date as to finds and she wanted to go along with us on a trip for over a year.

I thought about it and we picked what we felt a fairly safe route, because knowing what was possible we wanted to keep her as far  from shock or harm as possible.  We still live under the illusion that there are places that are safe.  We ended the evening as most, unsure yet of our finds, curious over the movements we’d tried to track around us and  hungry for those moments before the screen where the land opens up to us, far  clearer than night vision gear could ever offer us.   But what we found in that nights efforts scared me, not for me but for my Mom,  just how close she was to real danger.   I don’t care if she can shoot a happy face on a target with her nine, there are realities I should never have chanced.

The finds of that night were numerous, as were the ones in a night a short time later.  I had heard movement in a few places but had not been able to adjust my eyes to a degree that I could make out the sources of these noises.  I’ve heard so many, I automatically think Raccoon, Possum, Skunk,  or even snake moving from branch to the weeds.  But the one thing that has not changed about these trips is my place in them, a blind man catching only glimpses within the split second of the flash.     the shadow of the pole on its head, it peers around the side face just above the weeds,

The whole premise of alien beings should be as natural to us as the caution we’d use in certain parts of the city,  But no matter how much you find or hear and see, its hard to connect those proofs with natural world.   It’s impossible to ever see  another and say to yourself okay, next time I’ll not be so wrapped in the conflicts of reason.  I’ll  just accept.  When you’ve spent 40 years of your life being told one thing, until it becomes unconsciously part of you, you can’t flip the switch over night.

Most distressing, though, is the thought that it doesn’t matter how many of these beings we find, no amount of risk on our part will ever be enough to bring others along.  All that can be done is to continue. Not every book written is read,   and what remains humorous to some will not take on a serious tone, even if we were to disappear.

We live under no illusions.  Our disappearance would be written off as a stunt.  Some would say we were sharing peanut butter and banana sandwich with Elvis in a trailer park, having a great laugh at all this between beers, or people would merely come up with the comfortable solution that fit their understanding of logic or pacified their fears.original cropped for detail

Do we have reptilian or some other form of bestial beings, not just flying by overhead, but living in the ample woodlands around us, capitalizing on the cave systems Missouri is famous for?  Yes, it appears we do.  Even though I made similar statements of acceptance after Bubba, and after Clem, the rational part of my mind will rear its ugly head again, andI’ll wonder at just what we’ve found in uncertainty, until the next one and the next one and the next.   I can tell you this, we’ve been on a roll that any gambler would give his right arm for,  a string of wins,wins being you get images of them, and they don’t get you.  There is a reason that  this has been the case and it isn’t because of our sterling security, and it isn’t because of our skill in the field.  We’re being allowed to do what we do, like vacationers driving through a zoo where the de-clawed animals are too old to care.   I really believe that there is a holding pattern in effect , a truce, possibly, where some races are just observing,  just as we are.

I hope when the day comes, when it’s finally no holds barred,  that we have satisfied ourselves by then and are safely at home, that we aren’t out on some godforsaken shadow of what once was a road, when there are no more leashes, and all the doors open.

Richard Carter

Although we have found many strange things out here in rural Missouri, we often forget about the unusual images that nature often imposes on us. Nature, in many ways has changed. Bugs are getting bigger, some smaller creatures are seldom seen anymore, and different related species are starting to breed with each other such as the black snakes and copperheads.

Crypto-zoological finds that make no sense, belong to no known group of animals, and show up in the oddest places are present in the news right along with extraterrestrials and UFO’s.

We were out the other night. It was the first night in a long time. We will have results of that trip shortly, but we wanted to share you an unexpected find in nature. Richard almost became a close friend of this spider. He was a little bigger than a silver dollar and his web so big that all of it didn’t make it into the camera lens area. The web, itself was over four foot tall and even wider.

As much as we think we know what we will find in the night, there are occasions that we will blunder into something that nature has control of.