“Get your facts first,and then you can distort them as much as you please”      Mark Twain,

How nice that would be if this were merely a case of overblown suspicion,  if it was merely the result of a need to embellish.

One of my childhood friends was quite a storyteller.  The summer before the seventh grade he near convinced me, that in Arkansas, he built a tower they played in like a clubhouse, as tall as telephone poles, a club house knocked over in the street during the riots they had.

He told me of Paul Bunyan like tales of his family members, one uncle during a tornado stood on the porch, holding onto a porch post, to steady him, and caught a calf swept off its feet by the wind.   He never explained how the porch pole or the mans arm stood the incredible forces this would put on them.   But we both smiled like loons and he had to wonder going home just how much I really believed.  It was apparent the fine art of fantastic tales of mythic proportions was passed down in his family, and that only made our friendship more interesting.

In our family, I’m sure there were tales told that were stretched a bit, but for some reason we had a number of documentable tales of real events just as fantastic,.  I can only wonder if he thought I was just trying to be the better showman.  It’s a shame if he didn’t believe, because I wasn’t skilled in the other sort of wisdom. A quote from my father, Robert Carter say’s it all.   “Dorothy, that boy could get his pockets picked in a cemetery”.   If he only knew how much time over the years Ispent in them,

The bit above is really just an insight into where I came from and what I was exposed to.  It is, I hope, recognized as a statement, though,  about the truth of these words I often struggle to find.

The  face I introduced you to in the previous portion of this article  has a body as well. It cannot be guaranteed to be the body, but circumstance , and there places in the photographs numbers, suggest  this being moved along with us somehow, silently traveling parallel to our progress.

This would not by any means be impossible due to the slow pace we were using covering the area.  It also could mean that there were more than one humanoid form, in the area, again not by any means an impossibility.   Our astronauts , our Police men, and other service personnel act in teams.  On the surface of a planet possibly alien to them, it would make sense that this is a probability.

it stairs out between the brush head chest and shoulder visiable with something in its mouth.?

Once opened on the screen , each image is usually a lit foreground with a rapid decrease in illuminated area. In fact the area closest to the photographer is almost always washed out a bit by the time lightening and contrast have revealed a better view.   With the addition of detail and color comes the rapid loss as well of sharpness. Where night vision gear might give a slightly more defined image there is no color. There sometimes is not the  separation necessary to show the objects real position akin to the foliage that surrounds it.  There is an in arguable trade-off to be sure.

same image

But in these photo’s I hope you see the upper torso and arm I speak of. I hope you can make out the head identical to the color of the body.

My biggest question about this head is if it has something in front of the face? As it would look if it was carrying something in its mouth.  An assumption, yes, but in trying to pull truth from the dark,  sometimes assumptions are helpful,  then a time away from the screen, to let the eyes act in a natural fashion on your return, perhaps seeing some new path in the din that leads to more accurate interpretation.

This  humanoid figure,  like the other, gives me hope, in the sense that I wonder at the abilities of these beings, their degree of athleticism.  It gives me hope because, for them to move in such a way  that our flora gives away their presence, it indicates a less than a acute  attention to their own movements. One would believe a reptilian creature to have the grace to stalk in brush, short or tall.  Then again how do we know their world is one of such obstacles, and not a more barren environment. I’ve worked out before in Shinobi techniques of silent traveling, the different ways you can move your feet to greatly decrease their contact sounds with weeds and twigs and grass.  It’s no picnic and it cannot be done swiftly if the desire is evasion.

This very sort of humanizing factor is just what we need to better deal with this presence. We are schooled by the media in their supposed superhuman qualities, their ability to walk through walls. Just who we have turned away, is in question, but the medieval locks on our doors have kept us safe when the standard locking systems were literally  destroyed  in efforts to get in.  One truck driver in the east told of his encounter on a lonely highway, and firing his magnum revolver at the craft blocking his way only to have it turn and leave.    Bravado for the truck stop down the road? or the truth?    It’s truth will be  eventually unlocked in the experiences and experimentation’s of others . All and all our only chances lies in the benevolent help of others, or these very failings , frailties that can be used against them.

Whether we are talking about the Naga, of India,  the Hopi, Sheti,  or any number of other beings sculpted and written about through history that have a possible  reptilian connection, it seems the world has dealt before with snake like or reptilian beings, that often live underground, and have been a controlling  force at time’s in the evolution of man.

The Apocryphal book of Jasher mentions a serpent race.  Gods punishment for Satan,or the beast he inhabited in the garden of Eden, suggests that the serpent that tempted Eve  did not always crawl on its belly.(Genesis 3: 14 KJV ” Upon thy belly thou shalt go , and dust shall thou eat all the days of your life”). To some this may only be a symbol of his defeat , yet that doesn’t seem to make sense when you consider he, it accomplished his aim.  It stole the innocence of both Adam and Eve  irrevocably,  placing such a wedge between God and the pair that they no longer were provided for as before, but instructed to gain their sustenance by the sweat of their brow.   No, I believe that there are moments that should be  taken  literally and this is one of them.   The serpent, it seems, was from the description of events, different before the decree.

Also there are the connections through literature, dark inspirations, the creations  of genius’ with troubled minds, or merely more of the same possibly seeded mythos that permeates the world?   Lovecraft  wrote of the Nameless City, an Arabian city built by a  pre-human reptilian race.

Robert E. Howard gave us ” The Worm’s of the Earth”.  A  pre-Pictish race was driven below ground by its conquerors and survived, changing and adapting to fit their new world away from the sun.  Becoming with each age  less like men and more like the things at home within the soil.  He writes of a sphere of vital importance to them, one that becomes a bargaining chip in the story, when stolen by an enemy of Rome.

These beings populated the subterranean world beneath the fens, and bogs and heather, and stole up to claim wanderers struggling to finding their way.  Our heather, our outlands,  the outskirts of our towns, our cities, our conservation areas and our cave systems? There are sightings in each that open the door to discussion about that reality.

Not that long ago The National geographic Society made a discovery of  the existence of a group of previously unknown group of humans.  They were three feet tall or less, and had a society of a sort.  They also had rough-hewn stairways leading down into the earth,  The Howard story of the Worm’s of the Earth came back to me when I read of it, for he described the stairways worn almost away with the ages the same way, ones traveled by something at that  point alien to men.

You can polish your shoes, get into your gadget laden car,  entertain yourself in any number of ways on your path here or there.  You may be on the cutting edge of revolutionary medical procedures, or any number of sciences or professions that better our world.  But outside your door at the place where your yard and the woods connect, there is a transition, a place of disinterest in mans accomplishments, where, as you proceed  further, the echo of that egocentric world of our gets fainter. This is a place where  the vines seem to grab at your shoes and the irregular sod steals your grace.    As night approaches a new world awakens, of insects and of natural predators  preparing for the hunts and feastings of the evening,  but we should be aware that there is a growing wealth of information . There is knowledge that suggests that below ground there may be other creatures less natural to us preparing as well. Some could be observers , some might be  gatherers,  and some may be hunters of much larger prey .