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Even though we are out hunting what most people call the “unusual”, we don’t forget about our normal life. We remember what humanity does to humanity all the time. 9/11 was one of those incidents that affected everyone in our country.

Even though, in some of our posts, we may have made references to human or possible government involvement in our abductions, we still love this country with all of our hearts. Its man’s inhumanity to his fellow man that is so sad. People have reached a point in this world, where killing another human being, an innocent human, is alright as long as it gets their point across.

When we should be worrying about what might be coming, we are more worried about having more power, having more “things”, having more money and status than we are about protecting our families, our homes and our world. It is so sad to think what will happen if a full invasion from “them” were to happen. Then nothing but self survival would matter, and the world would be unprepared.

Rich and I wander the back roads looking for proof of who/what is already here. We don’t do it as a hobby, nor is there any financial gain to it. We do it because something bad happened to us and we feel it is our duty to try to find everything that is out there and warn others so they can stay safe and not have to go through what we went through.

We care about our home, family, friends, country and this world. 9/11 was one great example of how out of control, selfish and dangerous our own world has become. Nations need to pull together and find a solution to the problem from outside our world that is quickly becoming more evident each day.

We were blessed not to have any relatives or friends anywhere near 9/11. We thank God for that. If you have lost loved ones, friends and/or family to this tragedy, we understand your pain and sorrow and send up a prayer to God for you.

If you were blessed by the fact that 9/11 had no personal ties to you, then thank God for that and pray for the families who lost loved ones to an unnecessary act of violence created by man against man.

May God Bless You