When we were considering a short time ago, the end of the Midnight Observer, it was due to a need for a better balance in our lives. Out of that rethinking  came a number of points. One was that  the Observer is for(us) no longer just a notion,or reaction, but we believe an essential . It and other non organizational efforts to get the word out are  a  part of something bigger than any of us, this strange  phenomena with an

The initial drawing before color, im not sure i dont like it better this way.

ever-growing  life of its own.  But all things need some source of sustenance . We  (You and us, )are the blood that pumps through its veins, every witness, every curious  scholar, every backyard investigator. Without  ALL of us recognizing the importance of it, seeing past the banal arguments of skeptics, this movement dies, or becomes so insignificant that its gatherings become useless social affairs, and the integrity of its substance becomes just one more myth , with a pertinent importance to modern men like that of  dragons and pixies.

a helmet , kind of cavalier , /made from a old batting helmet

old news a piece i did a few years ago, call her Gia, mother nature , it was a bust made up of head and obviously alot of folage,

There are many facets to the UFO Phenomena, and each of our places in it,  in recognizing the larger  paranormal world. There is also, along the way, inescapable beauty woven into these mysteries.  The night can be an Alien thing to man or child. The landscape offers only the limited hint of real surroundings.  It robs us of our grace, taxes the ability of our eyes, and haunts us with sounds that are natural but psychologically tinged with the sinister. It is a weakness or blessing in the form of a sense left to us by our ancestors, who had many, real, immediate reasons to fear the dark.

full view

one of two of a head piece, made from beads thick aluminum wire and cornhusks.

The formula for that balance (at least in my case) has been the  re-infusion of creativity, to  dull the fangs of newly discovered truths. The ones that are not overstated as overwhelming at times.   There is a  renewal I find in art. It  is,I believe, one of the best, (and least expensive ) therapies we have at our disposal.  It is one in which there should be no competition, no finish line, no marker of worthiness, in the untold variance of our responses to life, our individual forms of expression. How could one method or style of portraying those thoughts, feelings and memories be right and the other not?  Every experience, every inspiration, that drives us to our camera, our pencil, paints, markers,

crayons or clay is a birth of a need to express something so special that  it has moved us to action.

Whether frantic or solemn in their execution, these needs to trap a thought a memory, a vision on paper or in sculpted form have incredible worth if only to ourselves, and those others whose minds have been likewise induced to create a lasting memory. Those  dreams we are most in question of, those incidents that won’t leave our attention,  their searing introduction into our library of  the  mind’s memories, of the unexplained.

just marker and color pencil, poor mans oil paint

Those who have found themselves doodling strange images of odd faces and forms,  those who have sculpted or painted fragments of dreams. We understand your journey, each of us in this position, are unconscious detectives, unwilling ones, and each of these leaks from our subconscious? these images or descriptions hastily written down as interesting dreams, often are  clues along the way.   These images, should not lay lost in drawers or closets.  We would like to make this site a new stage for these remembrances , to possibly through them show others in a similar process in their lives that their not alone..

I met, through Lori,  a woman very dear to me, one who had lost an incredibly beautiful and talented teenage daughter.  Jessie left a wide variety of images, all very introspective, yet done with an inner eye that magnified everything around her.   There was an effort in her work to portray not just whimsical  figures,  but ones with a near certain identity.  Though some were of the things all girls love, there was another  group of figures comparable to   alien. They were beautiful, lithe figures, that had so many of the characteristics reported by abductees and contactees, the elongated heads, the inhumanly thin tapering of the neck, and the small features of the lower face, and most strikingly the eyes.

They were soft, large, elongated ovals, all with a slight protrusion, and a glossy sheen, all seeming to show (at least to me)  what I would attempt, unsuccessfully to portray as an ancient wisdom.  Art moves us to different interpretation and I’m sure others would see them differently, but the memory of these particular pieces, and the little I know of Jessie, speak volumes to me. It hints at a possible inspiration only she could confirm.

Many of us, living with the experience of abduction, are beset  with doubts and  truly have had a part of ourselves irrevocably altered in the process.  The road back to level ground  is a detriment at times and the willingness to face these obstacles on the way back can be  a perilous decision. Along the way, as fear and frustration take on more normal proportions  and we can objectively analyze our experience,  there rises a new strength.

This will not be a home for business, or copyrights or concerns of that sort.  We want no rights to anything.  Our part in this will only be as  curators of a sort, hotel managers, of a building populated by the individuals, their stories and their work.  We hope this can be considered a  KOA station for the visual reflections of any who feel comfortable  in that sharing.

drug awareness poster,

If you have any sort of art, whatever the medium, I don’t care if it’s on a napkin, or rock , if you have questions about an event or dream, or recurrent memory, or you just felt strangely moved to write or sketch something,  we’d appreciate your image.   If enough people responded, do you believe it could make a difference?   Maybe similarities will appear between work. Maybe  these can become a, more well-known, form of evidence if enough can be displayed.   What is an artistic expression of such an event or memory, but another( sometimes more powerful) form of photo.

Anyone interested in having their sketches or art shown should photograph them and send them to carterbushman@yahoo.com. From there I’ll post them on the site.   If you want only to send images, that is fine. Your privacy will be respected. Please give us the state and location, your name is optional. You may include a description of the images posted as well.


This site will have new articles over the next two days,  The best to everyone.