Having shot a lot of images of the night sky with no result’S but the sky itself, i can tell you i know the difference.  The endless parade of deletions one after another have made me very familiar with my camera’s view of the sky.  But the hours preparing images to hit the pile has made me sensitive to the details that do sometimes rear their ugly head.

Sept has been a busy month,  3 nighttime runs  and two in the day. Each with large picture counts.  This is the time of the  month our abduction occurred in 2009.     Some fantastic images were found in the past on this very route, not even at Butlers borders,, but near the ball diamond again, near Osage power and light.    One was seen above the neighborhood near the bank of America, on Fort Scott.  seen from our place in the drive through line. Did others see it move from the still clouds and pass over our heads to disappear in another cloud bank?  We have heard no reports.  But then again im not surprised, if they all missed it.  An object shaped like a metallic peanut,  large in the sky, my estimate of size is a wild guess,,maybe 30 ft to 50 ft wide, and tall on its side.  end to end possibly double. These same shaped craft were a regular sighting on the square in a number of places.

closeup of the same object in black and white.

the original contrasted a bit, we are stopped and i could see a moving object on a course almost directly over us.

But at night  on Sept , 10th 2011 the sky was anything but boring  .   It was about 9,o’clock and  as we took a drive down old business 71 to the 4 way that connects with F highway ( Clem’s stomping grounds,) and Passaic just straight north . There was one in particular that is really odd, maybe because i believe it was lower closer to us.

There is one that looks like it has a face and possibly hair, this of course could be a misinterpretation, because there is nothing human about any of the rest at this point for me.   Below is a group of them , one in particular is enlarged because its

same with its color

shape is so interesting , instead of giving my opinions id love to hear your’s

I believe we can all agree this is no Cessna, or small plane of another type,, there is nothing aerodynamic about it.

There was an activity of some kind taking place over head,

It is not uncommon for multiple pictures of UFO, to have a changing of its profile in the air.  Is this the answer to these odd forms, or  are we seeing not the craft itself but something raised or lowered from it ?          here are a few more that were taken in sequence, i believe though my opinion is that this area is a pick up spot of sorts, a place where those on the ground embark from. what do these photo’s suggest to you, given their location?    I wont hesitate about this opinion any longer, i believe there is an operation taking place here


exactly what that purpose is im not intelligent enough to speculate,, but i am sure of this, in photo’s all through this study there have been images of what we strongly suspected as tools of retrieval.  Rope ladders, cables, when you find one clear as day hanging among the branches at the top of an ancient tree twenty to 30 foot off the ground, you’re not looking at a hunters deer stand. the next photo’s though distorted show a figure supporting another, carrying it, The one being carried does not from the color seem clothed,   but that lightness of skin does show what are the hands of the figure i strained to see that night.  Near the Osage power and light building, a place full of supplies.

THE FIGURE AND I PROMISE YOU ‘THATS WHAT IT IS, WAS WEARING RED, it was moving towards a green light there was a dark shadowed area behind the light, Since i know the ground there is flat  im guessing the darkness but up to the light itself may have been an object or vehicle of some kind.  Since there are no such vehicles using green lights,  it leads me towards an explanation of something out of the ordinary.   The figures disappear once they merge with the light, or run past it, behind or into whatever the object was.   Whether truck, trail or, or aircraft, it was a strange scene, one barely recognized.

What looks to me like someone carrying someone.

There was one more oddity that night  overhead the final in this series of vague images.  Let me remind you first that our lack of sight to see it clearly with the naked eye,,, our inability through technology to be able to shed more light on what can be seen does not lessen  our need to try.  At this height the sky should be an india ink sea, once brought up on the computer for inspection, once lightened it should change to a look more like a sky of hedge brush as the pixel strength is stretched.  But it should still be one matt of each color or appearance from side to side of the image.   When you have colors of white jumping out as either light or reflective sources, and blues and other hints of color  when there are shapes and hints of figures

Interpretation ,,,,,,

there has to be a growing curiosity if not concern.       Richard

towards the green light.how far off am i, ?,in this one case, i hope very far off.